Kazoku Keikaku - Aoba's Route (End) Discussion

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#1 by hikigane
2009-08-07 at 06:42
I'm glad my expectations weren't betrayed by Aoba's route.

As expected fom a Classic Tsundere, the change was amazing.

The only 2 things i kind of got disapointed was that Aoba didn't care at all that Tsukasa had read her diary without her consentiment, and that unlike Matsuri's route, her's didn't show them with Kids at the epiloge.

You know, Matsuri never asked for having babies, but she had 2 on the epiloge.
That was really nice and all, but Aoba, who said very clearly that wanted to have kids, didn't have her kids on the epiloge.

Since its something pretty much related to them, i though we were going to see something like that at the end.

Those two things aside, i must say this one is one of the two best routes in the game, (Tho i only played 3 routes so far. lol) [Actually, i'm not going to play any other route, I'm done with this game]

Serisouly, i've never expected to see such drastic change from Aoba.
Sure it wasn't sudden, but it was quite the change.

This route had a good character development, and an interesting twist.

Masumi x Hiroshi @ the end was awesome, if not perfect.

Matsuri reviving the Family Project fitter perfectly.

Moving countryside was pretty much unexpected.

Aoba's & Matsuri's route made this game pretty much worth it, and thanks to that, this game is getting my 8.

Sure, even i feel like its a bit too high for this game, but i'm feeling generous.
#2 by echomateria
2009-08-07 at 09:05
My major disappointment for Aoba route was that it ended too fast. With little to no scenes related to their life after she stopped being tsuntsun. I don't really like tsundere, but I can accept them knowing that they'll go deredere eventually. I'm referring to Classic Tsundere here, I don't like Modern Tsundere at all. That one short country scene didn't satisfy me at all, considering all the time I spent getting there, dealing with all the problems and all...
#3 by hikigane
2009-08-07 at 14:23
I was refering to the site's description as well.

And yes, i agree with you. Her ending seemed pretty much short.

There was a lot of things left to explore. Too bad it stoped there.
#4 by jjm152
2014-12-23 at 05:25
I too wish there was more Aoba ending as well, her deredere transformation was fantastic. I usually save obvious tsundere routes for last playthroughs on VN's, and I did in this one as well and while I really enjoyed her arc (it was also one of the two best written) I felt that both her ending and Jun's ending could have used more work considering how great those characters were.


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