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#1 by dralle17
2012-05-09 at 23:06
A simple question. Will I get the full experience out of Steins;Gate without having played Chaos;head?
#2 by overkill373
2012-05-09 at 23:11
Pretty sure the two are not related in any way storywise
#3 by dralle17
2012-05-09 at 23:19
Ok. Thank you for the fast answer :)
#4 by boat
2012-11-22 at 07:42
You won't need it but there are some references to Chaos Head if you did play it beforehand. Not sure if this had been mentioned in the other threads, but here's a few examples:

- Makise is part of the research team that published “Virtual Rebuilding” technology. In Chaos Head; it was used to control people; in Steins Gate it was used to send memories back in time. The research article that is shown in both games are also identical.
- FES is mentioned in this game. Their prophetic songs as well.
- You can see Ayase singing (heroine in Chaos Head) on some advertising board; saw it in the Suzuha route; after the hero broke down and first asked Makise for help
- Gero dolls were popular just one year ago in Steins Gate; In Chaos Head it was the latest craze thanks to people being brainwashed to buy it; the fact that it is no longer popular implies that the main character in Chaos Head managed to defeat Nozomi
#5 by surferdude
2012-11-22 at 16:25
^ It's really nice to have a useful necro once in a while.


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