So for those you finished this...

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#1 by kaimax
2012-03-25 at 13:30
Can you say that this can be categorized as "real" netorare?

Seriously for an Atelier Sakura game, this was a mind fuck. I was expecting some usual NTR from Atelier Sakura, but I got an interesting story instead. lol
#2 by godknight
2014-12-01 at 17:31
I don't think it's NTR.
It's a diffrent world/another reality where his real wife is not his wife. It's not that she cheat or his brother-in-law stole her from him. Beside he also has his first love as his wife.
#3 by bunny1ov3r
2016-01-22 at 03:24
It's definitely not a NTR.

And to me it's pretty clear that "the other world" is all in his mind...
#4 by alexlung
2016-03-21 at 17:11
100% not NTR. for me its a acceptable NTR sort of thing.

its not real anyway, just another virtual imagination world where the MC is trying to get back to his real life.
#5 by rick12
2017-12-06 at 17:37
Oh, so does anyone know how the game ends then?
#6 by bunny1ov3r
2017-12-06 at 22:13
the game ends with protag waking up and reunited with his current wife
#7 by rick12
2017-12-06 at 23:49
Wait, that's it? That's how the game ends, with the protagonist reuniting with his current wife? What happened to the other girl?
#8 by bunny1ov3r
2017-12-07 at 00:42
protag's first gf was dead in an accident long ago. That's why in my earlier post I said the other endings are all in protag's mind.
#9 by rick12
2017-12-07 at 01:55
Oh, so that means that there's only one real ending, then, where he reunites with his current wife after waking up.
#10 by batoo
2018-03-03 at 10:47
Can someone tell me how many ends there are for each girl ? I want to play this game but I want to know if I can still choose your wife's route even if it's in your dream.


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