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#1 by savader
2012-01-27 at 07:08
Hey all--just thought I'd mention that I added a huge amount of character information, as well as new characters into the character section of this visual novel for this site. Hope you all like sure took awhile...I was planning on adding Gen, but I couldn't find any decent pictures of him or any info on his background, so if anyone knows where there is some info on him(in English), let me know, and I'll add him as well. Enjoy!
#2 by kufel
2015-05-30 at 21:56
Lu-sensei's full name is Lu Yi, shihandai means assistant instructor.
#3 by dk382
2015-05-30 at 23:15
At some point I entertained the idea of rewriting the descriptions of every character from scratch since the existing descriptions are kind of bad, but determined it was too much work.
#4 by traumatizer
2015-05-31 at 18:11
I think the descriptions for the Kazama Family Members are pretty decent, but the rest of 'em that are from the Majikoi Wiki... they have such horrible grammar.


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