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#26 by pendelhaven
2014-03-17 at 10:57
Finished Yoru route.

1. At one point, Azuma was receiving jeers from the audience, saying she's the princess of curses and whatever. After she murmured "senpai, help!", there's this kind of "meta-world" where Hatsuyuki and Shouko argued about that harassment/defamatory culprit thing, then goes to Nightmare, then says "Vanish". after that, meta-world is gone, and the jeers from the audience "suddenly" stopped. Am I really reading this correctly?
2. What's that explosion / bakuhatsu somewhere in the middle of meta-world?
3. In the end he left Azuma, telling Sakuya he gave up with his revenge, and cherry petals flew towards him. Can I assume there's more to this?
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#27 by myopius
2014-03-19 at 00:56
1. No meta-world, it all takes place in reality. After she murmured that, the perspective switched to Hatsuyuki, who was right outside the venue talking with Miku and Miku's cousin. After explaining how he'd deduced that Miku's cousin was the real saboteur, he blew her off and went to Azuma. Meanwhile, Azuma's wraith Nightmare had been summoned again because the audience's jeers caused her to recall her trauma toward other people, and started to cause a scene. Hatsuyuki reminded Nightmare that she's loved, causing her to naturally disappear, and said "banish" as a parting line. The jeering people stopped when Shinonome got in their face about it.
2. You aren't expected to understand that.
3. Yeah, the writing is again being deliberately vague.

Also, just some misc. advice: I've tried out many Japanese comprehension assistance tools and personally found that Chiitrans Lite is by far the best, so I recommend comparing that to Rikaichan and seeing which one you prefer. Either way, let me put in a word of caution about the final route--you may want to take notes, because it's quite epic+elaborate+subtle.
#28 by hitogoroshi
2014-03-19 at 12:11
personally found that Chiitrans Lite is by far the best
Chiitrans Lite is a shit because all really usefull features were removed (MeCab support, WWWJDIC support, user dictionary). Instead they have improved integrated parser which is bad at recognizing kanji as my cactus is.Last modified on 2014-03-19 at 12:14
#29 by pendelhaven
2014-03-31 at 19:25
I couldn't come to like Chiitrans Lite either. I tried.

Finished Nozomu route. Probably the worst route. she's pretty generic. everything from traits, boobs, moe, heck even the "boku" personality as well. She's the least fleshed out character. And I'm getting fed up with the climax part. All that buildup, and then everything goes down the drain with just some couple lines. Welcome to shit writing 2012 I guess?

just one question:

I never came to understand why both siblings fought it out. Why did Kurusu-sensei ordered Nozomu to fight her brother?

some clues to note:
1. it's always at march 21 where that explosion plotline happens.
2. the very first line of prologue [Hey hey, do you know about ghosts?] which that same line is also mentioned in Aya route.
3. But something doesn't add up. assuming that wasn't Hatsuyuki's 3rd year classmates, then how about chapter 4 (or 5)?
#30 by myopius
2014-04-01 at 01:22
She's the least fleshed out character.
I loved her character but was disappointed by her route, except for the climax which I found to be glorious.

Sai and the kendo club members were trying to barricade themselves in the gymnasium to disrupt the graduation ceremony. Kurusu probably doesn't want to see them pointlessly get themselves expelled and make a spectacle of her brother's memory.
#31 by hitogoroshi
2014-04-01 at 10:38
You will understand everything in Sakura's route. Just keep reading and take notes.
#32 by globus
2015-04-28 at 19:01
Amazing game; Aya>>>Sakura.

comments on Nozomu route: I almost didn't read it. I almost considered lowering my rating by 1 just because I was forced to go through her route.

The story was not meant to be fully understood by everybody... that's why the writer is well known in the field,Last modified on 2015-04-28 at 19:01
#33 by babymetal
2015-06-12 at 08:24
I've just finished reading. Sakura was good and Aya was gorgeous. Very engaging and enjoyable game.
#34 by nemesis2005
2015-07-02 at 05:48
As to why the siblings fought it out

Sai was trying to disrupt the graduation ceremony, because he wanted to restore the honor of Kurusu's brother, which was the Kendo Club's former adviser. He was taking the ceremony place as hostage by barricading it.

The Adviser took the blame for the Kendo club beating people up during the Valentine's day festival(with Akira messing things up) to save the students, and was fired. He was later stabbed in the streets and died. Sai wanted to Kurusu to reveal the truth, and have him take responsibility for the incident.

Nozomu on the other hand wanted everyone to graduate successfully, hence why the two clashed.
#35 by bunny1ov3r
2015-10-20 at 22:53
Hatsuyuki > Sakura, Aya, Azuma > Shirokuma, Nozomu >>> Ran

tsundere protagonist ftw.Last modified on 2015-10-20 at 22:53


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