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#1 by unravel
2012-02-18 at 23:32
Chiwassu, VNDB!

I am here begging for help — give me a hand, please! — MLAC doesn't want to launch under any circumstance. The defect resides in rUGP engine, which crashes right on vn's start-up.
First it suggests me to start Muv-Luv in safe-mode (and here, regardless what I choose, it goes down; just in case, my PC says I don't need sound driver's to be updated):

前回、rUGP が正常に終了しませんでした。(エラーコード 8)

ウインドウ上部のメニューの[設定(C)]→[システム設定(Y)] にある「セーフモードで実行する(S)」のチェックを外し、OFFにしてください。
セーフモードのまま、サウンドだけ鳴らしたい場合は、[設定(C)] の「BGM、効果音、音声」をそれぞれONにしてください。


And then it is replaced by the window, indictating unexpected program's closure:

Main instruction: rUGP MFC アプリケーション
Event's name: APPCRASH
Application's name: rugp.exe
Error's module: kernel32.dll

Of course I performed installation in Japanese locale and I did some research before posting this thread. The working solution wasn't hunted down anywhere by myself. I tried switching off DEP through Command Prompt, reinstalling the game and placing it in different folders/HDDs, changing names of executing files, launching both rUGP and Muv-Luv shortcuts as machine's administrator, but nothing helped.
VNDB, you are my last instance, as I see it. Tell me, please, what's wrong? I reckon on your lore, VNDB, and I shall test any possible outlet offered.

Thank you in advance and sorry for littering forums ._.Last modified on 2012-02-20 at 00:39
#2 by agrotc
2012-02-19 at 07:01
It's rUGP. Abandon all hope.
That said, can you get other titles running on rUGP to run?
And by that, I mean running on rUGP 5.8.Last modified on 2012-02-19 at 07:38
#3 by unravel
2012-02-19 at 15:48
That was the most undesired reply I'd like to hear. Yes, KGNE, Alternative and original Muv-Luv worked without any stumbles for me.
#4 by agrotc
2012-02-19 at 18:23
Was it KimiNozo LE?
ML/A run on rUGP 5.5 and 5.7 respectively I believe, so it might be an issue with 5.8

If you did get KimiNozo LE to play, maybe try taking the rUGP.exe from it's install folder and copying it into the Chronicles 01 directory?

On that note, what total size does the Chronicles 01 directory come out to?
#5 by unravel
2012-02-19 at 19:14
Nah, it wasn't Latest Edition, but first press, as I remember it. And the size of MLAC is 3.61 GB (3,878,531,115 MB). Thank you for helping me, I'd give it up, if it wasn't Muv-Luv series тAтLast modified on 2012-02-19 at 19:15
#6 by agrotc
2012-02-19 at 19:41
Seems like it might be an issue with rUGP 5.8 then. Or it could just be the specific version of rUGP 5.8 Chronicles 01 runs on. In which case, it seems you'd be out of luck.
Maybe try downloading a different rUGP 5.8 game, seeing if it works, and then replacing the rUGP.exe from Chronicles 01 with that one or something.

Off the top of my head the following games should be rUGP 5.8
KimiNozo LE
Chronicles 02
Haruko Maniax
Owarinaki Natsu, Towa Naru Shirabe
Muv-Luv Altered Fable

Or even installing the game from a different source.
That's really the only things I can think of.
As I forgot to ask earlier, which OS are you running?
The error message you're getting is a fairly standard one, that I get when running rUGP games before Windows 7 was more common.

And as another idea, maybe try looking at the rUGP manual in the manual folder in the game's install directory. From a quick glance, everything in there seems pretty basic, but who knows, maybe some of it will help.Last modified on 2012-02-19 at 20:11
#7 by stomp
2012-02-19 at 21:57
I tested the game on my PC and it works. I have uploaded the MD5 checksums for the ISO file and its contents. Your ISO could be corrupt. Use HashCheck to check the ISO.
#8 by unravel
2012-02-20 at 01:17
You won't believe it, but I installed the game one more time and it runs perfectly now... Thank you everyone, the problem's solved, I guess?Last modified on 2012-02-23 at 13:24


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