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#51 by azusa-nakano
2012-09-26 at 03:20
Well I cannot go check now but im sure it said DozenS And I didn't put her route last I got pissed off and Skipped to Natsume's route (so I skipped Ran)
The only part I cried is when the shit hit the fan and the were told she was going to disappear the ending just pissed me off, I mean really she "dies" from loving someone? I mean they asspulled haruka's route and I thought that was great expect the 10 year or so time skip Anyway Natsume's route isn't that sad and im almost done with it

EDIT Finished her route it was decent I guess, you said Ran's route isn't anything special so I think i'll just rate it a 7.Last modified on 2012-09-26 at 03:42
#52 by horseband
2012-09-26 at 03:52
Yeah you were right. It says dozens.. Realistically though, it's probably 24 years. The fact that the teacher looks the same is simply to save money from having to draw an older model. The principal sounded a bit older and could still be alive if it was 24 years, just very old. Still though, she knows alchemy and could very well be healthy/extend her life. I wouldn't read too much into the "dozens" part because it's probably just a mistranslation.

If you want the info the fandisc tells, it's in the following spoiler.It says that when Homunculus die they are reborn as humans. Which solidifies that Saki Haruma is Mei reborn. They made that pretty obvious at the end of Mei's route, but still it wasn't explicitly stated at that point. Still though, it made me feel better about her ending and it made me happy to know that Mei's death wasn't for nothing
#53 by azusa-nakano
2012-09-26 at 04:02
She was ancient like 80 she should of been dead.
I don't think she should of even died in the first place I mean really LOVE kills someone? That is ALMOST as bad as fucking stars killing someone(wish upon a star) I was waiting for that damn stone to revive her did they even discuss it in her route anyway?[/spolier] anyway I was really looking forward to her route the most (besides Haruka) Oh well there is still one more OD novel(besides the fandisk) to play.Last modified on 2012-09-26 at 04:03
#54 by horseband
2012-09-26 at 04:08
She was a homunculus, an artificial being, not human. Reviving her was not really an option because she was never human. The issue was that she was imperfect and that extreme emotions would throw off the balance of her system and cause her to eventually "die".

It wasn't that love kills someone, it was that love kills homunculus because they are unstable beings.

I understand your frustration. The authors wanted each route to be different and I'm guessing they didn't want the same solution for two different routes. I personally believe that when someone loses their memories they have effectively died. The original person is gone. Even though Mei has been reborn, it's not the "same" Mei.
Last modified on 2012-09-26 at 04:11
#55 by azusa-nakano
2012-09-26 at 04:15
Well it couldn't make her into a human or something like that? OR make her "stable" I mean it revived someone who was dead..........Well than agian it reived someone from the DEAD but couldn't heal someone's legs?
So far no "perfect" routes best so far was Haruka's, reading Ran's bit you sadi it wasn't that good so I hope get my hopes up Hope that Fandisk is better.

Oh ya BTW did Deigo fuck that ripped girl in the classroom? he keep saying noLast modified on 2012-09-26 at 04:22
#56 by horseband
2012-09-26 at 04:45
Yeah he did probably. And Ran's route isn't BAD, just plain.
#57 by gabezhul
2012-09-26 at 07:17
MG sure makes a lot of grammar errors
Says you of all people... -.-

Also, Horseband, I really can't praise your patience enough. Just how many of these threads have been following the pattern of "Shep misunderstands/says something dumb -> You correct him -> He misunderstands again -> You correct him -> Repeat"? You, my friend, is a living Buddha for putting up with all this. -.-Last modified on 2012-09-26 at 07:18
#58 by azusa-nakano
2012-09-26 at 11:29
@57 hahaha your right, I was thinking the samething, I am surprised to. I know its a bit hard to put uo with me sometimes

Ok finished the game

I like the overall story and how she got revived happy ending.
Ending, I didn't like the time skip.
..........Well I didn't like this route at all acualy TBH I hated teh ending ecspeally

I liked prett ymuch the overall route but agian the ending sucked the stone cannot heal legs but it can revive the dead?[

her route was prett dull but I enjoyed it I acualy DID enjoy the ending that she lost all her money and found him more imporant than it

Natusume It was an overall DECENT route the endign wasn't that bad I liked her personailty to
So overall 7
Fan disk is next
Last modified on 2012-09-26 at 14:00
#59 by horseband
2012-09-26 at 18:58
I try x.x; I just dislike when someone is hating on a piece of media because of a misunderstanding. It's not really fair to the author.


I actually enjoyed the time skip. Too often we see only a couple minutes after the problem is solved and then the novel is over. The "fruits of our labor" is never really seen much and epilogues are usually really short in Nakige type novels. So I do like when the epilogue skips forward a significant length of time because it solidifies that they are together and shows their future. For all we know in Ran's route Ran and him break up 2 days later after the ending. At least we are certain that Haruka and Kazushi are together for at least a decade and most likely the rest of their lives.

It's quite common for endings of Nakige and VN in general to be short. I would've also enjoyed seeing Haruka go back to school with Kazushi and see everyone's reactions, but it's quite common for VNs to not show stuff like that. It's a nice touch when VNs have that though. I personally would've liked to see them going back to school and THEN the time skip.
#60 by azusa-nakano
2012-09-26 at 19:19
yeah I gueas but but they shouls have had a little something after (like haruka) THAN the time akip not just end it there im glad haraku survives though but so far my favorite route was Ran I could already tell what the ending was going to be (protag ia more important than money) your right it was plain. Haruka is defintely next the rest I did't like ecspeally mei's. Also hinatas route would be good if they TIME SKIPPED and we see her walking agian not 10 minutes......

Anyway Gabe is right sorry im annoying and such
#61 by hentaikun
2013-07-03 at 10:46
Well Mizuki Ending need timeskip I guessLast modified on 2013-07-03 at 10:47
#62 by kylestannings
2014-12-10 at 02:30
This VN was surprisingly good and goes to show why I can't rely on ratings too much. I had to drop Cross Channel because I realized I was forcing myself to play to see why other people liked it so much - I mean, I was bored to tears by the third route. Then I see Edelweiss's rating is only 7.28 compared to CC's 8.01 so I wasn't expecting much. However, it turns out that this game is really funny and entertaining. I'm not even done with my first route (Haruka) and I've gotten really attached to the story.

Kinda upset that the guy who posted before me spoiled it a bit but I guess it's a reminder to stay out of the forums until I'm done with the game.
#63 by eevelutionlover
2017-07-16 at 03:51
Well I honestly did not expect this vn to be any good, but turns out it did have some pretty good points.

Let's see, I wasn't very fond of the MC. I'm not particularily fond of perverted characters anyway, but I've gotta say, after the routes went on I felt that Kazushi wasn't that much "sex-maniac"?, maybe because the "main problem of the route" was introduced. (Don't take Mizuki as an example there lol)

Also, it took me some time to get used to the mouth moving thing.

About the secondary characters (Boys), I fucking despised Appo so much holy shit. He may have given me some or other laugh but he had his brain on his dick. That being only before Fuusen, after Fuusen he did change and I actually liked him. Pierre was always pretty under control, I liked him. Daigo too, he only tagged in the shit Appo tried to pull off. BTW, Panchu was amazing. I know he barely plays any role in the routes except Haruka's but damn was he great
Post-Fuusen I really liked all the secondary characters

Now, secondary characters (girls), only Sakura and Fujisaki, which weren't really there. Fandisc is another topic tho.

The cgs were above my expectations in quality terms, but I think they were quite unbalanced, like Haruka has much more cgs compared to Mei, and Mei's were too rushed. 4 cgs in Mei's route were shown in around half an hour gameplay

Now, about the routes:
I think the order in which they should be played are
Haruka->Natsume->Mei->Mizuki. You may play Ren's in any order you want.
As for my favorite routes

Haruka's route had a pretty good "problem to solve", I really liked that they took so much time highlighting the grief Kazushi felt after Haruka's death. And the realization of the principal that Kazushi was following her steps was pretty good too. Though the ending was pretty unnecesary, the whole revival thing, the shock of seeing her die was enough to close the deal

Mizuki's route is a 50/50, some people like it and some people hate it because of the ending, IMO the scene where mizuki loses her legs is just amazing, and onwards it keeps getting better. I personally don't think an epilogue where her legs are cured is necesary. Yeah, it'd be a happier ending, but whatever, she was fine being with Kazushi, and I was fine with how them and their friends took it

Ren's route was meh, I kinda liked the rommance, except the whole pay for sex, that was stupid. But come on, you could see she really loved him (and you can also see some hints in other routes). But like, the rommance was the only good point I could pull off. The main problem of the route was pretty boring. Extra points for the scene where she keeps screaming "Give me back my Kazushi"

Natsume's route, man, at first I've gotta say it was kinda boring, and I hated natsume's attitude, she just didn't fit as a heroine, but then the Miya thing came out and it became slowly interesting, Natsume started growing more emotional and Miya-san was pretty amusing too. And man the part where they all go to the refined world is just astonishing, that and the conclusion made this the best route IMO

Now, Mei's route, sigh, so much wasted potential (And remember this is only my opinion). I think her route was planned from the start, but left there just as a filler. It felt shorter than usual, and the CGs were pretty rushed, and wtf, I thought the "main problem" was going to be something a little more dramatic, but the principal says she's going to die, you find out whats going on, you can't do anything about it, they both accept her fate, and boom, done, that's all, and pretty poorly executed. I mean yeah, the homunculus thing was kinda good, but definitely not enough. And the reincarnation thing at the end was left as an open cliffhanger with no real need. One point that I can give to the route is how the rommance slowly but surely progressed, it was cute indeed.

The music itself wasn't that much of a deal, and you can't replay non-voiced songs in the menu, but there were some catchy bgms here and there.

Overall I give Edelweiss a 7.8/10. I enjoyed it and it is a pretty good read while you're looking of anything else that gets your attention.
#64 by infernoplex
2017-07-17 at 12:02
I liked Edelweiss as well, it was actually a pretty fun VN though I am not in the mood now to write up my opinions on all heroine's routes. I am just going to point out what I disliked the most about some of its endings: Principal Hisae's lack of proper character development - due to lack of it, some of the endings appeared very weak because of that, though it might be just my opinion, I feel like it could have made the whole experience of Edelweiss much better. The way how it all appeared somewhat forced at some of the endings dissapointed me, because I liked the heroines very much and found the comedy and romance mix up very well developed. I liked all heroines in this VN and the setting was fun :D ...

To rank my favourite routes:

Mei (the only route I found absolutely flawless and I actually played it the last xD) > Mizuki > Haruka > Natsume > Ren

On the heroine's side though, situation is somewhat different. I'd rank them like this:

Natsume > Haruka > Ren > Mei > Mizuki (I liked Natsume the most and played her route first, it's funny how the routes I consider the best were for the heroines I didn't like that much at first xD)


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