Recommended route order?

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#1 by kongorg
2012-07-06 at 18:10
I've just started Steins;Gate, and so far I'm loving it. Before I get too far though, I was wondering if there's a recommended route order?

Is it better to build up to the true route by finishing the others first, or read the true route first and go back for the other endings?

I generally try to make my first read of a VN the best possible. But of course the buildup to a true route generally makes it even better.

So, tl;dr, I have no idea where is best to begin.
#2 by overmage
2012-07-06 at 18:34
the routes branch off like G-sen. However, going to Mayuri's route locks out the true route and vice versa.

My advice: skip everyone's routes except Mayuri's and Kurisu/True. Do the former and then the latter.
#3 by overkill373
2012-07-06 at 18:35
havent played this one but I saw this order in a walkthrough

Suzuha->Feiris->Ruka->Mayuri->Kurisu->True EndLast modified on 2012-07-06 at 18:36
#4 by gabezhul
2012-07-06 at 18:40
Personally I have read every ending. Note that I said "ending", as there are only two "routes" to speak of. The only two "good" endings are Mayuri's and the True Kurisu end, all the others are just branches on the same scenario.

In short, you follow a single plotline no matter which "route" you are on, and the side-heroines only have simple endings that branch off at given points (Suzuha->Faris->Ruka->Mayuri/Kurisu, in this order). You should just save before their epilogue, reload after you read their ending, load the save and then continue on with the main plot.

As for whether you -should- read them or not, it's up to you, but again, every ending beside Mayuri/True End is a bad ending, so there's that...

Also, using a walkthrough is heavily recommended, as it is pretty damn obscure which mails you should answer for which route... -.-'
#5 by thajunk
2012-07-06 at 19:31
more like practically impossible to know how to answer the mails correctly to get to the route you want

if youre using a walkthru, youll notice the side routes branch off around the end of each chapter, so theres no reason not to read them all

if youre not using a walkthru, well, good luck ^.^Last modified on 2012-07-06 at 19:32
#6 by kongorg
2012-07-07 at 17:33
Thanks everyone. Through some googling I found this walkthrough, and based on what you guys have said (and just from glancing at it) I'm definitely going to need it!

The comparison to G-sen also helped. I didn't regret reading the side-heroine's endings, though they were nowhere near as good as the true end. So I'll wait till the relevant turning points and see if I make the same decision, I guess!

Again thanks everyone, I completely didn't understand before. This was very helpful.
#7 by ice
2012-07-07 at 20:53
There's no real reason to read anything but the true end unless you really want to get every achievement.
#8 by horseband
2012-07-07 at 21:31
"Bad ending" as in... like depressing ending with no good resolution, or bad ending as in it's terribly done. From your wording I am guessing it's the former, but I've seen some people imply it's the latter.Last modified on 2012-07-07 at 21:33
#9 by gabezhul
2012-07-07 at 21:57
Err... It's kind of hard to explain, but kind of both.
In those endings the protag gets to live "happily ever after" with the chosen heroine, but they are still bad endings in the way that they mean Okarin "gave up" and because of that an important character dies and the world will eventually descend into an Orwellian distopia.

At the same time though you could also argue that these endings are not executed that well either. They pull on your heart-strings and are kind of cute as well, but in the end they are just too abrupt, hold little to no actual value in and of themselves and, even if they are heartwarming, they still have ugly implications since, as I said already, Okarin gives up his goal in these scenarios...
Also, the fact that the chapters directly leading up to these endings are pretty bad don't help matters either... -.-'
#10 by thelasling
2012-07-07 at 22:26
do their endings if you like the characters or just want to read 100% but basically Feiris and Ruka's are very bad, and Suzuha's could actually have been great if they had made it darker and longer :V the other 2 mentioned would need a rewrite.
#11 by kongorg
2012-07-07 at 23:03
Okay, makes sense. Again comparing to G-sen, I felt the merits of those side-endings were cheapened by the fact that they were clearly tacked on, with the villain "giving up" as well.

Depending on how likeable the side heroines are I might still go back and read them though. I haven't 'met' any of them yet, actually, so I have no idea.

Glad I have some perspective now. I'm really excited to read this VN, especially now that I understand the 'route' system.Last modified on 2012-07-07 at 23:04
#12 by usasoldiern
2012-07-08 at 01:28
Anybody seen the anime and read the VN? I'm wondering if it's worth reading this since I hear it's a very good adaptation and now that I'm reading Kurisu's route, which is what the anime covered is the only one really worth going through that makes me even more weary of starting this...
#13 by siveria
2013-04-19 at 15:31
Is there a way to Save both Kurisu and Mayuri in the VN like in the anime? also in the anime which does he choose to live and which does he choose to die?

I been kinda hesitant to play this because I dislike it when they kill off a main char, especally if its a heroine/girl in any route really.

Should I play it anyway knowing how it ends? even thou I spoiled the ending for myself its about the journey to it as well, and the context of it when actually playing it.Last modified on 2013-04-19 at 15:33
#14 by gabezhul
2013-04-19 at 15:46
If you get Mayuri's ending, Kurisu will die.
If you get Kurisu's ending, Kurisu still sacrifices herself, but then it actually leads into the true ending where Okarin uses Suzuha's perfected time-machine to go back to the prologue of the game, saves Kurisu and even stops the events that would lead to the dystopia in the future, but that means that he erases the entire time-line where Kurisu joined the Future Gadget Laboratory, but then they have a chance-meeting and it turns out that she retains some of her memories of him and it is heavily implied that they restart their relationship on the spot.
In short: In the VN's true ending, both heroines survive. :P


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