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#726 by trickzzter
2023-01-28 at 10:08
< report >When I search for "Ashes of War" (without quotation marks), Stekljannaja shesterjonka is being opened instead of Ashes of WarLast modified on 2023-01-28 at 10:11
#727 by vempele
2023-01-28 at 19:44
< report >I see both. I guess it just took a nonzero amount of time from entry creation to search visibility.
#728 by Ileca
2023-02-02 at 23:07
< report >Not an error but want to report that uBlock Origin is now blocking the cover of Fuuki Iinchou Seira for god knows what reason.
#729 by beliar
2023-02-02 at 23:36
< report >Doesn't happen to me with uBlock Origin, though...
#730 by Ileca
2023-02-03 at 00:08
< report >I can never report anything without fucking up... the moment I saw you answered I knew.
I don't know, I have this weird one kilometer fucked up rule that hide the cover. Pastebin doesn't allow me to upload it because it "detected potentially offensive or questionable content" LOL. link
#731 by Yorhel
2023-02-03 at 06:55
< report >It's so offensive that has deleted it as well.
#732 by Ileca
2023-02-03 at 07:07
< report >I found that obscure service that shouldn't flag it. I doesn't have line breaks so it is quite indigestible.

Edit: it's not "none !important" but "display: none !important".Last modified on 2023-02-03 at 07:08
#733 by Yorhel
2023-02-03 at 07:24
< report >
#734 by Ileca
2023-02-08 at 02:14
< report > is not recognized. r103381
#735 by Yorhel
2023-02-08 at 07:33
< report >t13610.26
#736 by Mrkew
2023-02-08 at 07:53
< report >
DLSite has automatic redirect between shop sections but not between released works and announced works
I don't think that part is true. This announce page link gets automatically redirected to the store page after release.
#737 by Marc402
2023-02-09 at 19:18
< report >When English is set as the top language rather than the default (romanisation of the original language), the romaji isn't displayed for entries where the primary language is English, but they have also set a Japanese original name.

Producer example: Screenshot | Link to page

Release example: Screenshot | Link to page

In both cases the original title (containing non-English text) is used rather than the romaji, even though the romaji field has been filled in.

My language settings
#738 by Ezezin
2023-02-12 at 01:21
< report >Whenever I use a producer ID in a post or description, the original name is always used instead of the romanization. Random example: 239番団地
#739 by Yorhel
2023-02-12 at 06:30
< report >I was working on a big refactor in the way titles are being handled in the backend, which should fix both bugs (and introduce a bunch of new ones), but that's been delayed by a week or so. Big server migration coming up. :(
#740 by Yorhel
2023-02-19 at 15:59
< report >Big titles refactor is online. You shouldn't notice anything different, except that the above two bugs should be fixed and some titles may be rendered in a different font. But there's a good chance I screwed it up somewhere, so lemme know if something looks odd.
#741 by rampaa
2023-02-19 at 16:18
< report >I'm assuming this is not intended: linkLast modified on 2023-02-19 at 16:23
#742 by Marc402
2023-02-19 at 16:21
< report >The errors in #737 are still not fixed. It still shows the original Japanese title instead of the romaji despite having English set as the top language.
#743 by Yorhel
2023-02-19 at 16:46
< report >#741 fixed!

The errors in #737 are still not fixed.
Oh I get it now. I thought you referred to a different bug, but the problem here is that English (and some other languages) are always assumed to be in the latin alphabet. That's easy to work around by adding a "romanized" checkbox for those languages as well, but that does sound pretty silly... perhaps better to always prefer the latin title for such languages even when a non-latin title is available?

Actually, in the case of blissful beryl that Japanese name seems more like an alias, they don't use that as their primary name on their homepage & patreon at least.Last modified on 2023-02-19 at 16:52
#744 by Marc402
2023-02-19 at 16:57
< report >
perhaps better to always prefer the latin title for such languages even when a non-latin title is available?
Yes, that's what Beliar did here. He set the non-Latin title as an alias. Still, I was saying it may look rather odd that the romanized title gets chosen as per default settings but the non-Latin title gets chosen when English is explicitly set as the top language.

Perhaps you could set it so that non-Latin titles aren't accepted at all for English? Then they'd have to put it under aliases and use the romanized version as the English title.
#745 by rampaa
2023-03-11 at 20:39
< report >I still see images after setting "My Profile->Display Preferences->NSFW" to "Hide all images".Last modified on 2023-03-11 at 20:40
#746 by rampaa
2023-03-12 at 14:15
< report >HTML "lang" attribute is missing for character names that are under "chardetails".
#747 by Yorhel
2023-03-13 at 08:31
< report >Both fixed.
(Except the random screenshots on the homepage still show up with "Hide all images", hmm)
#748 by rampaa
2023-03-13 at 15:41
< report >HTML lang attribute is also missing for releases in VN pages ("mainbox vnreleases") and in link.
#749 by rampaa
2023-03-13 at 19:08
< report >Same problem as t950.1497 but for staff (e.g. Mizuhashi Kaori)
#750 by Yorhel
2023-03-25 at 13:32
< report >Cards view for character listings was broken for a day and nobody reported it? I'm disappointed in this community.