Clannad After Story questions

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#1 by arcadeity
2012-02-28 at 04:17
apparently you have to play it three times to get the true ending. I want to be immersed into the best ending so I don't want to be wise as to what is going on if the best ending is the true ending. Is it best to play through it all 3 times or would I miss something important if I CTRL skipped through it the first two times?

Also, how long would it usually take to play through Afterstory's true ending?
#2 by yimw
2012-02-28 at 04:50
Reading through the other endings will not at all diminish the quality of the true ending. In fact skipping the other endings would diminish the quality of the true ending. There's a reason you're forced to get the other ends first.
#3 by arcadeity
2012-02-28 at 05:10
Ok. Thanks for the quick reply. I just feel that if I see one ending and it's a decent one, then it will take something away from the true ending which I am assuming is the best ending. Especially if I watch them almost in unison.
#4 by engix
2012-02-28 at 05:14

Anyway i recommend playing all the routes, the build up makes what the true ending what it is
#5 by loctar87
2012-02-28 at 05:21
@3 Wouldn't the opposite usually be true? I would think knowing the true ending of stories would make the other endings feel less important and diminish their emotional impact. In any case, I can virtually guarantee that you would regret it if you fast forwarded through the after story just to reach the final ending faster.Last modified on 2012-02-28 at 05:22
#6 by arcadeity
2012-02-28 at 05:34
I shall just play through normally then. Thanks for all the replies and help. Just wondering how long it should take to finish a run through? I'm almost done with this game and am wanting to set aside some time so I can go straight through without having to deal with work and school.
#7 by engix
2012-02-28 at 05:47
Depends if you end up skipping our note. I followed a more or less similar route almost everytime for some characters, meaning that I skipped quite a lot of dialouge.

It took me about 50-56 hours though this was a while ago so i could be wrong.
I heard the average playthrough is 70 hours or so
#8 by arcadeity
2012-02-28 at 06:11
I was wondering about afterstory. Is it really up to 70 hours long? I've already done all the Clannad routes to open After Story.
#9 by loctar87
2012-02-28 at 06:21
No, afterstory is not 70 hours long. The entirety of Clannad is only about 90-100 hours of content. (That's what they were refering to when they said 70 hours, though everyone goes at different speeds.) Afterstory is probably longer than a single route, but it's not an entire new game. It is also quite good.Last modified on 2012-02-28 at 06:24
#10 by arcadeity
2012-02-28 at 06:40
Thanks for clearing that one up. I'd surely lose interest if the After Story route was anywhere near that long.


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