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#101 by zeroyuki92
2012-01-17 at 19:36
< report >[OOT]Sorry if I was derailing the topic pretty far. Was just returned from some western sites which already felt disgusted even just by seeing word "romantic" and anime-ish art style...Talking to stone feels so much better than that.

Steins;Gate actually can be a bullet that can break through many new players in the west, if Antheon decides to sell it to JAST and Stream. It has no H, has non-romantic theme and premise, and unusual art style. Still, there will be some hatin', of course, but I guess people without xenophobic attitude will at least acknowledge S;G's effort. And if it succeed, there's a possibility for Jap developers to open up more to Western Market...Yeah, just if.

And that fake article, if it existed, sounds so horrible. Glad to see it's deleted already, or we will see many more butthurts or even 4chan raid. [/OOT]

So I heard some people didn't like the writing in KS.

Can somebody explain which point exactly that the hate is about? Since, despite of some poor/cheesy wordings (which also happened anyway in many poorly-translated VN), I see that they has similar style as in many other romance/slice of life-ge, nothing too different.Last modified on 2012-01-17 at 19:39
#102 by pendelhaven
2012-01-17 at 19:47
< report >^ here's a "sample". Note that he at least finished one route. and the guy is new to VNs. the comments are pretty subjective, but he's entitled to it, especially after finishing at least one route.


I don't know why Ryan decided to throw his life away over a stupid game, the people who make this junk should be ashamed

Did he even asked "why cut your own arm"? even if this was a troll, I just wonder how:

1. stupid the guy was
2. stupid the player was
3. ignorant the commenter was

What can I say? this is the human populace for you.

Oh, and one more thing:
You should've read the book #78, it's really bad - the movie is better.
Why are you telling me to read crap?Last modified on 2012-01-17 at 20:16
#103 by gabezhul
2012-01-17 at 21:23
< report >Quickie:
Pendel, saying that VN = porn makes you the stupidest person I've seen today. Congratulation.

As for why you should read Twilight is that you wouldn't try to shoehorn the movie adaptation into a literary discussion.

As for KS's writing... I still have no idea. I mean, sure, I've noticed QUITE a few abrupt scene-changes and style-inconsistencies, and sometimes the story felt a little slow to develop, but again, I've seen worse writing in VNs the people who bash this game apparently voted quite highly. In the end it comes down to personal taste, and apparently some people can't recognize that their opinion is not the gospel.
Except for Shizune's route. It was bad. Like, 5/10 bad, which is not that bad, but still bad. :PLast modified on 2012-01-17 at 21:30
#104 by tango
2012-01-17 at 22:08
< report >Shizune's route was intentionally ruined by the writer. He didn't like Shizune as a character but was "forced" to keep on writing for her. In a childish fit of rage and entitlement, he decided that rather than quitting and letting someone else take over, he'd cling to his role but totally derail it and take it far away from what it was supposed to be. And so we get this Misha/Kenji route with Shizune sex scenes rather than an actual Shizune route.
#105 by gabezhul
2012-01-17 at 22:19
< report >... Is that your interpretation, or you can prove this theory with some evidence (blog-posts, forum comments, interviews, etc.)?
#106 by thelasling
2012-01-17 at 22:26
< report >^once again got bested to ask by gabe.
even though I know that he ended writing Shizune route, when he wanted to write Hanako. deciding to derail the route and ruin some of the project for the entire teams is a harsh claim.

even though I really liked the Kenji parts in Shizunes route, and for Misha meh never really understood the love for her.Last modified on 2012-01-17 at 22:28
#107 by tango
2012-01-17 at 22:34
< report >Just ask about Anonymous22 (aka A22) on the official forums. The myth is that he left and some other person took over and made a mess of it, but it's an open fact that he stayed on. It's also an open thing that he didn't like the character and complained about having to write her, but then stayed on and wrote for her anyway - and the stuff he wrote after that point is the bad stuff, or controversial stuff, if you prefer.
#108 by encrypted12345
2012-01-17 at 22:58
< report >Shizune's route wasn't that bad. It was slice-of-life. Like Family Project. I've seen people who like it for what it is and say someone else has the worst route.
#109 by tango
2012-01-17 at 23:04
< report >I haven't read it yet so I don't have an opinion either way. However, I'd agree with the detractors who say that objectively it's bad because it isn't really a Shizune route at all. So even if you find it enjoyable, it sounds like it's not really a Shizune route and therefore isn't all that fulfilling for most Shizune fans.

All that aside, I'm just sad that there isn't an Akira route. Delicious reverse traps are rare in VNs as it is, so it's particularly galling to me when they put one in but don't give them a route or an h-scenes.Last modified on 2012-01-17 at 23:05
#110 by saberger
2012-01-17 at 23:35
< report >she isn't close to reverse trap. and you know who she is at the earliest moment. and if she is not reverse trap then why the hell you said that she is reverse trap. and you should feel ashamed or go kill yourself for demanding the PORN of one character in a serious Visual Novel, only to satisfy your pa-fucking-thetic fetish.
#111 by gabezhul
2012-01-17 at 23:40
< report >Saberger, you never fail to baffle me...
And I can't even decided if I said that as a compliment or a complain... -.-
#112 by saberger
2012-01-17 at 23:43
< report >what? Akira isn't reverse trap. nuff' said
#113 by warfoki
2012-01-17 at 23:47
< report >Guess you missed the point by a few miles. :P
#114 by tango
2012-01-18 at 00:08
< report >Even if you know their actual gender, you can still call them a trap or reverse trap. In Guilty Gear, Bridget repeatedly states that he is male and yet he's one of the most famous traps. People will seek out shows with traps and reverse traps, the very term denotes a pre-existing knowledge of their true gender. The entire point of Akira and Hideaki's character designs is that they're a cross-dressing couple, he's a trap and she's a reverse trap. In short, please stop trying to be clever - it's embarrassing to read.Last modified on 2012-01-18 at 00:12
#115 by saberger
2012-01-18 at 00:30
< report >i'm so sorry but i'm so clever that i know "trap" is probably something like "duh, dude, you are a girl, duh, dude, how surprising". and your example has nothing to do with the argument that I don't know the hell you want to clarify. and where is the inspiration behind the character design that you talked about?

really, please understand what it's mean by "trap" or "reverse trap".
#116 by tango
2012-01-18 at 03:20
< report >You're not too bright are you? To call something a trap or reverse trap, you have to know their actual gender. If you actually thought Bridget was a girl, you'd call him a girl rather than a trap. Kino is a reverse trap, Haruhi Fujioka is a reverse trap - and yet both characters are known to be girls by the audience.

But why am I explaining this to you? You seem drunk on your own stupidity and type like you're a teenage girl writing a text message. It also seems like English isn't your first language, so you should really brush up on it before you try to sound like you have any idea what you're talking about.
#117 by koinodensetsu
2012-01-18 at 03:56
< report >Hey, I have a great idea! Let's try to get along and discuss Katawa Shoujo. :D

Sarcasm aside, it's sad that so many posts here seem to throw away civil discussions for childish fights. I wish more VN communities had anti-flame rules. Flamewars seem to have dominated this thread instead of Katawa Shoujo "general discussion."
#118 by pyrexmaster
2012-01-18 at 04:50
< report >ok then I'll try and help! Well there were two things I was really displeased with in this game.

First, no voice acting. It was really hard to sit there for 5 or 6 hours at a time just listening to BGM. I understand that they were doing it free so they lacked the funds to hire VAs but still, I don't understand why they wont let fans do a dub of it for free. (not a crappy one but a nice one.)

And second of all I REALLY was hoping for a Shiina route. It's just not fair that the only relationship you can have with her is by cheating. and that of course leads to a bad end. =(

Anyway, any thoughts?
#119 by encrypted12345
2012-01-18 at 05:00
< report >^ The game already took 5 years to make. Voice acting would have only extended the wait. I didn't really care since I don't usually wait for the voices to finish before I move on. That and chances are, the English voice acting would have been crappy by the very fact that it was in English.

As for the second point, Misha doesn't get a route because she's not disabled at all! I came for crippled girls, not normal girls. LOL! Last modified on 2012-01-18 at 05:01
#120 by pyrexmaster
2012-01-18 at 05:05
< report >^ lol you're right about English VAs.. but still... PINK DRILLS! and I swear when she cut her hair she (Just a little) looked like Nanaka from Da Capo and I really liked her route.Last modified on 2012-01-18 at 05:07
#121 by zeroyuki92
2012-01-18 at 05:32
< report >VA won't do the game justice. If we give Japanese VA, it won't fit the script which is in English...Although we can translate them, still, it won't fitting as fit as an original Jap script.

And if we give Eng VA...It won't fit the nature of the story (Japan) and 99% will be crap. So, no VA is the perfect choice.

@103 ah, I guess I share the idea about scene changes. Sometimes they try to give emotional hit without proper build up, resulting in many emotional miss for me >.<

I guess some scenes that were done properly for me are Hanako's panic state and most of Rin's path. Lilly were pretty smooth, but since it was mostly coated in sugar from the beginning to the end, there are almost no sudden story flow change.
#122 by pendelhaven
2012-01-20 at 19:35
< report >
Pendel, saying that VN = porn makes you the stupidest person I've seen today. Congratulation.
I DID said that most of us here know otherwise. However, majority rules. The "human populace" will always say that VN=porn. If this is an election, our vote is just but one vote, but the vote of "the human populace" is 100x than ours.
That's democracy for you, you recommendation thread abuser you XD

Back to KS. I'm down voting this to 8. I've re-read Brass Restoration, since that VN comes closest to KS's disability theme. It's hard to go to details without spoilers, but BR definitely portrayed better than KS in the disability theme department. Even so, KS has a lot of plus sides. One being that this VN is definitely unique from any other VNs in the simplest sense that its atmosphere is totally different.Last modified on 2012-01-22 at 14:37
#123 by koinodensetsu
2012-01-20 at 23:09
< report >Popular ignorance does not define something as fact. Many conservative Christians think that LGBT people are choosing to not be straight and have some secret agenda. Are LGBT people really choosing their sexuality and fostering some evil organization? No, that is just ignorance and lack of contemplation.
However, I do feel it wrong that gabezhul said that to you, especially since he's a moderator.

Anyway, KS discussion: I played Rin's path first. I was not particularly fond of it. The writing is not good, and Rin felt unrealistic (I know people that have the characteristics the story was trying to portray; she felt artificial). I also was very disappointed that the medical theme was more or less forgotten for a normal visual novel story. While not awful, I found it very, very average.
However, I will say that the art is quite good, as is the music (for an OEL doujin VN). Another thing I give it high praise for are the H-scenes; they were extremely tasteful and not pornographic at all - something I have never seen before in an "ero"ge (even VNs like Kana Imouto and Kanon have scenes that go beyond some boundaries of a love scene in an R-rated movie; KS felt like an R-rated love scene). Quite refreshing, if I do say so.
#124 by encrypted12345
2012-01-21 at 21:59
< report >Rin's route is hit and miss. Same goes for Shizune's. The other routes aren't as controversial.
#125 by koinodensetsu
2012-01-21 at 23:43
< report >Then that is just lovely that I am going for Shizune next. :) (sarcasm) Lilly and and Emi do not interest me much, and Hanako I will probably save for last.