Chaos; Head not saving, Help Appreciated!

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#1 by bgbs13
2011-10-21 at 01:34
I have installed Chaos; Head on my pc and applied the RC1 patch to it. My locale is set to Japan so the game runs fine. The only problem is that when I save my game and exit the save file disappears. I have tried various solutions to this problem including: Running as admin, running in xp service pack 2 compatibility, etc. The game appears to be saving to a temporary state because i am capable of loading the save file as long as I don't exit game. Any tips to get the save file to remain after closing the game are appreciated.
#2 by adhinferno
2011-10-21 at 03:52
How about copying the save file after you save to flashdisk or othe media? Or maybe you don't install it rightly? Some part of the game maybe missing or corrupt.
#3 by bgbs13
2011-10-21 at 06:38
That's the problem, i can't find the files in the ordinary place they would be. If i could locate the files that saved as I played it would be as simple as moving the files, but i cannot. I've ran searches of my pc for .npf files after saving, but to no avail.
#4 by mazyrian
2011-10-21 at 14:35
Have you tried %appdata%?
#5 by bgbs13
2011-10-21 at 18:52
That is where most visual novels that i've played saved, so i knew where that was and how chaos; head is supposed to be saving there. It just does not appear to be saving there, or anywhere.
#6 by blackiris
2011-10-21 at 23:11
There was that issue with being unable to save during the 7th chapter... iirc. But if it's still in the beginning then here you go:
- run as admin
- change the application's permissions (ppm on the file, "security" tab, "edit", and give it "full control")
- copy the entire game on a pen drive/external disc and try running C;H directly from it (if possible, on some other computer, just to check out whether the situation still occurs)
- reinstall the game, and apply the RC2 patch this time
One of the above should help you, I believe. Good luck.Last modified on 2011-10-21 at 23:12
#7 by bgbs13
2011-10-29 at 06:40
I put it on another computer via flash drive and it saved properly.

I think i have to reinstall windows for my computer to save games. I have had this issue with other games as well as settings for games.
#8 by bgbs13
2011-10-30 at 07:38
I reinstalled windows and it fixed my issue. Thanks for the help. Now i can finally enjoy Chaos; Head on my desktop.


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