Project Status?

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#1 by hollowdelusions
2012-02-25 at 05:53
The TL site hasn't had an update for a year - is this game still being translated? Or has it been dropped?
#2 by engix
2012-02-25 at 06:16
.......Wait. Want another answer?
Wait. Or
Wait Longer. Yeah this one fits better
#3 by serialies
2012-02-25 at 11:47
Hard to say,

eg hanabira didnt have updates for like a year, but then it suddenly got released as a working 100% translation.

stalled or not, either way, you'll have to wait.
#4 by necroskeith
2013-05-10 at 22:09
It's already 2013 and still nothing.
#5 by rude
2019-08-12 at 03:34
6 years late but it's been released by JAST USA for those who have been waiting. To obtain a copy linkLast modified on 2019-08-12 at 03:35


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