What's the difficulty level on this thing?

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#1 by choux
2012-03-18 at 17:33
< report >I'm interested in the story, but to say that I'm bad at games is a bit of an understatement. I just want to ask so that I don't end up being stuck on some hard battle in the middle of the game and giving up, which is worse than not starting it at all in my mind (almost did that for Utawarerumono until I found a trainer).
#2 by zky
2012-03-18 at 22:12
< report >It is actually super easy. Especially if you stick to using long range weapons and just shoot things. You can also change the difficulty to Easy or Very Easy if you are that bad =/.

The story is worth it, just be sure to play it through all the way to the end in the Sora route in dive 2.Last modified on 2012-03-18 at 22:14
#3 by moogy
2012-03-19 at 03:57
< report >Very Hard - Baldr veterans (though even if you're a god at Force I wouldn't recommend starting on VH from a new game in Sky)
Hard - People who want a challenge (pretty rough at the start if you do it from a new game)
Normal - On the easy side but still hard enough that you don't get bored
Easy - For people who suck at games, everything is a joke
Very Easy - For people who basically don't care about the gameplay and don't mind missing out on the full Baldr experience, nothing should give anyone any problems on this difficultyLast modified on 2012-03-19 at 03:57
#4 by ice
2012-03-19 at 04:03
< report >Also I wouldn't recommend sticking to long range weapons. They're pretty nerfed in Sky and actually putting in a little effort to learn how to use combos is so much more rewarding.
#5 by overmage
2012-03-19 at 10:35
< report >Just play Very Easy, you have to make a conscious effort to lose.
#6 by hayate135
2012-04-27 at 03:09
< report >Normal is the default setting and is definitely the best in terms of balance; pretty easy but still requires just enough effort to keep you on your toes and be enjoyable. Of course this is based on my subjectivity and the difficulty I played on (normal), but the only fights where you'll have real difficulty beating are the Dominion Miko and the final boss. The former you only face a few times throughout the entire series and the latter obviously being the least encountered, so no real worries there.

Like moogy says, you'd really miss out on the full experience if you make the gameplay way too easy. Some of the coolest moments in Sky is how some battles are integrated into the story (especially when certain tracks play in certain battles).Last modified on 2012-04-27 at 03:14
#7 by roflcopters
2013-03-05 at 22:00
< report >Just completed the first route on the hardest difficulty and it was pretty good. The final boss was easier than some battles for me because I never bothered with ranged weapons apart from when I needed to. Anyway if you put it on easiest difficulty you can't fail.
#8 by vvav
2013-03-05 at 23:47
< report >The gameplay isn't hard at all unless you crank up the difficulty.
#9 by bunny1ov3r
2015-05-21 at 01:53
< report >You know, sometimes in boss fight I die in easy mode, if I missed a few combos and a few counter-attacks here and there. I had to change it to super easy mode.
#10 by overmage
2015-05-24 at 16:11
< report >If you have difficulty with the bosses, just remember that they're all vulnerable when in heat cooldown and you should be dashing around waiting for that. If bosses whiff Force Crashes, 99% of the time you can dash to them and wail away. This works regardless of difficulty, so the only issue left is making sure you have a very high-damage combo string so you only need to catch them two or three times.Last modified on 2015-05-24 at 16:12
#11 by zakashi
2021-07-13 at 21:08
< report >It's damn difficult, too many explosions everywhere and I can't control Kou properly.
#12 by nanashikuhaku
2021-07-15 at 01:45
< report >Its difficult at first but once you know a good combination of weapons and use them for combos, it'll be a breeze. The only thing that is really difficult for me was the leveling of weapons.
#13 by zakashi
2021-07-15 at 02:07
< report >And that's one of the reasons that this is hard, you have to put an effort into making good combos, good timing etc.

But congrats if you don't break a sweat in this.
#14 by nanashikuhaku
2021-07-17 at 01:39
< report >Well I did play Baldr Force before playing this so I have prior knowledge on how to chain simple combos. The second half did overwhelm me though.
#15 by loctar87
2021-07-31 at 22:49
< report >I struggled on harder difficulties until I found something that works for me. Early on you can rely on good single weapons, but later on you want two things: An strong, unbreakable combo to deal major damage to strong single enemies, and a sweeping long range attack to deal with swarms of weak enemies.

Finding good combos you can use is part of the fun, but if you want a reference here's what I came up with on my own. Likely sub-optimal (I know there are combos to keep enemies in the air forever or whatever), but here's the boss killing combo that worked for me into the Dive2 end game on Hard difficulty.
Starting from long range : A3 Boosted Kick -> A1 Elbow Rush (Optional) -> A2 Jumping Knee (Optional) -> B1 Arm Shot -> B2 Magnum Uppercut -> B3 Shooting Star -> C1 Ultimate Knuckle -> C2 Battle Axe -> C3 Falcon Drop -> C4 Satellite Laser (Optional)
That still leaves room for skills in the Normal Dash slots to bombard from far away for swarms or if you don't want to get close: Missile launcher -> Satellite Laser -> Pulse Laser
#16 by kiru
2021-08-01 at 06:24
< report >Just gattling gun. This game has something like the tales of iron stance on certain enemies, and that means whatever silly combo you come up with, only works if you are super lucky. The enemy can just not stagger and kick you out of it. Won't work against the mighty gattling, carrier of 95%+ battles. The rest are annoying, but nothing that a few mines can't settle, or simply stuff that's annoying no matter what.
#17 by loctar87
2021-08-01 at 08:56
< report >@16 If the first hit is blocked, yeah that sucks and you need to quickly back off and try again. It's also true that landing a melee move at all to start the combo can be difficult against some enemies. But conversely, the cool thing about good combos is that if you DO land the first hit then the enemy is stunned (often in the air or grounded) and unable to react for the rest of the combo. With the combo I listed, after some practice, if the first move Boosted Kick landed, I could almost always complete the combo and bring the enemy down a full 1.25 full bars of health (or better) immediately. Strong long range weapons are safer and perhaps more reliable, but they have the downside of being much, much slower to destroy the enemy. I did rely on that tactic at times, but it wasn't nearly as much fun.Last modified on 2021-08-01 at 09:01


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