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#1 by barfboy
2012-03-21 at 04:08
< report >So uh, the Ringlet trait has a link in it but the link is mis-written. It should probably be changed.

Also, is that Drill Hair? link

If so can it have Drill Hair be put in as an alias? and put an 'also known as Drill Hair among fans' into the description?

If not, I guess we need a Drill Hair trait.
#2 by gabezhul
2012-03-21 at 07:20
< report >Good job noticing this. (No sarcasm.)
Wait for Echo to fix it. :P
#3 by echomateria
2012-03-24 at 06:55
< report >Thanks for pointing the error out.
A simple Google search shows acceptably similar results with your link, so the alias is added.

PS: Please mention tags or traits on your topic if your post is about fixing an error in them. While I usually glance at most of the threads, I might easily miss them if this is not done so.Last modified on 1970-01-01 at 00:00
#4 by barfboy
2012-03-24 at 11:03
< report >Righto!
#5 by exsul
2012-03-27 at 02:56
< report >There are a few typos here: link
"trying to not tu hurt"
#6 by echomateria
2012-03-27 at 09:35
< report >Fixed. :)
#7 by barfboy
2012-06-10 at 09:58
< report >Found another minor error. In the Yuri Rape tag
It should read "When a female sexually assaults another unwilling female ..."

saying "an another" is redundant.
#8 by echomateria
2012-06-10 at 11:49
< report >Fixed.
#9 by horseband
2012-06-11 at 01:57
< report >link

"These games have at leats one heroine "

Should be least.
#10 by atlantima
2012-06-11 at 14:13
< report >i292 (Step Brother) should be a child trait of i412 (Non-blood-related Brother).

Same thing with i295 (Step Sister) and i413 (Non-blood-related Sister).Last modified on 2012-06-11 at 14:20
#11 by silence
2012-06-13 at 14:08
< report >Just not to create a new topic, I'll write here. Sorry )))
I think I found a minor bug. When editing a character, on the "General Information" tab, there is a "spoiler" combo-box which is always resets to "no spoiler". Thus, a character hidden with minor/major spoiler can be revealed when you not even notice it.
#12 by barfboy
2012-06-14 at 08:17
< report >Looks like Step Brother and Step Sister also include Half Brother and Half Sister

Which isn't really what Half Brother and Half Sister mean because those are blood related siblings.

I agree there needs to be clarification on that trait altantima but I think that making them a child trait of Non-blood-related is a bad idea.
#13 by silence
2012-06-21 at 15:28
< report >Please, add a "Kunoichi" alias to the Role/Ninja trait.
#14 by atlantima
2012-06-25 at 03:34
< report >g1421: title contains typo "Grandsonon" instead of "Grandson"
#15 by echomateria
2012-06-25 at 15:16
< report >Fixed. :)
#16 by barfboy
2012-06-27 at 10:54
< report >I purposely created something to fix because I didn't know how else to do it.

In the Tareme trait I just created link , if it's approved, can the word Tsurime be linked to the Tsurime trait? link

Since the trait page didn't exist till I created it though the two are related.

For reference to the trait



I don't consider TV tropes to be a good reference to link to by the way, hence the reason I don't link to it in descriptions. Still if it helps you see the difference, there ya have it.

edit: oh wow, great work on the descriptions too, makes mine look like crap :DLast modified on 2012-06-28 at 00:07
#17 by silence
2012-06-30 at 12:03
< report >It may be worth to create the "Eye shape" meta trait and add Tareme/Tsurime as the child traits. In addition, I would add one more trait, a "Narrow" eyes, which are more common for adult characters or villains. But I don't know how it might be called in Japanese :3
#18 by gabezhul
2012-06-30 at 12:08
< report >Nerrouvu ayesu? :PLast modified on 1970-01-01 at 00:00
#19 by silence
2012-06-30 at 12:48
< report >Almost xD
Well, it's 細い目 - hosoi me.
#20 by barfboy
2012-07-08 at 08:01
< report >The new traits of Panties i930 and Bra i931

have a minor grammar error.

'Use it on occasions where characters are displaying their undergarments occasionally either because of their other clothing are designed in a way that it reveals them'

Should read

'either because their other clothing . . .'

The either because OF their other clothing is incorrect.

I shouldn't be a grammar nazi but it grates me, it grates me.
#21 by horseband
2012-08-02 at 01:54
< report >g1297

Okay, it's not an error but I didn't feel it required a new topic. Is the following really necessary?
This tag could help people identify which of the game have their favorite sex position (Doggy).

I understand it being there to help "sell" the tag to the moderators originally, but I feel it's a bit pointless consider the tag was accepted.
#22 by silence
2012-08-15 at 02:30
< report >Here you wrote that you are borrow a romanization system from AniDB. But if you'll read carefully what is written on AniDB, then you will realize that they do not use only one system of romanization. They give us a choice of several transcription methods, describing which one is more convenient in a particular situation.

Moreover, according to the following rules:
- Macron usage for long vowels: Not accepted,
- ん before labial consonants as m: Not accepted,
I can confidently say that this is not Hepburn at all. From Hepburn transcription there are only e/wa particles. In all other respects the Wāpuro transcription dominates on VNDB. I ask you to fix it, because it's really confuses.

And one more thing. Since we are trying to use a unified system of romanization, maybe we must replace the particles "o" with "wo", or vice versa (in the names of VN). Just to make a single variant. Otherwise, the search will be complicated.

PS: (^_^)
#23 by surferdude
2012-08-15 at 12:46
< report >^ This has been discussed before and it always leads to flame wars and shit storms.
The system is fine the way it is now, get used to it.
#24 by Yorhel
2012-08-15 at 13:20
< report >Oh, right, I was supposed to change that guideline to mention that we use a mix of Hepburn and Wapuro. Fixed.
#25 by silence
2012-08-20 at 06:11
< report >I recently offered a blouse trait. But I forgot to link it to Wikipedia. If you'll approve this trait, please add this link: linkLast modified on 2012-08-20 at 06:18