Girl is cute but..

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#1 by selfex1led
2012-03-20 at 05:49
< report >The girl is undoubtedly cute but the story is fairly weak.

You play a teacher who overhears a high school girl talking to another teacher which reveals that she is in fact married to him but they both agree to keep it a secret. It is a fact that you are attracted to her. So you seize the opportunity to rape her and if she doesn't cooperate, the whole school would later know about the relationship which could get your rival teacher fired.

With the description, I thought there were various paths that you could take but there's only just two.

It's really short and if I remember correctly, there's no CG mode - but I could be wrong on that one. Regardless, it's one of those games that you play once and its replay value is nonexistent.
#2 by surferdude
2012-03-20 at 11:01
< report >Just wanted to say that there IS, in fact, a CG mode. But yeah, zero replay value after you do the 2 paths.
However, there are a lot of nukige out there that are far worse.
#3 by selfex1led
2012-03-25 at 19:32
< report >Great contribution, surferdude!


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