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#1 by gabezhul
2011-12-20 at 19:31
Come on guys! Eight threads and not a single GD? *sigh*
So, I started reading this for some reason, even though I had A-profile installed already. So, here's a bunch of my usual preliminary opinions.

The intro was awesome, it was the main reason why I decided to dive into this game, even though I only wanted to test it first...

The graphics are reminiscent of Inganock and Sharnoth, something I didn't expect from Nitroplus. It took a little time to get used to them, but by this point I positively love the design.

The characters are really good, I have an especially soft-spot for poor Kurisu, being the only straight (wo)man amongst a bunch of weirdos. :P
As for the protag, I don't really know where I'm standing with him. On one hand, he is interesting, but he is just so random and inconsistent that it's just plain annoying sometimes, not to mention he can be outrageously stupid at time, especially when it comes to the whole timeline-change phenomenon. Example: "Fuhaha! We have played gods and severely changed the timeline! We are aweso- ... Wait! There was supposed to be and anime shop there but it changed into an electronics shop! THAT MAKES NO SENSE EVEN THOUGH I JUST SAID WE CHANGED HISTORY! IT'S IMPOSIBLEEEEEEEE!!!

Finally, the writing and the plot is quite good, but I have already noticed quite a few time-jump related inconsistencies, and worst of all, it just seems really predictable. I'm going to write down my predictions here, so I can reference them later:
-Mayuri has to do something with how the whole time-travel thing works. No proof here, just a hunch.
-I dunno how, but I would bet they would use the time-machine to somehow turn Ruka into a girl. Don't ask me how, I just feel that this is a plot-device that will be used sooner or later.
-Suzuha is a time-traveler. No questions here. She is probably antagonistic towards Kurisu because of her involvement with the time-machine development in another world/future.
-The thing I noticed was that the divergence-numbers keep decreasing, so I would say that they are going the wrong way with the changes, and it will possibly bite them in the ass later (I'm thinking about some shockers here, like SERN busting through their door and shooting a few of them (Daru and Mayuri are especially giving me the vibes of being set-up for a shock-death, though Kurisu isn't out of the picture either...))

So, I'm going to keep on reading, I'll be probably done with the first route today, so see ya tomorrow. :P
#2 by moogy
2011-12-20 at 20:34
Okarin is the best part of the game. Great protagonist, and his chemistry with Kurisu is what saves the latter half of the game from mediocrity.

The first half of S;G is very, very good with awesome atmosphere and great pacing as the characters slowly uncover more and more. Unfortunately after the big upset in chapter 6 the game loses its bearings for quite some time; chapters 7 and 8 are basically garbage and I don't think the game really recovers from them until the true ending, which is admittedly very good. If they hadn't tried to work in individual character stories for everyone I think the game would have been a lot better overall.

Also, not really important, but the art is fucking awful and the soundtrack blows too, which is disappointing if you look at it in terms of being a Nitro+ game. Really wish they would have just gone with a decent artist instead of trying to make things trendy with huke, who couldn't draw his way out of a wet paper back and tries to cover up his lack of talent with Photoshop filters.Last modified on 2011-12-20 at 20:51
#3 by pendelhaven
2011-12-20 at 20:42
I'm guessing this is at least more fluffier than C;H. and... I don't think a GD is a GD without a full patch.
#4 by moogy
2011-12-20 at 20:51
S;G isn't full of ridiculous chuu2 nonsense and out of nowhere "gore" like C;H but it's not exactly afternoon tea and crumpets either.
#5 by then00bavenger
2011-12-20 at 21:54
Chapters 7 and 8 are bleh and 10 was kind of meh too but 9 was pretty awesome. killer lolis make everything awesome
#6 by belgaesh
2011-12-21 at 01:12
They should have made S;G with the same artist as C;H.
#7 by gabezhul
2011-12-21 at 12:06
Hmmm... Personally, I got used to the art, but I admit that it is pretty crappy overall, though I would still say that it has sort of a charm to it... Or maybe I'm just in denial, but who cares? :P

I couldn't finish the first route yesterday after all, but honestly, based on what I have seen this far, I have no idea how the other routes beside Mayuri's and Kurisu's would ever work, not to mention chapter 6 already had a serious "endgame" vibe to it, so I have a feeling the rest of the routes/chapters will be lackluster after this...

As for the characters, I loved them. I especially took a liking to Daru, the guy is simply hilarious (The "Large Hadron Collider-tan" still cracks me up... :P). Kurisu was a really good character as well, not to mention her chemistry with the protag was pretty damn sweet. On the other hand, I have to admit that Mayuri continuously got on my nerves at the beginning, but I still thawed up to her after a while.
As for the rest of the cast... they were colorful, but they still felt a little under-developed and tagged-on compared to the first four lab mems. (I might reflect on this statement of mine after I played all the routes. :P).

This far I think this is a solid 9 title. Not a masterpiece, but pretty damn nice. The characters are good, the protag is good, the metaphysics are silly (but at least there were no stupid Schrödinger's Cat explanations this far), the whole story had a pretty damn good atmosphere, and I actually loved the heavy foreshadowing. Yeah, sure, as I said, it makes things a little predictable, but for me, wracking my brain on figuring out the plot-twists ahead of time is half the fun of reading. :P
#8 by gabezhul
2011-12-22 at 12:02
Bump, but whatever.
It's rare that I wholeheartedly agree with Moogy on something, but chapter 7 and 8 WERE garbage, and even the 9th chapter was weak, not to mention that the "character-endings" were forced and piss-poor in execution, and don't even get me started on the sudden and stupid nakige-switch at these points... -.-'

Whatever, I'm currently going through the second run to get Kurisu's ending and the true end. I'll probably finish the VN today, so expect a mini-review tonight or tomorrow. :P

<Edit>: Finished the game, solid 9, too tired to write a review right now...
But still, it was a fun ride, and the true ending was really clever and awesome. It could have been a 10 title if there were less routes (say, three: Mayuri, Kurisu normal, Kurisu good / true ending) and a tighter execution overall (the middle-portion of the game was a little lackluster, as I have already said so). Still, I'm glad I've read this game. :PLast modified on 2011-12-22 at 17:24
#9 by thelasling
2012-01-10 at 09:17
I really like this game :>
(the hipster critic side of med dislike my recent 10's ) but whatevs it was a good SCI FI VN.

As most people you think WTF is this artstyle. but I became really fond of it over the time and I think its great. well except with the wierd perspektive with fx Kurisu rushing back just before Otabe presses enter.

Just as you say there is many thing in this VN that is predictable especially when you know that its at least about time travel. Like as soon as I saw the scene with the metal Oupa (or whats its called) i knew it was going to be something important later on, was shown very later on :P.

But thats what of the things I think is great about this VN. its predictable in a very good way, if you think about it being able to predict many things about the story it is satisfying and not just the writers fucking with you, and by still having a few unpredictable moments makes for a good balance.

TECHNOBABBLE: yes it does that a lot, and I like that stuff even though I don't understand a lot of it, its important for a good SciFi and they actually put down some good rules around the effects of time travels and changes that if not interpreted deeply set the story so all through the fx don't make paradoxes etc.

I agree to chapter 7 and 8 being unnecessary and unfitting. even though i Have to admit that I did enjoy Ruraka because DAMN she's cute and makes me question if it were ok if it where a boy that looked and acted like a woman XS. and Faris is one of the few catgirls i thought decent about since I liked the random rambles that Hounin kyoma both played on eachother.

the only side ending I really think had something going to it was Suzuha's except they didn't go far enough making it great! showing the how the feeling of no consequences and boredom driving him to dark deeds would have been better if he actual did something like raping her or letting Daru die. having to see how nothing had happened time leaping again driving forth the Insanity or having the friends reject him for his deeds, preventing him acces to time leap again.

Faris end= dumb out of the mood.
Ruruka end= dumb out of the mood.

rest was a very good story which i liked alot but I think bad endings where he couldn't time leap to prevent it would also work well, or by some stupid action screwing with the past would make improvements.

The interactability with the phone was something. even though i went through the game answering everything and then saving at every call after realizing that was how you got on the side routes with Suzuha's end and getting all the ends except kurisu and true. and then try and error with saves at all the ones from Kurisu. ending with those at third try. which after looking a walkthrough feeling incredible lucky XD

I just loves the protagonist! I how they went with his Craziness or Hounin Kyoma side!

10/10 even with the flaws. it was a fantastic experience which i hardly could put down!Last modified on 2012-02-27 at 17:49
#10 by overmage
2012-02-27 at 17:28
I want to point out that they did a fantastic job with the technobabble, as somebody who studies quantum theory, it's bullshit, but not in a bad way. At the least, I don't feel like bursting into laughter or vomitting my guts out when I read it. I gave it a 9 mostly for that reason alone.
#11 by [deleted]
2012-04-22 at 08:48
Definitely agree with overmage - it's a good type of BS. I am a physics major, though I have only taken one quantum course so far, but I really enjoyed the technical explanation of the time travel, and if you think about it for long enough, you can get a handle on how time travel and the timeline work. Clearly what is explained in this VN is not the accepted theory, but that's why they call it science fiction. Anyway, I thought the protagonist, Okabe Rintarou/Hououin Kyouma, was completely awesome. The story was good, the characters were engaging (at least most of them), and the atmosphere worked really well. As for the art, I seriously didn't mind it at all, and it definitely grew on me over the course of the story, but what really made this novel for me were the two main characters (Okabe and Kurisu) - I definitely cared what happened to them by the end. This VN has definitely been an experience for me, and has been one of the best pieces of fiction I have seen in a long while. Totally better than Chaos;Head. 10/10
#12 by redsoxist
2012-06-13 at 23:28
Just finishing up Chapter 3 right now. Like the above posters, I've really taken a liking to the two main characters whose back and forth banter, like in G-Senjou no Maou, made the whole novel very fun to read. At first, I thought that protagonist's delusional "monologues" to his phone were staged (vis-a-vis Sharin no Kuni or Ever17) in that they would ultimately serve a larger purpose, but looking through the posts here, I find it difficult to gauge or fathom just how crazy this guy really is. Nonetheless, I still like and prefer this protagonist over the sorry mess of a sad sack in the true route of Hoshizora no Memoria .

Also, it's good to here from other people well-versed in physics that the explanations at least work well in a science-fiction setting unlike Ever17's explanation of the Cure virus which was just full of contradictions. So far, this is a 9/10 for me, but I'm expecting it to be bumped up to a 10/10 after reading through the true ending.
#13 by kei-tr
2012-08-03 at 18:43
I finished yesterday so i like to leave my comment.

This is actually very good vn, it recently took 2nd place at rating i think it deserves that very well. Graphics a bit strange (especially characters eyes) but you get used to it after a while, voice acting good and music are not bad either. But best part is story. It explains time travel theories very well and story getting realy exiting after chapter 6 (not that its not exiting before chapter 6 but along with chapter 6 it gains... momentum i think). Built-in Encyclopedia also very good since there is some unfamilliar terms.

Yeah like people above said it's sometimes a little predictible but that's not bad i think, actually accurately guessing what will happen at story makes me happy.

For example:
At the prologue Kurisu said something like "Didn't you tryed to tell me something a while ago, you looked really sad" but our protagonist didn't have a conversion with her yet like that i guessed he is time travelled from future, and also i guessed that scream also belongs to him future self (though of course i didn't guessed he is killed Kurisu by mistake).
After Suzuha said Kurisu works for Sern it's obivious she came from future (though i didn't guessed she is John Titor himself err... herself).
It's predictible since they are approaching to %0 divergance with each d-mail they send, they are approaching to Sern's dystopia, so with each d-mail they send, they need to work harder later.
Mayuri's death obvious if you watched opening movie (the one appears at main menu after you waiting a while without cliking anything).

As for sacrificing other heroines memories, i can understand not sending a detailed d-mail at Faris route (as we can see results of detailed d-mail at her ending) or a d-mail to Rukako to simply saying don't clean storeroom, clean shrine grounds, due to butterfly effect, but he at least can time leap before the time Suzuha travelled 1975 and write a letter explain how she came from 2036, what happened time she stayed 2010 and what she have to do at 1975 that solve everything, even if she can't remember her memories after reading letter, he can save other lab mem's memories of Suzuha. Even that results a total failure like same thing happening before time leaping he can still send a d-mail.

Something strange with Faris ending because even if there butterfly effect and both Faris's dad and Mayuri living at the same time somehow effected people Okarin will meet and founding Future Gadget Lab how its effected friendship with Mayuri. I mean they send d-mail 10 years ago but he and Mayuri are friends longer than that.

It's just me or only difference of Kurisu ending from true ending absence of chapter 11?

Lastly for true end's epilogue i think it doesn't matter world line a or b or steins gate world line, Okarin supposed to attend a conference Kurisu giving, doesn't that mean they have to meet there. Maybe Kurisu didn't attend conference to loooking for a injured Okarin and they missed each other?(though the Okarin belongs to steins gate world line didn't knew anything until 21 August)

EDIT: I am tryed correct grammar mistakes i did. Sorry for bad English. If you point which part you didn't understand i like to explain again.Last modified on 2012-08-05 at 01:46
#14 by gabezhul
2012-08-03 at 18:57
Sorry, but wut? Seriously, I have read your post about four times and I still don't get half your lines... -.-
#15 by azusa-nakano
2012-12-16 at 06:27
Is there any romance with any of the girls in the vn? (in the middle of the anime now, good so far.)
#16 by metaler
2012-12-16 at 08:31
Game's got multiple routes, so I think so...?
#17 by azusa-nakano
2012-12-16 at 08:52
@16 Ok I was just asking because the protag doesn't seem like he would get in a relationship(and he is old)

Finished the anime..............What a shity ending, I hope its far different from the VN.Last modified on 2012-12-16 at 09:05
#18 by metaler
2012-12-16 at 09:37
20 is hardly old... o_o
Hell, I don't think he even IS 20.
#19 by engix
2012-12-16 at 09:49
Hes 18, 1st year of college if i remember right.
#20 by azusa-nakano
2012-12-16 at 10:02
?? Really? He looked much older besides that he didn't look very interested in the girls much, well that was the anime.(im certainly looking for better endingS than in the anime.)
I'll shut up now and play the game.Last modified on 2012-12-16 at 10:06
#21 by manah
2012-12-16 at 11:27
Yes, Okabe is 18
He does get in a relationship with the main girls: Suzuha, Feiris, Luka, Mayuri, and Kurisu; however, I don't think it should be called "romance"... Much more drama than romance
#22 by gabezhul
2012-12-16 at 11:34
Also, his relationship to Kurisu is left a bit ambiguous at the end (thanks to time-travel and stuff), but it it still quite hopeful and ends on a positive note.

In the end though this VN is really not about romance and relationships (though it IS a recurring theme), but a science-fiction story with time travel, a lot of life-or-death drama and drama in general, with a bit of comedy sprinkled on top.
#23 by transcendence
2012-12-16 at 16:54
I've finished one route of the game some time ago, I kinda had to put it down for now since I have to replay it from scratch because I did my first play through without a walkthrough and it's a bit of a pain in the ass. It was a nice game anyway, the characters were ok I guess, though there aren't anyone that I seem to particularly think as striking; actually, if Okabe was much competitive, it would have been more interesting for me. He is during times, but it's kind of inconsistent.

I'd rather not comment on how much buzzwords from modern physics they've thrown out here. Though I should be familiar with science but I think it would be pretentious to try and nitpick at the supposed accuracy of this 'science fiction'. I would have preferred though, if they'd actually give some actual maths there, physics without mathematics just seems wrong.Last modified on 2012-12-16 at 17:01
#24 by gabezhul
2012-12-16 at 16:58
I disagree, as I think it's kind of the point: This is science-fiction. They showed the underlying concepts, and then put them away as soon as they finished so that they won't interfere with the actual story. I prefer this approach waaaay more than spewing pretentious fake quantum-physics by the truckload just to look intelligent and "legit" *coughremember11cough*.
#25 by transcendence
2012-12-16 at 17:10
Well, that's just my preference, something subjective so I won't actually be arguing with you here. Also, after working with physics for some time, I just thought it's nice if I'd actually see mathematical models that some (harcore?) fans can try to work with which are actually used in the VN and not just concepts. I got the impression that this is one of the 'hardest' science fiction VN in here after all.Last modified on 2012-12-16 at 17:12