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#101 by kuki101
2013-07-05 at 14:22
< report >Typo on the tag "Title drop" g1682. Where "he" should be "the", "meanaingfull" should be "meaningful", and "THis" should be "this"
#102 by silence
2013-08-23 at 03:31
< report >i696 (Time travel): the second word begins with a lowercase letter. It's terrible! :p
#103 by warfoki
2013-08-23 at 11:36
< report >Fix'd, thanks.
#104 by abyssaleros
2013-09-09 at 20:16
< report >g1806
Strangely it was created as a child tag of g886 but was not transmitted as belonging there.
And this was overlooked in the moderation process, too.

So could you please move it, warfoki?
#105 by warfoki
2013-09-09 at 20:32
< report >Eh, I skimmed over that. Although you are wrong, it belongs under g927, not g886. Still, fixed now.
#106 by takata
2013-09-30 at 18:28
< report >I can't vote on a VN on my wishlist, and I can't put a VN on my wishlist if I've voted on it. I can understand that limitation. However, why can I vote on a VN that's NOT on my VN list?

Btw, this kinda relates to the discussion in t3943, page 3.
#107 by onemore
2013-09-30 at 20:41
< report >#106, I had one such case when I accidentally ran across a small VN, was disgusted, then accidentally ran across its VNDB page, put my 2/10 here and didn't even bother to add it to my list.
#108 by yorhel
2013-10-01 at 06:44
< report >It's a pointless restriction in general. Let's not force everyone to use every feature of the website. Keeping a VN list is orthogonal to voting and should be kept that way.
#109 by warfoki
2013-12-02 at 22:50
< report >Lately I've been getting an error pretty often. About half of the times after I post or edit something, instead of redirecting me properly, the site drops me on a white page, which is completely blank aside of saying "Redirecting..." in the top left corner. The post / edit goes through though, only the redirecting gets screwed up. Any idea why? I'm using Firefox 25.0.1, if that matters.Last modified on 2013-12-02 at 22:50
#110 by yorhel
2013-12-03 at 06:52
< report >Odd. Does it look like the browser is loading something while on that white page? Do other pages on the site load as fast as they usually do?
#111 by warfoki
2013-12-03 at 06:57
< report >Everything as fast as usual, no slowdowns. And this only happens on VNDB and no other site. No loading as far as I can tell, just a blank page. And it happened both on my tabletop PC and my laptop a few times.Last modified on 2013-12-03 at 06:58
#112 by warfoki
2014-12-01 at 18:29
< report >I wanted to edit v16043 to add screenshots, but I only get a blank white page with this:

500 - Internal Server Error

Oops! Looks like something went wrong on our side.

I have done the usual rounds already (deleting cookies, ctrl+F5, trying another browser, etc.).
#113 by yorhel
2014-12-01 at 18:32
< report >I've been making some minor changes here and there, screwed up. Should be fixed now.
#114 by warfoki
2014-12-01 at 18:53
< report >And it indeed is working now, thanks!
#115 by warfoki
2015-01-11 at 14:22
< report >Apparently the new function auto-converting ids to proper links to the entries doesn't work properly. See t3314.457. I only had ids in that post, some got converted, but most didn't.
#116 by wakaranai
2015-01-11 at 15:54
< report >turns out database queries are limited to 10 results by default, so only 10 links are being converted. suggested fix, the limit is raised to 50 -- link

also, i've tweaked matching pattern yet again to properly handle links with revision number after dot.
#117 by warfoki
2015-01-11 at 21:48
< report >Gabe fixed that post for me by opening it for editing and then saving it repeatedly without publishing it. Apparently after every save, 10 more links got converted. Still, 10 links is bit low for a threshold here.
#118 by yorhel
2015-01-12 at 08:36
< report >#116 patch applied. Warfoki's trait post is an excellent example of why it's best not to get the titles at every page view. :)
#119 by warfoki
2015-01-14 at 23:37
< report >Weilai had an interesting question in t6097. Is there a limit for how many traits can be applied to a character? If there isn't, then what's causing the mess at Arishima Alice? He says he's not removing anything, yet whenever he adds some traits, the system removes some other in exchange. If there is such a limit, then well, there really shouldn't be. Or should be significantly higher.
#120 by wakaranai
2015-01-15 at 00:49
< report >there is a limit of 100 traits per character. who would have thought it won't be enough... honestly, if someone asked me to name 100 traits of my friend or relative, i'd give up somewhere around 20 probably ^_^

@yorhel: it's in ajax request handler, link and link.
#121 by yorhel
2015-01-15 at 07:03
< report >Should be fixed now.
#122 by warfoki
2015-01-19 at 13:01
< report >@Yorhel:
I really hate to be such an annoyance, but you've said in t6097 that you'll make a script to remove deleted traits from the character pages. I'd like to ask when that script will come around. From February on I'll be quite busy again so I'd like to get to the end of this overhaul asap, but without that script I'm stuck, since removing every deleted trait manually from the character pages is just not feasible.
#123 by yorhel
2015-01-19 at 14:36
< report >Alright, script done. Can run it anytime. Just remember that it'll create a pretty large amounts of char edits, so I preferably run it only once to do everything in a single batch.Last modified on 2015-01-19 at 14:37
#124 by warfoki
2015-01-19 at 16:13
< report >I'll delete the relevant traits tomorrow. I'm really under the weather right now and I don't want to mess this up. And thank you for making a script for this.
#125 by warfoki
2015-01-21 at 02:30
< report >I've deleted the traits I wanted to delete. If I need to get rid of anything else, I can handle that manually. So please run the script whenever you come around next.Last modified on 2015-01-21 at 02:48