Kazoku Keikaku - Masumi Route Discussion

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#1 by hikigane
2009-08-04 at 05:42
I'm going to be pretty much breif

Her route is loooong~
And IMO kind of boring.
Actually, it's pacing is just so long and boring i almost held ctrl pressed and called it a day.

I sure appreciate long detailed stories, but having something like:
I woke up, Masumi did breakfast, I Dug, The End
is just so godamn annoying that kind of disapoints me.

You see i just came from Matsuri's route, aiming to do Aoba's route next, so maybe thts is why Masumi's route looks boring ,but i'm quite sure i would be thinking the same if i did Masumi's route first.
#2 by echomateria
2009-08-04 at 10:07
Masumi route isn't long, it is simply bad. It's just not the worst route of the game, it probably is one of the worst routes that I can ever remember. And I played a lot of routes in numerous games.

It may be interesting for people who like NTR, but probably even they will find it plain and boring
#3 by hikigane
2009-08-07 at 06:47
Whats NTR?
#4 by makenshi
2009-08-07 at 08:11
#5 by hikigane
2009-08-07 at 14:26

And yes echo. I'm quite sure they would find boring anyway.
#6 by jjm152
2014-12-23 at 05:23
I agree that Musumi's route was probably the weakest out of the 5 girls from the PC release, but I would say that contrasting it that I found her ending post credits to be the most heartwarming and satisfactory ending out of the whole bunch.


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