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#751 by Ileca
2023-03-25 at 13:36
< report >There are people using the card view?

#752 by rampaa
2023-04-16 at 14:40
< report >Relations tab looks... weird. See: link, link
#753 by Yorhel
2023-04-16 at 16:08
< report >Fixed, although the new font selection can be a bit different from the old one, turns out the old font selection was kind of broken in its own way.
#754 by Ezezin
2023-04-17 at 05:09
< report >It loos like a new preset for animation ("some animations") has been added. However, when selecting "unknown" or "no animations", the animation field disappears.
#755 by Yorhel
2023-04-17 at 05:25
< report >That's intended. The old presets still work as they do, so you can then go back to "some animation" to set the rest. Reason for this change is that I've seen more than a few people fill out the animation checkboxes thinking they're about art style in general.
#756 by desann
2023-04-28 at 02:12
< report >Not completely sure if it is error or I don't understand something about search system - in search link I have inverted filter for Netorare tag with 2.0+ rating, so I would expect that any VN that have Netorare or it's children with rating 2.0 or more to be filtered out, yet I see Boku no Kanojo wa Gatenkei/Kanojo ga Shita Koto, Boku ga Sareta Koto/Kyonyuu Tsuma Kanzen Hokaku Keikaku/Boku no Tsuma ga Aitsu ni Netoraremashita. with Netorare 2.6 in search results.
Decreasing rating in filter to 1.8+ does remove this VN from search results, but I'm not sure why.
#757 by carri-mihome
2023-04-28 at 03:46
< report >Arithmetic average of the parent + child tags (NTR, NTR-B, Unavoidable NTR) is less than 2 and more than 1.8. The Unavoidable NTR tag being on its way out makes the search think the NTR overall is less serious that if it weren't present. Kind of counter-intuitive.
#758 by desann
2023-04-28 at 04:13
< report >Huh, so tag filter with enabled child tags works with average of all presented child tags? That's indeed looks counter-intuitive, I would expect filter like that to check if any child tag have rating 2.0+
#759 by Ernovace
2023-04-28 at 14:40
< report >Less of an error and more of a question:

Apathy - Gakkou de Atta Kowai Hanashi ~Visual Novel Version~ - VN
r74801 + r74802 are being sold together as Steam link

I added steam link to both releases and added a note for them but then realised that this is the first time both have been released as one single product (afaik). Should there be another release for "アパシー学校であった怖い話1995特別編" ?Last modified on 2023-04-28 at 14:43
#760 by Ileca
2023-04-28 at 14:53
< report >It's not a digital bundle as there is no digital release in the first place. That's what matters here. So yeah, make a new Download Edition release.
#761 by Ileca
2023-04-30 at 05:30
< report >r106676.1 subscribestar link > link was truncated.
#762 by Yorhel
2023-04-30 at 05:50
< report >Subscribestar post links aren't supported at the moment, only creator pages.
#763 by carri-mihome
2023-04-30 at 07:51
< report >Shouldn't FAQ images be excluded from voting if they're linked to a VN, to keep them unambiguously authoritative?
link - example of suggestive,violent in FAQ (as it's a woman), safe from votes
link - example of safe,violent in FAQ, suggestive from votes (it does look eroticized, though)
link - while the voting result matches the FAQ, a third of the voters picked suggestive.

Tooltips for Safe and Suggestive on image flagging page could use a hint on "proper mouth-to-mouth kissing" as from what I've seen so far it's susceptible to being tagged as safe.
#764 by fuck
2023-05-11 at 21:18
< report >VNDB now looks very strange on smartphones. link
#765 by Yorhel
2023-05-12 at 05:22
< report >Ah, so t20090.24 was on to something. Apparently the old absolute positioning inhibited a mobile browser misfeature. Let's see if it's better now.
#766 by rampaa
2023-06-04 at 18:51
< report >Not sure if it's the intended behavior but the textbox that gets opened after pressing the add tag/trait button seems to expand itself on scroll up: link
#767 by Yorhel
2023-06-04 at 19:08
< report >Yeah I'm experimenting with a new dropdown search selection thingy. That behavior is intended, it's a placeholder for the results; didn't want the textbox to move around when the results are loaded. While it does seem rather odd, the only real (and far more typical) alternative behavior is to load the results above the textbox instead of below, but that seemed a little harder to implement. Maybe I'll experiment with that later though.

EDIT: Apparently I was wrong, lol. All selection JS libraries I tested either keep the dropdown in place like I'm currently doing, or move the textbox around when the results are loaded. None display the results above the textbox. The placement of the dropdown differs a lot between libraries though.Last modified on 2023-06-05 at 06:17
#768 by fuck
2023-06-06 at 18:18
< report >link - the VN for the second Zhong Qibei (spoiler character) is hidden on this trait page even after pressing Spoil me! button. link


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