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#1 by leion8000
2012-04-05 at 20:40
< report >ok im having problems getting this game to work correctly on my win7 pc
i used windows media player and it waas playabul untill after the first password was shown then i get a big black box with voices and no english subtitles.

then i used VLC and i get to that point and then i just dont get english subtitles. any advice? this vn looks good.
#2 by overkill373
2012-04-05 at 22:14
< report >try InterVideo WinDVD
#3 by leion8000
2012-04-05 at 22:44
< report >ok ill try that tonight
#4 by gabezhul
2012-04-06 at 15:17
< report >There is no right answer here. The DVD-format was a stupid idea to begin with and it's as broken as it can get, and no player is going to solve that for you. I remember that when I was playing this game, there were occasions where I lost several hours of read-time because some stupid technical issue and I couldn't even skip things... -.-'
I still recommend it though, it is a good VN, just get ready to tear your hair out from time to time while reading it... :P
#5 by mirinemir
2014-04-22 at 01:12
< report >While playing it in VLC player subtitles would often not show, but for some reason pressing space (pause) would bring it about, unfortunately only the current line.
#6 by garvin-chives
2016-01-10 at 19:27
< report >does anyone know if this works fine enough on a dvd player?
#7 by phantom813
2016-11-18 at 10:04
< report >I played a DVD copy on both an Xbox One and PS4 and it worked great.
#8 by echo
2016-11-18 at 16:45
< report >There was a guide for it a while ago, but what I remember is you want to get the Cyberlink PowerDVD codec (you can just install the trial version of their player to get it) and then enable it in MPC and it fixes most issues. Might have been something else you had to do in sub rendering to make it work properly but it's been years.
#9 by fernand
2021-04-20 at 16:03
< report >Here's the guide to play it on pc.



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