Was 堕落の国のアンジー 〜狂界の牝奴隷達〜 ever released?

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#1 by abyssaleros
2011-10-13 at 23:02
< report >So for all who are more knowledgable in the japanese tongue as me, which should be almost all of you.
Was this game 堕落の国のアンジー 〜狂界の牝奴隷達〜 ever released?
I think not, but I have a few doubts.
So if it wasn't released there seems to be no reason for adding.

But there is still this entry Products of PIL which mentions two seperated releases DOS版;1996年4月19日 and 日本語版Windows 95 1997年7月25日.

I am confused.
Was only the Win 95 cancelled from release?Last modified on 2011-10-14 at 00:16
#2 by abyssaleros
2011-10-14 at 00:24
< report >Here is another release I am not able to confirm, could maybe someone dig out more information?

The release of 1997-05-02 is titled 美少女ゲームセレクションSEEK or 美少女ゲームセレクション SEEK/PILcaSEX and comes along with the JAN 4532826970015.


I think this was some cancelled project, but ...
#3 by eyeless
2011-10-14 at 01:15
< report >I don't get why do you think that it wasn't released.
堕落の国のアンジー is mentioned in both wikipedia and Pil homepage. And yes, there were 2 releases: for DOS and Windows. So why do you have your doubts?

女郎蜘蛛 is mentioned 2 times because it is not just a version for another platform, but a remake with additional CGs and scenario.

Not sure about 4532826970015, I'll try to search some info about that later.
#4 by immlff
2011-10-14 at 07:46
< report >From what I can see both Win95 and DOS editions of "堕落の国のアンジー ~狂界の牝奴隷達~" exist, here is a link for Win95 edition. Btw, it's also called "堕落の国のAngie ~狂界の牝奴隷達~" at some places.
On the contrary, 4532826970015 looks to be something canceled, only "5 results (0.06 seconds)" in Google and hardly any info aside of nearly blank pages at getchu and medio.bz confirm this.

Oh, and be wary when adding such old games. Lots of them may not belong here, even if they look like it. It's rather hard to determine if you hadn't played it, so we usually have to guess. If the stated game genre doesn't mention ADV, AVG or アドベンチャー it is a good idea to stop and do some more research before adding anything.

Slightly offtopic info on the matter:
In general, abyssaleros' concern is completely valid. Previously I've seen a considerable number of release entries that were added to the database, but in fact were never released. This happens especially often when someone is just blindly copying info from one single source without rechecking it at other places. For example, 9shift.net wiki lists quite a few releases that were announced but never actually released; and other sites like Getchu aren't perfect either, particularly when it comes to a rather old releases.
But back then I hadn't mod rights and so couldn't do much about the situation. Will need to hunt them down some time in the future, probably.

The best way to check if something was released is to try to find it available for sale, if you can buy it - it most probably exists. Amazon.co.jp, comshop.ne.jp and pasocomclub.co.jp/gamesoft (and even auctions.yahoo.co.jp sometimes) are particularly suitable for such searches.
If you can't find available copy then you'll need to search for other info, like cover and back cover scans, photos etc. Even the number of Google search results for JAN code is a good indication.
#5 by eyeless
2011-10-14 at 12:38
< report >Well I don't see the reason of doubts anyway, when it is clearly stated on official site:
"Here follows the list of titles that we did sell" (rough translation). And you can find it in this list, with release dates stated.

I think "SEEK/PILcaSEX" was meant as a pack of 2 games especially since one of the stories in PILcaSEX is the afterstory of SEEK. But as we don't have any info about this release, it would be better to no to add it in vndb.

Also I don't think that count of google search results actually shows something. JAN numbers for old games are rare in many cases and only a few sites list them. And don't forget that listed JAN may be wrong too.
#6 by abyssaleros
2011-10-14 at 13:20
< report >My doubts had arisen because of this sentence at the wiki: 制作総指揮の田所広成が版権を所持しているため、同社のSM3800シリーズに入れられることなく生産停止となっている。

As far as my humble understanding goes, 停止と means it was suspended, so I was not sure if it ever was released.
I will add it later (first I go jogging for an hour).

I go along with immlff regarding old games.
I had serious problems deciding if these PIL games are VN (at least a slightly bit) or not.
I have searched for pictures and was so able to valuate that the games have textboxes in a style to be reminiscent of modern ADV. (A slight doubt lingers still).
So as a few SM380 games where already in the database I decided (for me) that they propably fit.

And kind thanks for your efforts.
#7 by eyeless
2011-10-14 at 13:44
< report >Now wait. As you may have noticed, many old Pil games had been rereleased as "SM3800". And the phrase you are quoting means that SM3800 series release of this game had been canceled, not the original release.

By the way, did you see that thread?
But don't worry, I've checked the game and I think that it fits vndb criteria. I was going to restore it but you've managed to readd it faster.
#8 by abyssaleros
2011-10-14 at 14:43
< report >No, sadly I have not seen or read this thread before.
Now that I have done it, I have the strange lingering urge I never should have done it ...
Good that you have mentioned that I should not worry because that would be exactly what I feel now.


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