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#2001 by beliar
2017-06-16 at 08:02
The kanji was written in the official page link. You only needed to copy it down and change the wide space to a normal one.
#2002 by animedubamerica
2017-06-16 at 08:03
Got it. Thanks for the link.
#2003 by animedubamerica
2017-06-16 at 08:05
May I ask you a question? Are you a moderator or the owner?
#2004 by beliar
2017-06-16 at 08:09
Moderator. Yorhel is the owner.Last modified on 2017-06-16 at 08:09
#2005 by animedubamerica
2017-06-16 at 08:11
I was guessing that. I sure wish it was easy to get information. Probably because a lot of series on here are in Japanese.Last modified on 2017-06-16 at 08:12
#2006 by animedubamerica
2017-06-16 at 16:49
I'm thinking of adding the series "Million Knights Vermillion". Have you heard of it?
#2007 by beliar
2017-06-16 at 17:16
A two second search told me it's a fighting game. I don't know how much of a VN content is there in it, but you should definitely not add it without properly discussing it in an appropriate thread: t7442.

You are very new to the DB and have made some very questionable edits already. Please, don't add games, that are not 100% visual novels without our go ahead.
#2008 by animedubamerica
2017-06-16 at 17:24
Good to know
#2009 by animedubamerica
2017-06-16 at 17:43
If you don't correct me on a post I edited, would that mean I made the right choice?
#2010 by beliar
2017-06-16 at 17:44
What do you mean?
#2011 by animedubamerica
2017-06-16 at 17:47
I recently edited a character from "Unknown" to "Male". You didn't correct me this time, would this mean i'm right? I've done some research this time.
#2012 by beliar
2017-06-16 at 17:54
That no one edited your entry means that you are correct... or no one got to editing it yet... or no one knows what to make of your edit. Simply put, I haven't played that game, I don't know if that character is supposed to be male, thus I didn't touch the entry. This is a public database - if someone knows better than you, they might edit it eventually, or not.

Now, let's not clutter this thread with our conversation anymore. If it's something very important, create a new thread, or you can ask me or any other mod questions directly by firing us a semi-private message: just click on my name, then "discussions" and "create new thread".
#2013 by animedubamerica
2017-06-16 at 17:55
Oh yeah. Thanks.
#2014 by traumatizer
2017-06-18 at 11:39
Accidental dupe, sorry for that. I checked the kanji before and it didn't show me any results here.
#2015 by armony
2017-06-18 at 12:57
Please delete link, I didn't notice that it's Susuki's freem name.
#2016 by jazz957
2017-06-19 at 01:23
link link There is no standalone version for Windows available here. Unless it was there but it's now gone?Last modified on 2017-06-19 at 01:23
#2017 by shinnew
2017-06-19 at 07:54
RetroPC offers two versions of the game:

- Image of the PC-98 floppies.
- Image of the Windows/PC-98/FM-TOWNS CD.

u12998 created link for the floppies image and linked to the proper equivalent release. link You then went and changed it to the CD release.
r28233 is the entry for the CD version that's also on RetroPC and the entry you should have edited instead.

You did the same thing with r28236.

Fixed now.
#2018 by jazz957
2017-06-19 at 16:52
I swear I saw it say Windows and PC-9801 in Version.ALS. Must have been looking at the wrong one. Actually there is a hard drive installation document on the 4.1 and 4.2 disks that does have a section on installing on Windows, so I think that's why I added it.

As for the other stuff, that's kind of embarrassing what I did. Not really much to say except that I fucked up.Last modified on 2017-06-19 at 16:53
#2019 by 707
2017-06-20 at 08:33
Y Mugi of Y Mugi

it didn't show up when i searched for the first time -_-Last modified on 2017-06-20 at 08:33
#2020 by savagetiger
2017-06-21 at 12:57
Mei no Koe
Operator A
mystery girl
more of tyciols useless entries.Last modified on 2017-06-21 at 13:52
#2021 by jazz957
2017-06-22 at 20:41
Yamada Shigetoshi. Whoops. I typed the name in the wrong order so it didn't show up.
#2022 by shinnew
2017-06-25 at 13:57
Distorted Travesty 3

Platformer with dialogues, not a VN at all. Will be deleted soon unless someone can find a reason that it belongs here.
(Yes, I know that this is trolling)
#2023 by eacil
2017-06-30 at 07:37
Some duplicates here I think > New Glass
#2024 by savagetiger
2017-07-04 at 17:55
Himegimi DetectiveLast modified on 2017-07-04 at 17:56
#2025 by shinnew
2017-07-04 at 21:02
@2024 Fixed the entry rather than delete it. Or was it a deletion request for not qualifying as a VN?


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