Kazuko's route almost over. [SPOILERS]

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#1 by vistrings
2012-02-19 at 10:44
I really liked it, in fact, I was much more interested in it that the only other route I've read so far (Momoyo), but I do have a problem with it.

I guess this is the fault of how VNs work to begin with, where one character gets a girl at a time, but I feel like Yamato was completely unneeded in this route. The development of Kazuko was amazing, I really liked how they break her, how the signs were all there and to be honest, the character herself really captivated me. I found myself crying more than once at certain scenes, something that hadn't happened yet with Majikoi.

But then, the romance gets such a weird development. You really feel strongly for the character, and you can tell that Gen and Hideo do too. I just feel like if, at that scene in the beach where everyone is looking for her, had Gen found her first, there would be no reason for her not to pick him instead of Yamato. There is pretty much no reason whatsoever for her to end up with Yamato, and that makes me sad, because it somehow makes the relationship feel cheaper. With Momoyo, even though I found the route a bit uninteresting, at least you could tell how hard Yamato worked.

I realize that sometimes romances do happen like that. There's no justification for when you start liking who, but again, VNs spend whole routes "teaching" that you have to work towards happiness with a girl, and in this route that just doesn't happen. Kazuko's living her own life, fighting her own battles, and Yamato just happened to be there. A part of me wishes the route was told from Gen's perspective instead, and have him end up with her.
#2 by darkmac
2012-02-19 at 16:36
I do think it'd be pretty neat to see the girls mostly end up with romantic partners of their own, especially on other routes, but that's one of the flaws of the medium, I suppose. You can't have the girls with romantic partners of their own or the fanbase would get upset about it. Even the side girls are stuck being alone forever in any route that's not their own.
#3 by cro-mag
2013-08-26 at 01:50
Well, i like this route. Maybe you right, and we can't see Yamato's hard work to be with Kazuko (as with Momoyo, yes), but still this route is very good. Small (maybe) bad thing for me - epilogue before "after story". 10 years later... Nah, i really can't say that i like such things. Really, without it i can imagine that they still go to school, spend time together, go to their base... And into this epilogue we can see their future... Maybe it's good to know what happened to them after game's events, to know about your favourite characters' future, but still... I prefer to guess that events described into game were not long ago and they continue to live their school life with each other. Nah, maybe it's pretty naive and childish for me, i don't care)
#4 by lotrfan1224
2015-04-07 at 15:23
I personally didn't like how Kazuko's route ended. As much as i respected how the people that made this VN fore choosing to do something different rather than something like "she show's every body that even without talent she can still accomplish her dreams" or whatever i just feel that when she stop doing martial arts for the most part it just felt that she lost something like she became a difrent character :(. But i still liked her after she changed and kinda liked how it ended but that's just my thoughts i would like to hear other peoples thoughts on the matter :)
#5 by diegodeveze
2016-05-02 at 08:16
I can totally see what you mean. I absolutely loved this route. It's probably my favorite out of the 8 I've completed (haven't finished Umeko, Momoyo, Miyako and of course the main route... and the hermit crab route and ''no girl'' one, I guess, lol).
The way Kazuko was developed and that they tackled on such a realistic topic as not being able to fulfill your dreams even after working THAT damn hard was splendid and the way it was executed left me in tears more than once. I'm particularly fond of the epilogue where she tells the viewers not to despair even if you can't make your dream come true. It kinda felt like they were talking to US viewers and, after seeing what she went through and seeing that smile and thanks, it had me crying a river; especially with the orchestrated version of the opening playing on the background (I'm a sucker for orchestrated versions of songs I like). It was just magnificent.

That said, I sort of agree with you in that it felt like Yamato didn't do much there. That's probably why I think Kazuko was so well developed, not being saved by the hero and all, but it still doesn't sit that well.
I'm not a fan of characters other than the protagonist getting the girl, but I maybe kinda sort of agree that Gen-san deserved to be with her more... partially.
For one part, he was always there and always cared for her, but then again, he didn't do anything other than act like a brother, so it's somewhat understandbale. I mean, he's an osananajimi. The osananajimi rarely gets the girl/guy. (I guess Yamato is too, but Gen-san is from even before, haha).

Nevertheless, it still felt ok to have him be with her. He WAS there for her when she needed him, whether it was with studying, mountain training or her worst time: after losing the right to chase her dream. Plus, he was the first one to find her and encourage her. Call it lucky, but I still feel like she'd choose Yamato regardless (not considering the plot convenience).

Well, all in all, it was a wonderful route and I loved it. Chris' route was surprisingly good and it made me like her A LOT more than I did before, but it's still second to Kazuko's. Wanko route is just staggeringly good.Last modified on 2016-05-02 at 08:18


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