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#51 by pendelhaven
2014-05-27 at 17:42
yeah. for real

First is that he doesn't know how to set his priorities. It's not that Mayuri is important, its the MACHINE ITSELF. Mayuri can be revived anytime anyway, so why the worry?

Second is that it's been stated 2 times at first that the town is surrounded and all ways of escape is blocked. should have assumed as much.

But no, he's still thinking of how to escape. for 6 tries!! Oh, the worst part is Nae (the brat) killing Mayuri and yet he didn't suspected her. THIS is where he needs to check twice if Nae was really an enemy or not.
#52 by overmage
2014-05-28 at 06:02
What #50 said

#53 by dk382
2014-05-28 at 07:20
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#54 by [deleted]
2014-05-28 at 11:01
@pendelhaven Don't read #53's spoiler, as it refers to an event that happens long after chapter 6.
#55 by pendelhaven
2014-05-29 at 16:59
Finished the 3 side endings and mostly agree with everyone. Suzuha's was good even though it was open for improvements, while the next two went from bad to worst. Rukako/Lukako especially, because it started with romantic comedy and ended up with... I don't even know how to describe it. It's a mess all over. MC also felt out of character at this point.

anyway, I'll preemptively rate this with 9 only because protag's VA was 5 layers of awesome, and instantly downvote with 7 because of how sucky the two side ends were.

edit: and I'd advice everyone to re-read the prologue again once you finished Lukako end. it should provide more info now that you know what does divergence meter do.

edit2: finished Mayuri route. tbh there was a way to make Kurisu and Mayuri to be alive, both, and still stay at the 0% worldline (or alpha worldline). he just have to go back to 0% worldline and make sure he won't let Moeka use the Phonewave (name subject to change).

for the record: prologue meter before the shift = 1.130426%
mayuri meter = 1.130238%
kurisu meter = 1.130205%
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#56 by pendelhaven
2014-05-31 at 15:25
Finished everything. followed the walkthrough and couldn't 100% this. I didn't get the last CG. as for achievements:

1. why mayuri started making costumes
2. receive 4 songs from C;H
3. 4 Gero wallpapers
4. 13 RaiNet episodes
5. the very last one. I don't know what that is.

I'm gonna have to take back what I said above. imo the reason why the writers didn't make the protag D-mail himself telling that Moeka was an agent is because, If we're gonna follow the Divergence Meter rules, that would lead to either 2% worldline or Faeris route worldline (-0.275349% iirc)

Assuming it will go to Faris route worldline, that would mean they'll gonna have to write a completely new worldline. While I'll admit that would be interesting, the True Route will lose its flavor being the grand route. and imo the true route doesn't really feel so "grand". I'm actually more interested in reading more worldlines the moment I finished the last route, like Mayuri and Faeris becoming a magical girl in 3% worldline lol.

Oh, and I'd like to hear more theories about the numbers of Divergence Meter. They only explained that every 1% interval means that's a new "world". but what does the decimals mean?
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#57 by overmage
2014-05-31 at 16:17
#58 by gerardlonewolf
2014-05-31 at 19:04
The dotdotdot is more meaningful than the two posts above it.
#59 by finjas
2014-05-31 at 20:24
That certainly is true.
If I didn't lurk here enough to know about pendelheaven, maybe I would have even tried to reply.Last modified on 2014-05-31 at 20:25
#60 by jumpykun
2014-06-15 at 17:06
Just to add thought here:

I do think S;G was good, though quite a biit generic.

I think the concept and goal was really nice, but I think it suffers a bit much in execution. For me, I think the characters are representation of Cause and Effect and much of your typical (type).

Just some terms I'm not sure about:
The Doer - Nae
The Reason - Tennouji
The Choice - Okabe
The Knowledge - Kurisu
The Skill - Daru
The Circumstance - Rukako
The Effect - Mayuri
The Receiver - Moeka
State of Receiver
A: Regret - Faris
B: Regret but having the ability to change state - Suzuha

Regarding Chapter 7-8, I think the premise of the two was to give a really strong reason to make Okabe stay at that timeline, but the execution was quite bad. In Chapter 9, I felt the treatment to Moeka was quite exaggerated. And yeah, the IBM 5100 case was kinda weak, IMO. The Kurisu+ END and Epilogue felt mediocre, probably because the overall desire was a bit selfish even though it was a good-good situation, (I save Kurisu and you get saved thingy) but fair enough.

Also, it would have been awesome if in Chapter 10, you could either pick to save Mayuri or Kurisu, not the one where he wants Kurisu but still saves Mayuri. Or maybe forge another path without relying on Kurisu or anything or his future ass self. Though maybe it would end as Okabe dead though. Well, it's just opinion.

While I found Okabe funny, I hated how arrogant he was but can't even do anything unless "The Knowledge" advises him to. That quite hurt my view in Mayuri END though, since it just felt that he loved Mayuri when Kurisu said something like you must have loved her so much, and Okabe can't/didn't say any rebuttal at all or maybe he said sorry or something. And he even says Kurisu IS the most important girl for him, during Chapter 11, he would probably save Kurisu than Mayuri, if the other characters didn't sacrificed for her sake and Kurisu told him to. I want to punch him in the face... argh

For art, I think it was nice enough, though it lacks refinement and I didn't like lipped characters a bit. For soundtrack, Gate of Steiner was catchy, but a bit mixed to the overall soundtrack since almost ALL of them was a remix version of the theme.

Sorry if some of them may had sound like a rant...Last modified on 2014-07-14 at 14:53
#61 by gabezhul
2014-09-16 at 15:55
Randomlolwut I thought I would share:
Steins;Gate is listed as a first person shooter on Metacritic. And they wonder why some people don't trust the site. :P
#62 by verdun
2014-09-16 at 15:58
It's presented in first person view and he shoots off colorful speech. Totally justified.
#63 by thomasjones
2016-07-26 at 23:14
I was wondering if in the game it showed some of the ages of the characters that aren't listed in the description? Or are they basically all 18 including Mayuri.Last modified on 2016-07-26 at 23:16
#64 by reckard
2018-04-27 at 10:42
I love how wrong the second post in this thread is. The first half of the game has such horrible pacing you'll regularly find people asking when the hell anything actually happens in this VN. It was so bad it basically drained my energy to finish anything after chapter 6. Everyone besides Kurisu/Suzuha are underdeveloped wet blankets of blandness that read more like walking wish-fufillments than actual people, especially ones like Farris and Daru.

Okabe's also an annoying idiot who doesn't realize the simplest of solutions to his problems until several monologues later and thought groping a minor was a reasonable way to determine their gender. Gross.Last modified on 2018-04-27 at 10:45
#65 by aquahorse
2018-04-30 at 13:49
#64, you are not right. I agree with post #2 too.
#66 by jpnex
2019-04-19 at 08:34
#65, well, I feel like the second poster Is wrong about the soundtrack and the art, both gorgeous imo


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