64 bit download?

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#1 by nobdyinparticlr
2012-04-02 at 12:55
Sorry if this question sounds a little stupid, but does anyone know where I can get a Windows 7 64 bit version of Narcissu 2? I looked at the main sit but I can only see ones for Windows 32 bit, OSX and Linux. I could download the Linux one and just play it on my virtual machine, but I would much prefer the a Windows version. Thanks in advance!
#2 by gabezhul
2012-04-02 at 13:21
If it's not in the database, it probably doesn't exist. Tough luck.
#3 by justinefremlouw
2012-04-02 at 17:20
...just because you have 64 bit Windows does not mean you need 64 bit programs. Most 32 bit programs will run perfectly fine on 64 bit Windows.
#4 by horseband
2012-04-02 at 19:00
In the days of Windows XP 64 bit many 32 bit programs wouldn't work properly. You had to use 64 bit programs (which were basically non existant for the majority of games/programs). Otherwise you were screwed pretty much.

Fast forward to Windows 7. Pretty much every 32 bit program made after 2000 should work flawlessly. You shouldn't ever had problems with 32 bit software using consumer level software. You definitely do not need a 64 bit version of Narcissu 2 to play it. Just download the 32 bit one.
#5 by nobdyinparticlr
2012-04-03 at 11:30
Huh, well I downloaded it and when I went to run the installer I had an error message pop up and as a result it didn't work. That being said I have just found recently that my USB occasionally corrupts some files so perhaps that was the reason. I'll try it again anyway, thanks!


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