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#476 by barfboy
2020-08-06 at 00:43
< report >It wasn't when I tried. Must be some sort of save failure. Well, it resolved itself.
#477 by eacil
2020-08-06 at 02:40
< report >Rampaa added it yesterday so maybe some fuckup when you both added it at the same time? Unless he added it because he saw your thread, but he only had six minutes to do so.
#478 by rampaa
2020-08-06 at 04:07
< report >I've added it to see if I could reproduce Barfboy's problem on my end. Spoiler alert: I couldn't.
#479 by ninigi
2020-08-25 at 16:45
< report >Does Yorhel messing with the VN Id in the url that ends up breaking all of them? Guess it's redirect problem...

Edit: Lol. Even the user menu also got affected. Well, at least the prefix "t" for the board discussion is still working.

Edit 2: Fixed. Thx Yorhel ;)Last modified on 2020-08-25 at 16:53
#480 by gvbn
2020-09-13 at 10:24
< report >Console says: Content Security Policy: Couldn’t process unknown directive ‘form-action:’

I assume the colon shouldn't be part of the directive.
#481 by mrkew
2020-09-13 at 10:35
< report >Since yesterday, the upcoming releases tab on the homepage is empty for me when I'm logged in, in both Chrome and FF. I hadn't changed the default settings for over a year and they are set to only show Japanese releases.
I tried changing the default settings to English releases, but it only affected "Just released" while Upcoming Releases stayed empty. It's only ever populated when I'm logged out.Last modified on 2020-09-13 at 10:41
#482 by naiohoras
2020-09-13 at 11:38
< report >^I've tried to reproduce the bug and yes, the bug exist. seems like it bugged out if we set any language as a filter. however, as a temporary solution until Yorhel fixed the bug, you can revert it by clicking "reset" and save it as default. it worked for me.Last modified on 2020-09-13 at 11:38
#483 by yorhel
2020-09-13 at 12:04
< report >
Console says: Content Security Policy: Couldn’t process unknown directive ‘form-action:’

Since yesterday, the upcoming releases tab on the homepage is empty for me when I'm logged in
I rewrote the homepage yesterday so I was expecting bugs, but... your saved filter hides all not-yet-released releases, so to be pedantic, I actually fixed a bug. Setting just a language filter seems to work fine for me.
#484 by mrkew
2020-09-13 at 12:22
< report >Ah, got it. That's the first time in 8 years that I had to uncheck the release date filter. That bug must have been there for a really long time and it didn't do anything wrong. I feel bad that it's gone.
#485 by rampaa
2020-09-16 at 01:53
< report >Searching for "Phoenix Drive" while original language filter is set to Japanese returns no result, instead of returning Ayasato-ke no Ichizoku. (link)

Since r9784 and r9792 have the exact same release date, shouldn't the current VNDB design consider its original language as both English and Japanese? Then why is it being filtered out by the original language filter when it's set to Japanese?Last modified on 2020-09-16 at 01:53
#486 by eacil
2020-09-20 at 01:27
< report >Deletions don't appear inside the Recent Changes box.
#487 by yorhel
2020-09-20 at 06:49
< report >
your saved filter hides all not-yet-released releases, so to be pedantic, I actually fixed a bug.
Figured being pedantic there didn't seem all that useful, so now changed the release boxes on the homepage to ignore any date filters. Also fixed the links to the full listing to take your saved filters into account this time.

@485: Original language was only determined by a single release. Fixed it now to handle multiple releases with the same date.

@486: As intended.
#488 by eacil
2020-09-20 at 15:45
< report >
@486: As intended.
I don't understand the logic. They are edits like any other and they are not hidden from the public. Weird.
#489 by mutsuki
2020-09-24 at 13:50
< report >randomly noticed that the prices of the affliate links in Nozokimi Vibration ~Nozoite Ijitte Tanoshinde~ are different (and thus incorrect as they should be the same) and seem to be terminated early.
#490 by gvbn
2020-09-24 at 17:06
< report >The other link's price hasn't been updated after the 90% off sale ended yesterday.
#491 by mutsuki
2020-09-24 at 18:14
< report >#490, ah ok I had a feeling it might have been that but it was weird how big the sale would have been to make it so.
#492 by beliar
2020-09-25 at 14:45
< report >I was getting a server error 500 when trying to add a J-list link to r73335, when the link had capital letters. link couldn't be added, but link worked alright.Last modified on 2020-09-25 at 14:45
#493 by yorhel
2020-09-26 at 09:24
< report >@492: Turns out j-list links are case insensitive, meh. Ideally the form would accept either link and lowercase it, but as a lazy "fix" I now updated the form to not accept uppercase links. Still better than a server error.
#494 by beliar
2020-09-30 at 22:03
< report >Not a bug as such, but it's something that really triggers my OCD.
If, I say, I upload screenshots to the VN in a bulk by selecting all the screens I want to add, and the screens have some sort of a naming convention (for example, "screenshot01", "screenshot02", etc.), the uploaded screens do not sort by the naming order, but by which screens got uploaded to the server faster. For example, "screenshot03" might show as the first screenshot on the VN page, if it got uploaded first, even if "screenshot01" was the lowest in the order in the bulk added.
To circumvent that I sometimes upload screens one at a time, but that takes way too much time.
Could we possibly have a way to sort the screenshots when we are uploading them, if the auto sorting by name is not possible?
#495 by mrkew
2020-09-30 at 22:15
< report >^+1, I've also had to upload one by one to avoid wrong order
#496 by yorhel
2020-10-01 at 13:48
< report >@494: I've changed the form to upload the screenshots one-by-one in the order as given by the browser, which is typically filename order. Slows down uploading a tiny bit, but should make the id assignment order more predictable.
#497 by beliar
2020-10-02 at 20:36
< report >If I bring a mouse over a a tag comment, two separate popups appear, with one covering the other. Pretty sure it shouldn't happen that way: link
#498 by butterflygrrl
2020-10-03 at 15:10
< report >It's mildly annoying that the db now strongly encourages png uploads but doesn't handle png transparency well. When adding itch games, the page logo (which makes sense to use as cover art) is often a transparent logo, but I have to make a new version of the image on a solid background before I can upload it for the game. (especially when the png is white text because it was expecting to be on a dark background)
#499 by yorhel
2020-10-03 at 15:17
< report >There's no way to properly handle transparency. Keeping the alpha layer and blending with VNDB's background will only work on images that happen to blend well with the background and will break for users who use a different skin where it doesn't blend.

I mean, if editing the image manually is too much work I can add an option that lets you specify what color to use as background, but the end result is going to be the same.

(@497: fixed btw)
#500 by eacil
2020-10-09 at 22:24
< report >There is spacing problem between the date and the vote when the review is under spoiler.
Example: w450.