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#1 by tsukasa2k6
2011-10-30 at 17:20
So i learned about the game for the 1st time on Sankaku Complex i thought in my head this type of eroge exists ?!?! After i saw the H-scene pics OMG so you can screw a snake woman, a centaur, a big ass spider LOLI (my fav) , etc. and i thought 10tacle hentai was weird oh well i'll wait out an translation sometime in future(if someone even makes one) cuz now i'm really interested in the storyline XD. Give me you're input guys :) what do you think about this eroge ?
#2 by warfoki
2011-10-30 at 17:23
I don't know anything about this one but judging by your comment, maybe you should give a try to v5657 for now.Last modified on 2011-10-30 at 17:24
#3 by tsukasa2k6
2011-10-30 at 17:33
i know the game i have it on my wanna play list :)
#4 by baldo
2011-10-30 at 19:14
A micro-review from Nargrakhan is in this thread (posted 09/28/2011): link
#5 by then00bavenger
2011-10-30 at 21:03
If you're interested in a game where you actually form a relationship with a monster girl then I can't recommend it. Technically you can only end up with one of the heroines and the protagonist is an unlikable boob who starts out prejudiced against monster girls for a while.

If all you want are silly jokes and off-the-wall dialogue and antics with the occasional monster girl sex scene then it's not badLast modified on 2011-10-30 at 21:05
#6 by eyeless
2011-10-31 at 00:54
A horrible game, it is presented like a harem with monster girls.
But what you get is: idiotic rapist protagonist who hates monster girls, a whole lot of bad endings, NTR only ending for spider girl, even worse for osananajimi...

I hoped it to be a pure love/harem light comedy with monster girls, so this game was a huge disappointment.
#7 by izanagi
2012-02-02 at 02:47
which one does he actually end up with?
#8 by horseband
2012-07-08 at 20:34
I know it's a semi old post but I'll answer your question #7. The only one he really ends up with is his childhood friend the snake one (Lamia I believe it's called). Actually he also ends up with a big ass robotic cylinder in a different route... -_-

Anyways I agree with eyeless, the game was really a huge disappointment. I went in expecting something similar to v10325 which was a pure love ish nukige with monster girls. Instead I get a NTR only spider end, Yandere only end for another girl, no real end for horse beyond her getting raped, tortured, and humiliated because she tried interrupted the wedding between protag and snake heroine, and instead of getting an ending with the totally cute white haired loli robot princess you end up with a giant f****** metal cylinder. link <- I guess the producers figured we'd rather end up with the vending machine looking thing behind her.

The protagonist was a huge dick, especially to the spider heroine. The sex scenes were lacking and the snake heroine had a disproportionate amount compared to the others. About 3/4th's through the game I just downloaded a save file and checked out the remaining scenes. I wouldn't really recommend this to anyone beyond maybe checking out the sex scenes from the scene menu.

I'm still going to check out the fandisc with the hopes that they decided to retcon everything that happened and basically just make it a relatively consensual monster girl romance/sex romp. Chances of that are low but based on the screenshots it looks like it might be possible.Last modified on 2012-07-08 at 20:35
#9 by xxxxsenseixxxx
2015-02-13 at 02:01
İs there spider girls ntr bad endings. and what is the reason spider girls cheating. if there ntr games. I can't playing this game . because ntr heroines nothing values and boring. Please spoilerLast modified on 2015-02-13 at 02:12
#10 by venomg3
2015-12-06 at 17:38
so occasionally I read the quotes at the bottom of vndb, when this one popped up
"Especially, tears are unnecessary for eroge. Nakige are not suited for men. They are created by gays, bought by gays, gay games."
#11 by n4sh
2017-11-01 at 21:13
My god. What's with JAST affinity for terrible, TERRIBLE games?
#12 by gabezhul
2017-11-01 at 21:14
They are just riding the recent monster girl boom.
#13 by tyr
2017-11-01 at 21:41
This is a parody on monster girls. It's not supposed to be taken seriously.
For some reasons, nobody seems to notice that even though it's pretty obvious.

And if you consider that, it's not a terrible game at all. In fact, it's a fairly unique game doing things other eroge wouldn't dare to do which makes it a quite interesting and entertaining read and I respect it for this.

Of course, JAST does not advertise this as a parody. And of course everyone will hate this game because they all will buy it for comfy monster girl harem slice of life like all the other users in this thread.

It's a good game. Just not the game you want.
#14 by encrypted12345
2017-11-01 at 22:11
@11 I still remember when JAST's general library was better than Mangagamer's. That was about 5 or so years ago, I think.
#15 by danteas
2017-11-01 at 23:28
how are the endings exactly
#16 by alexlung
2017-11-05 at 13:43
its significantly worst than a shit load of VNs

how is it a parody though. monster girl was way better than this WutFace
#17 by tomoya-okazaki
2017-11-07 at 19:41
What a waste of good plot, characters and theme.I think producers intentionally chose to make the worst possible routes.I know it's purpose is humour but it aint even funny.
#18 by usagi
2017-12-03 at 00:54
Are there h-scenes with loli twins in eng version or were they censored/removed?Last modified on 2017-12-03 at 01:48
#19 by usagi
2017-12-03 at 23:35
#20 by beliar
2017-12-04 at 00:01
E-hentai has the ripped gallery from the JAST version of the game. Seems the scenes with the twins are present in the game.
#21 by usagi
2017-12-04 at 02:42
Thanks for the answer. I just didn't want to spoiler myself before playing further. It's a rarity though, even for Jast - since they are known for some cemsorship as well. Considering that they are elementary or middle schoolers even by in-game text I was sure that they were out of possible intercourse.
Also, I don't get why this game is so unpopular. Maybe it'll become worse later but for now (I am just after Komari introduction) I just can't remember when I had so much laugh and fun with this almost nukige.. Comedy there is clever and brilliant - huge difference comparing to typical eroges humor, btw. Hentai wasn't fappable on Sansha Mendan degree, of course, but it was fun, lighthearted and more in vein of best Monmusu Quest scenes type of entertainment.
All in all I am really recommend the novel - not as nukige even, but as comedy. It reminds me greatly Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou anime by their characters and plot.Last modified on 2017-12-04 at 02:47
#22 by supertaco512
2017-12-09 at 01:41
Just BTW, the NTR scene for the spider chick, wasn't really NTR since he didn't really want to bang her. Idk if anything else happens with her, but it does not look anything like NTR to me.


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