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#2376 by eacil
2018-06-15 at 03:46
The availability of a release is not an admissible criterion for deletion. However, this:
because, using a MTL is fucking embarrassing. I feel embarrassed for even considering it.
IS a valid criterion for deletion.
#2377 by wakaranai
2018-06-17 at 23:47
Yanbaru Kuina duplicate of Hosoi Osamu
#2378 by wakaranai
2018-06-19 at 23:27
Ichinose Jin accidental duplicate of Ichinose Jin
#2379 by wakaranai
2018-06-20 at 15:28
Sakai Kouji duplicate of Sakai "Jitometaro" Kouji
#2380 by thewayfarer
2018-06-22 at 06:50
At almost the same time, two users created the same visual novel entires: v23243.1 and v23244.1

I suggest keeping the former. It's more older and it has summaries, other than the latter.Last modified on 2018-06-22 at 06:50
#2381 by dk382
2018-06-22 at 10:17
I delete the older entry actually, just because the newer one is the one he started adding stuff to. No point in creating unnecessary work by moving everything to the older version just because it's older by a few minutes.Last modified on 2018-06-22 at 10:18
#2382 by 707
2018-06-22 at 11:31
Kobore Ochiru Shoujo-tachi ~Papa-katsu JC Kairaku-ochi no Kiroku~ duplicate. my bad
#2383 by dreamysyu
2018-06-22 at 18:55
v23253 empty troll entry.
#2384 by lordnight
2018-06-23 at 00:18
r20800 r20796 r20797 r20798 r20799 all uses MTLs
#2385 by fuukanou
2018-06-23 at 01:18
#2384, well yes but if there's an interface translation, that's the main sticking point isn't it? I don't think it should be deleted, it still has value.
#2386 by lordnight
2018-06-23 at 01:23
Does it work like that?
Okay I understand.


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