Is this a complete PC patch?

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#1 by remedy
2012-06-07 at 09:54

It doesn't really say. According to, it says it's a "complete patch," but then it also says the release date is "TBA."
#2 by PabloC
2012-06-07 at 11:14
What part of
Editing: 154/175 Scripts. Phone and TIPS edited.
Translation completed. Editing and betatesting started (beta-patch is available).
did you not understand? Both links you posted EXPLICITLY say that. -.-'
This is a fully translated, but unedited patch. The final release is still TBA.
#3 by remedy
2012-06-07 at 18:19
For all I knew, the 154/175 script comment could have pertained to Madoka. It doesn't explicitly say that was referencing Steins;Gate. Furthermore, 154/175 doesn't have a "last updated" text, so it may have been outdated.

I was confused by the terms "editing" and "translating" then. If the translation is 100%, then I'll give the game a shot. Thanks.
#4 by space-ranger
2012-06-07 at 18:34
100% translated and not 100% edited could mean that all text is translated, but the translators has yet to release the translation. For all we know the trial release could contain a 15% translation unless it states that the download contains 100% translated lines.
#5 by metaler
2012-06-07 at 19:57
Well, there's a patch out, but it's not edited.
#6 by hidendra
2012-06-28 at 01:00
the last translation from Geckoey Lurker (v1.3) is perfectly playable and I used it to play through the entire game (100%)

yeah there are quite a few mistakes (I started to note all of them down but it was quickly becoming too many, I should've finished that though) but they aren't serious mistakes (i.e no untranslated messages or terribly broken english) so you'll get through just fine.
#7 by overmage
2012-06-28 at 11:08
The issue here lies with a lack of familiarity with translator parlance. 'Editing' refers to making the initial translation from Japanese to English sound good in English. Usually the first pass of translation focuses more on accuracy than on sounding good in English. Translation and editing can be done by different people or the same person. Moogy and Ixrec have both written articles on editing and what it entails.Last modified on 2012-06-28 at 11:09


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