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#1 by gingabishounen
2012-03-16 at 12:39
Well, nobody has posted on this visual novel yet, so I've taken it upon myself to do it.

I went into the "trailer" half and half. I've enjoyed the anime to it's current position but from what I could see in the CG's of the game I saw, it didn't seem super interesting. Just kind of looked like a lot of fighting which is fine but what I saw wasn't super great... I was so wrong.

The presentation is something to be in awe of. At least in "visual novel" standards. The whole thing is pretty much "animated" using nifty effects and proper placement of character sprite movements. Not to mention full CG'd mech animation which fit pretty flawlessly with ti's 2D environment.

The story was not really apparent but if you've seen Guilty Crown, you'll understand where the plot is going. The writing was translated pretty basically but with enough flair that it doesn't seem like a middle schooler wrote it.

The character designs really stand out, as a sort of pseudo Guilty Crown/Nitro+'s art style. Which is what it is. It gives off a Redjuice feel but also the characters are reminiscent of Nitro+ titles like Hanachirasu and Demonbane, both of which have a pretty cool style.

The soundtrack is definitely one the highest points. It's songs from the Original Guilty Crown Soundtrack and maybe songs made for the game only. I recognized most of it but some was a little different. GC has a GREAT OST and if you haven't heard it, pick it up. Flowing vocal tracks that transition from the epic instrumentals.

All in all, this visual novel is definitely one to look forward to and regardless of whether or not Nitro+ makes it short or long, I'll have a hell of a time playing it and enjoying it. Kudos to the translater that work on this project and thanks for getting my hopes up.
#2 by gorgils
2012-03-16 at 16:49
Hmm, dat trailer.

Well, the original anime sucks donkey balls plot-wise, character-wise too and it's worth solely for the eye-candy visuals, hawt chicks and mechas. Hopefully the story of this will be better organized and not full of plot holes and mistakes. And maybe a less worthless protagonist.

As for this trailer.. it was simply a psedo wanna-be artistic action scene. The graphics and mechanics were awesome but the writing was extremely simple. I wouldn't mind reading the full version if it ever comes out in English though, it could end up being an enjoyable ride..but, probably, nothing more than that.
#3 by chipp12
2012-03-16 at 17:43
Those people who worked on the translation of preview are also interested in translating the full thing.

Also the translation would be more polished beacouse tranlator said that his translation of preview was a bit rushed.

And the art is from the man behind the Saya no Uta and Kikokugai.Last modified on 2012-03-16 at 18:26
#4 by neurosis
2012-03-17 at 01:02
The trailer seemed a lot more "polished", compared to the anime which nobody seemed to care for. The protagonist resembles Killy from Blame! in many ways, which is definitely a step up from that fag in the anime. It's also got that sense of surrealism that you can only find in a Nitro+ creation (and lolis flying through the air).

Not my favorite scenarioist behind this one, nor is the source material the greatest, but other than that it left a good impression. The pseudo-animation was attention grabbing to say the least, and I enjoyed the comic book feel of the action sequences. I'm definitely playing it since I have yet to dislike a nitro+ game.Last modified on 2012-03-17 at 10:14
#5 by silence
2013-03-11 at 14:05
No Inori? Not interesting -_-


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