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#151 by eacil
2015-09-03 at 08:29
< report >I can't add 4948715005175 JAN from link to r42576 because "Not a valid JAN/UPC/EAN code". Wrong JAN or wrong regex?
#152 by yorhel
2015-09-03 at 08:40
< report >Looks like a wrong JAN. Copy all but the last digit into link and see how the check digit doesn't match.
#153 by eacil
2015-09-03 at 08:49
< report >Ok, I searched for the right JAN and found it:
4948715005175 (wrong)
4988715005175 (right)

While you are here, what is the official vndb translation of 初回特典?
First Press Limited Edition, First Press Special Edition or First Press Privilege Edition, etc?
#154 by yorhel
2015-09-03 at 09:13
< report >@153: No clue.

@147, 148: Fixed.
#155 by warfoki
2015-09-12 at 14:46
< report >DUÆL

Screenshots are not showing for some reason.
#156 by yorhel
2015-09-12 at 18:29
< report >That's the usual problem of the screens being linked to a release that's been deleted. Workaround is to edit the VN and re-link them to the correct release (and perhaps do a toggle of the nsfw flag to ensure the new screenshot data actually gets saved).
#157 by warfoki
2015-09-12 at 18:34
< report >Hmm, I did check for that before posting, I could've swear that they were linked to the right release, but apparently I should've checked twice. -.-" Oh well, it's fixed now.
#158 by anonymous
2015-09-20 at 18:30
< report >I have no idea what's going on, but I tried to add a VN just now and this happened.
#159 by yorhel
2015-09-20 at 18:45
< report >Ah yeah, I've been playing around with the form validation code and broke something. Should be fixed now!

EDIT: And I see the add-new-staff-entry form was also broken. We need more people to the report problems they find...Last modified on 2015-09-20 at 18:55
#160 by anonymous
2015-09-20 at 18:54
< report >Thanks, I was able to submit! Although you may have broken something in the notifications; selecting all and clicking "mark selected read" gives me a "Page not found" error.
#161 by yorhel
2015-09-20 at 19:11
< report >Doh. Looks like I broke the "select all" functionality on the other user lists too. Should be fixed now.
#162 by eacil
2015-09-21 at 05:31
< report >I can't add リップスティックアドベンチャー4 as alias to Lipstick ADV.4, each time I push submit, nothing is edited
#163 by yorhel
2015-09-21 at 15:04
< report >@162: I suspect you were trying to do that before r16745.3 - in which case the alias was rejected because it's already the title of a release. Now that the title isn't present anymore the edit goes through fine.
#164 by eacil
2015-09-21 at 20:40
< report >Ok, I understand and, indeed, I tried to do it before. I am suggesting maybe a little error instead of removing the alias without explaining anything because it's really disturbing.

I had a new problem with JAN because this time, it worked inside your "check digit calculator". It's 2004092302521 or 2004081314153. Maybe it's some kind of old JAN because it's called Original JAN Code on the website where I found them: link
#165 by anonymous
2015-09-26 at 14:09
< report >Is it possible to adjust the VN search function to recognize smart quotes/apostrophes (e.g. ’) and straight quotes/apostrophes as the same, and "and" and "&" as the same, for easier searching?
#166 by yorhel
2015-09-27 at 06:18
< report >@164: Those codes are in the "Restricted distribution" class (see link). Not sure why they're being used, but they're not valid.

@165: I can fix that, but are you sure that's the behaviour you actually want? Because currently '&' and any form of quotes is completely ignored when searching. (EDIT: okay, not quite true, double quotes do work to group words together)Last modified on 2015-09-27 at 06:22
#167 by eacil
2015-09-27 at 06:25
< report >I can kind of understand why because it was for Comiket so very confidential releases.
#168 by anonymous
2015-09-27 at 17:17
< report >@166 Smart apostrophes aren't ignored when searching. So if you copy/paste a title from somewhere that has smart apostrophes instead of straight, the search engine won't recognize it. E.g. a search for link doesn't bring up Joanne's Crush (although a search for "joannes crush" will).

For &/and, my issue was not knowing which one the title used and therefore not being able to find things. For example, searching link doesn't bring up The King & I: Coming Out of Your Shell.

Both are very counterintuitive behavior of the search function.Last modified on 2015-09-27 at 17:18
#169 by yorhel
2015-10-01 at 18:03
< report >
I am suggesting maybe a little error instead of removing the alias without explaining anything because it's really disturbing.
Agreed, done.

@168: Thanks for the examples, that makes things more tangible. I've added some more quote characters to the normalization and & and ''and' are now considered equivalent. Those two queries should work when the search cache is updated (takes a few minutes).

(EDIT: Interesting, the complete search cache took 6m40s to update on my development machine and only 2m30s on the actual VNDB server. My development machine is usually a bit faster, especially since it has an SSD and isn't super busy handling many visitors. I wonder where this difference comes from. I'll blame it on btrfs I guess)Last modified on 2015-10-01 at 18:15
#170 by anonymous
2015-10-01 at 22:47
< report >Yorhel, you are awesome =)
#171 by eacil
2015-10-03 at 23:49
< report >Speaking of the devil, 〜 and ~ and ~ are not one and the same. If you search for "Natural 〜身も心も〜", you won't find Natural ~Mi mo Kokoro mo~, what you can if you do "Natural ~身も心も~" which is the original name.
#172 by wakaranai
2015-11-02 at 19:19
< report >"staff" tab isn't displayed on VN page when VN has only voice actors and no other credits (eg link). suggested fix: link
#173 by yorhel
2015-11-02 at 19:38
< report >Thanks, fixed. Used a slightly different query though, yours was pretty slow for some reason.
#174 by warfoki
2015-11-02 at 22:39
< report >link

I got this error message when I tried to open VNDB on my desktop PC. It has a freshly installed Win7 and an also freshly installed Firefox (although with synced data). Since I haven't ever encounter this problem on VNDB before, I'm fairly certain that the problem is on my end, but I honestly have no idea what's causing it.Last modified on 2015-11-02 at 22:40
#175 by skorpiondeath
2015-11-03 at 00:42
< report >Warfoki I'm almost sure that depends on your browser security settings. Since you are trying to connect to VNDB through https firefox his asking you the certificate since VNDB has no Certification Authority valid certificate. Try to lower the security setting... also usually you should be able to add the certificate manually and proceed (link) the "Add exception" button that it's not shown in your case.

Also it happened one time at work that an user had your same problem because the anti-virus interfered with the browser setting. Try also to disable that just to see if it's your case.Last modified on 2015-11-03 at 00:45