spoil KusariHime for me plz :)

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#1 by tort17
2009-10-06 at 17:49
I don't know Japanese, but a friend knows, and he's been playing it for a while and telling me what goes on (since I got very interested in the plot from the game description). But he got bored and stopped playing it.
Please give me the ending! I simply have to know how the story ends.:)
#2 by hugmeir
2009-11-01 at 03:15
I've only gotten one ending, but it went like this (mind you, it's been two years since I last played this, so my memory is rusty as fuck):
Through several loops, Kurame rots away the 'soul' of the characters that fall in love with Itsuki, while revealing their darker sides; Kiriko in the first loop, but I can't really remember why Kurame decided to rot her, then Natsuki (she had raped Itsuki in their childhood; Natsuki gets two loops, and shortly after being forgiven by Itsuki in the latter, rots right in front of his eyes) and Yoshino several loops later (loathed Itsuki's mother, wants Itsuki as a sort of replacement for his father. Maybe. I need to replay this game). Whenever a character gets soulrotten, they are replaced by much more shallow versions of themselves in future loops. For example, a Kiriko who doesn't love Itsuki, and as such, has no plans or hope for the future. She is just living for living's sake, etc.
Around here, unless I'm mixing routes up, Sei gets a manly moment and tries to help Itsuki with his 'insanity,' taking him to a city and away from Doukanmori -- even away from Kurame, however, he still sees the world covered in red snow after the third day, entirely devoid of life, and can only converse with Sei (this happens several times in the second route: somehow, Itsuki is able to take one person into the red world). The loop starts anew.
Itsuki slowly starts to realize his situation, some loops more than others, and confronts Kurame. For the most part she ignores him, and sometimes she enters ohgodishatmypantswhereismymoeloli mood and has some small revealing monologues. Along the way, he begins having flashbacks about Juri, his now dead, sickly imouto who looks exactly like Kurame.
Juri didn't die in an accident with their parents, as he has been told since waking up from his coma. She and Itsuki attempted a double suicide, walking into a frozen lake. Itsuki survived. The monstrous black dog that roams Doukanmori, and sorta protects Itsuki from Kurame, is Kuro -- his and Juri's dead pet dog from years back. What's worse, Kuro was killed by Juri, or died while in her care (here you can pick a very dogly Kuro bad end).
Also, Itsuki starts to remember Juri being raped, but has no idea by whom.
I should mention that Juri is an unlikeable little bitch with an attention complex. Just saying.
Then shit hits the fan; it's Jun's loop. Stuff happens, and Jun confronts Kurame inside the warehouse, rushing at her with a cleaver.
Moments later, enter Itsuki. Jun is standing over Kurame's dead body, covered in gore. Kurame's head is splattered all over the place.
Later that night, commence sex scene.
It's the middle of the night, starting the fourth day. Jun gets up to grab a glass of water, or something. Itsuki closes his eyes for a moment, but she doesn't return. The red fucking world.
And on the table, Jun's headphones, slightly covered in the red snow.
Kurame reappears, saying that she took her revenge, and that even if Jun had managed to kill her in this world, she had an innumerable amount of worlds to come back from.
Now, here my nip began to fail me, so I tried to pick bits and pieces. So if this game ever gets translated, this will probably be 95% wrong.
The loops starts anew.
Except, not. Itsuki is.. somewhere. He is alone, and there is no one in the entire world; it's not the red world, it's just, some place else. In that nowhere, he calls for Kurame. A red mist assembles, taking the form of a human, and Itsuki calls her name again.
He names her. The mist becomes decidedly human, but then banishes.
Now the loop starts as usual. Later during this loop, Itsuki realizes that Jun is acting unlike the others Kurame had rotten. So he asks Kurame, to which she replies that, while she did kill Jun in the previous loop for causing her so much pain, she didn't rot her soul. A single tear of joy rolled down my face at this point; Jun is my favorite character.
I frankly have no recollection as for what happens next. I only recall that itsuki cahses Kurame, and she finally reveals everything to him: The scene with the red fog, unknowingly to Itsuki, was when Kurame was first created. itsuki was lonely, so he asked for a creature like him. Itsuki is a sort of god, like Kurame. She has been waiting and chasing him through time for countless ages, so have her one wish fulfilled.
Kurame is immortal. She wants to die, but cannot kill herself.
She explains that the only thing that could kill her, is a creature -like- herself; thus, she needed Itsuki. So the situation has three resolutions. Either Kurame kills Itsuki, and she goes back on her quest through time, or Itsuki kills Kurame, and frees her. The third solution is that they both kill eachother.
Itsuki says that they can live together, eternally. I don't recall if this was an option to pick or if it was kinetic, though.
He refuses to kill Kurame. She begs, crying, saying that she has lived through enough pain already, and that she only wants rest. Itsuki still refuses (maybe it was because he thought that they could be happy together, but the memory is hazy).
I take this as meaning "Kurame: fuck your shit I'm starting the loop from the very beginning, enjoy your coma."
And as per usual at the end of a loop, back to the main screen. Starting now gets you a sort of 'bonus' final story, in which a young Itsuki and a young Kurame/Juri are found laying alone, sleeping, in a sunny beach.
After that, trying to start the loop gets you a scene of the stairs to a Japanese shrine, and a girl in kimono standing on the stairs, wearing a mask. After one line, back to the main screen with you. I take it that this is a hint to the mystery behind mysteries in the game, which you glimpse on those flashbacks and before the beginning of several loops.
Trying to start a loop now will get you the shrine, every time. You need to select something in the options menu that will delete the 'story' progress, along with all saves (but not the CG/Event data) to begin the game anew.

...y'know, now I really feel like replaying this, and getting all the endings. I might make a more detailed summary if I do.

EDIT: I've come to realize that I didn't explain the Kurame/Juri relationship. That's because I don't recall a single thing about it, mostly. Apologies.Last modified on 2009-11-01 at 23:00
#3 by tort17
2010-06-11 at 16:12
Thank you! Sorry I'm replying so late, I totally forgot about this thread. It was very nice of you to provide such a detailed answer.
Wish they translated the game to English...
#4 by kurono100
2011-04-19 at 21:59
firstly, this vn is PACKED with plot holes, or details are not clear enough so its often open to interpretation. I was pretty confused, and even many Japanese sites/wiki have different interpretations of their own.

I will try to clarify character's background/past to make sense of the motive behind what happened in the loop:

1) Kiriko : forgot about her since shes boring, can't really say sorry

2) Natsuki:

Natsuki, seiji and itsuki were childhood friends that always played together. Itsuki in particular was good friends with seiji. Itsuki liked Natsuki, and Natsuki knew; however Natsuki liked Seiji at the time thus she used and invited Itsuki all the time as excuse to hangout with Seiji. Eventually, in desperation (since seiji dont care for her) Natsuki raped Itsuki to draw Seiji's attention. Seiji rapes her back to get revenge for Itsuki, by then seiji realized he gave her what she wanted. He left town shortly after, always regretting not able to do anything for itsuki.

Basically, Natsuki regretted how she trampled over Itsuki's feelings and used him, and now wants him to scorn her for it. Thus why she wanted Itsuki to gain back his memories, to treat her with the hatred like how she felt she deserved.

3) Yoshino: Itsuki's blind mother-in-law held unrequited love for itsuki's dad. Father never loved her and only loved akane who birth juri and itsuki. Her love was never reciprocated, so she eventually desired Itsuki as replacement since he holds resemblance. She eventually failed to suppressed her immoral feelings to be with itsuki, to the point of even abandoning her daughter jun.

flashback of Yoshino strangling someone (Juri? who she blames for father's death) I don't really understand, since apparently Juri really died in some other manner.

4) Kuro: Itsuki's pet dog during childhood, was best friends and regarded as family. Juri killed kuro to monopolize Itsuki, made up car accident as excuse. That's why in time loop the black beast dog never attacked itsuki, and instead attacked Kurame. This aggression towards kurame might suggest she is/was juri?

5) Jun: Yoshino's daughter, itsuki's sister-in-law. She played with juri and itsuki before at very early age, but eventually became siblings through parent's marriage. She liked itsuki but relationship was messed up by marriage, still she was okay settling for being a sister. This was also denied by Juri, who flaunts subtle threats in plain site towards jun and yoshino, also made yoshino fall down the stairs in secret. Jun acts harshly towards Itsuki for this reason, because she fears juri, and wants to protect herself and her mother.Last modified on 2011-04-20 at 00:10
#5 by kurono100
2011-04-19 at 23:01
To supplement or correct parts Hugmeir's post, though some of this i had to interpret... so could be wrong:

- Kurame was messing with Itsuki all along for the purpose of Itsuki getting his memories back. Itsuki had same powers as kurame but he cannot remember, so powers were latent.

- I am not too sure about this part. Itsuki jumped through his time in his recollection of memories and eventually became a special type of existence, capable of time travel (and modifying souls?). Whether this happened after his death, or while he was dying was unclear. Perhaps maybe even some other occasion, my jp isn't exactly good.

Kurame originally was shown in different form from flashbacks, she was born and came from another planet. The other powerful beings on her planet choose to end themselves ultimately despite the power they hold, but she choose solitude (and sort of regretted it). Their type of existence are immortal, they can kill each other but can't suicide.

- Itsuki was the one who form "Kurame" in from the red mass in the red world with his identical powers, it did not spontaneously formed when he thought about her, thats for certain.

The mist formed into kurame because itsuki was either lonely or felt sympathy. he had possibly chased Kurame to the end of time to eradicate her for to revenge jun but had a moment of weakness when kurame was reduced to a innocent, weak and pure state (red mist). so he reconstituted kurame and let her go.

or decide to make kurame in form of his sister, since he developed this powers independently and came across her arrival to earth by chance, when shes already in a weakened state. But either way this would be difficult to explain why they got separated shortly after creation or reconstitution depending on which is true. It can also mean after he created her, eventually he might eventually rotted and prompted Kurame then seeked him by speeding up his awakening to gain back his form. Why mess with past itsuki? maybe it does not matter? apparently they are beings that transcend time anyways so once they are god they are always god, even in the past (?). though any other time would mean itsuki was not there, was in a worse state, or the world was already all red snow.

why seek kurame?

he stumbles across different past memories while time traveling:

one scene, from outside he noticed signs of sex in the warehouse:
1) this may explain memory of his father raping someone, the pov is actually akane's. (being gods they can share each others memories easily, its how itsuki saw stuff about kurame's original planet. Though this would mean he saw his own conception)
2) memory of rape was due to confusion in memory
3) its itsuki who is doing the raping?
4) juri's tactic to mess with father, akane or others

another past memory:
he realized in actuality he died with juri together in a double suicide to 'freeze' or immortalize their feelings/place forever. Father and akane actually both died with a bit of help from juri to monopolize itsuki. Upon this realization he finally understood why juri did all those things and shed a tear- sad, angry, loved but ultimately still accepted her. Juri noticed the difference and called him a fake, or empty shell (either due to difference in reaction i.e. not raging nor intensifying emotions; or signs that he isn't human anymore). Still, itsuki was devastated since after all the promise of being together and seeking each other out, he was rejected. By now he realized kurame and him are the same type of being and belong together, thus he seeks her out, maybe because he identify with her loneliness (?).

- akane is actually a version of kurame or the pre-kurame being with powers (?). since otherwise its not explained how his mother is capable of pointing him towards kurame's direction. also she might have grown senile from passing this power to itsuki or maybe her soul to juri.Last modified on 2011-04-20 at 00:30
#6 by kurono100
2011-04-19 at 23:57

there are 3 endings:

Ending 1. true end: kurame did NOT say fuck you and enjoy your amnesia. Itsuki rejected all 3 options kurame proposed when faced with the dilemma of their immortality. Itsuki wants to attempt to revert themselves into humans, like how kurame can remade natsuki, yoshino, and jun (jun was only modification, since emo jun did not have aspirations or desires for kurame to consume, because of jun's history with juri. rest was remade minus the part that turned into snow? or simply ate up to maintain ego/form? The part is consumed when their desire/wish is granted- its why mother turned into snow when she finally got a piece of itsuki, or when natsuki was finally forgiven).

This time he wants a clean slate and start over, because their memories and their powers corrupt them and give them pain and this dilemma. Only Kurame was conflicted because even if people like them rot and turn into red snow, they still don't die and their memories eventually pull them back together with along with their form (plot hole, how to kill each other then, or how did her planet all turned into red snow?). So she fears the failure in remaking the soul, then they become mere shells with no future or desires. Even worse, they may turn into existence with no form, since their memorizes are wiped (whats responsible for getting their form back), which she saw as sad, and is pretty much same as death. (though i don't see the problem since death was originally one of the proposals)

why kurame did not say FU: ultimately kurame nodded and said something like 'because I am kurame, I would always be drawn towards where you want to go'. Meaning she would somehow seek him out again after reverting back to humans and had their memories wiped, and/or she wants to stay with him following whatever decision he might make, even if it means following him to a meaningless death.

bonus story saw what appears to be kid-versions of itsuki and juri washed up on the shore (looked like a close-call of drowning), possible meant they succeed in reverting themselves, since juri/kurame (the girl washed up there) faintly muttered 'did we meet up again itsuki?'.

Ending 2. Kurame and Itsuki continue to live for the time being and not think about the end. Eventually planet is consumed, then they have to hop planets.

Ending 3. Kurame and itsuki choose to end themselves, and disappeared together.

Scene with kitzunezaka (fox mask thing): no idea what's going on their, something about end of time and transient human feelings. whatever the fuck that means.

A lot of things are poorly explained so its like infinite loop-back mindfuck plot-hole fest. The endings sort of can feed themselves into the start of the story making everything run in circles forever. To the point where I don't know how to track who's soul is in which fucking body, or how it was passed around, split up or modified. Shit, kurame could have been juri and akane, or even itsuki if her soul was split up while birthing the two children.

if anyone know a better interpretation or can clear certain parts up that would be awesome. personally, my favorite is true end.Last modified on 2011-04-20 at 00:32
#7 by yeah321
2011-08-07 at 04:11
Oh boy, reviving so that I can post some stupid things out of my mind.

My own belief:

>one scene, from outside he noticed signs of sex in the warehouse:
On that specific travel scene that Itsuki traveled in time to, was the very day akane was raped by that 茂晴 dude. Evidence is Itsuki getting beaten up outside with the 茂晴 saying "you're peeking, aren't you?!" or something similar right when he saw Itsuki, who looked exactly like 建昭. Not to mention Akane was naked when Itsuki went into the warehouse.

Akane died because 建昭 was deluded by Juri. He loved two woman and he loved both of Juri and Akane. Juri seduced 建昭 and convinced him into killing Akane, (hence that Juri flashback "rape" ero: <- cant see any other explanation for this).

Juri then convinced 建昭 into suiciding, as 建昭 is already hurt like hell for Akane's death. Juri then double suicides with Itsuki, in which Itsuki survives(?) and loses his memory while Juri dies. After the Itsuki who lost his memories went to the lake and saw Kurame, Kurame gave him the power to be of the same being as she is, and awaits his awakening.

Akane and 建昭 are actually Kurame and Itsuki, the whole game is a cause and effect of Kurame and Itsuki interaction with each other. In other words:
Kurame was born as Kurame, and died as Akane.
Itsuki was born as Itsuki, and died as 建昭

This is the rough backbone of the whole game that is only revealed at the final scene. When brainwashed Itsuki and Kurame was washed up shore, they were saved by the very same family that 建昭 and Akane were taken into. At this moment, Akane(ex-kurame) had most likely regained some of her memories, little bits of it which resulted her to have the powers to predict the future. But she just kept bringing bad luck instead (being the bringer of bad luck Kurame was) and destroyed the family they were first taken in, which resulted in her and 建昭's ill treatment when 茂晴 took care of them. 茂晴 also gets mad and kept wanting Akane to predict something good for once too. Most likely, Akane had either gone "mad" from the realization of her true self (or the rape), however, she still remembers her duty as "Kurame" and thus helped the awakened Itsuki by pointing towards Kurame's direction to help him find her.

This theory is supported by the TRUE end itself as shown above. Also as when Itsuki says he wanted to take the 3rd choice, Kurame said smth along the lines of "So this is our fate, huh?", heavily implying that she knew this would happen, and in the end agreed to it despite herself not wanting it.

Wihch means, this whole game is basically a giant loop. Kurame and Itsuki are going to live the terrible, terribly lives of 建昭 and Akane again.

However in the end of the game (bonus scene) Kurame said "did we meet again, Itsuki?", leaving clues for maybe this time, it would be different. Maybe this time, it would really be a new fresh start

-Kurame =/= Juri (?)
It can be said that Juri looked exactly like her mother, who looked exactly like Kurame, which was who she is. The powerless ex-Kusarihime. Which is why Juri looks like Kurame. Juri however, is NOT Kurame, but just a normal human being born and and died as a normal human being. I kinda feel this way also because Juri is actually listed as a separate heroine in the CG viewback mode, so...

However, this would mean there is an immense time paradox that can basically not be solved logically. Hell, any time paradox can not be solved logically, but I'll put that aside and let the writer make it this way. Since I actually like the general idea of it, it's beautiful, the details aside. Thus, I wouldn't say this is PACKED with plotholes, it's not like anyone can explain what will happen if you travel back in time and mess with your old self and creating a paradox. The writer made his own version of messing-with-the-past time travel stuff and imo pretty cool. Since there's a cycle, and cycles are like circles, and circles are cool.

Kurame is the person who gave unawakened Itsuki the powers, and yet awakened Itsuki was the person who gave Kurame her form and her name. It's like that chicken or egg thing, who came first? Doesn't really matter lol.

Btw I also read that on some Japanese sites that on 腐り姫読本~赤雪腐爛草紙~, where the plot and scenario are explained in it, it is said that Itsuki is actually 茂晴+Akane's son and it's canon. I also saw this word on this CG link Yeah I know, they are "siblings" but that CG just give me the feel that the game is telling me that they are actually blood related siblings. This also kinds of backs up the rape scene where the awakened Itsuki first traveled time.

Oh boy how I would really like to read that explanation guide book...

I however, did not see anything at all regarding that "modifications" thinggy you mentioned. So I don't think there is anything like that, and even if there is, is insignificant.Last modified on 2011-08-07 at 10:45
#8 by mazyrian
2011-09-02 at 22:39
Just finished this, and figured I could post my own theories.
As said, this is somewhat of a giant time loop, but not exactly stable. Juri "helped" Akane and Takeyaki kill themselves and then makes double suicide with Itsuki in the frozen lake. And I think Itsuki actually died here, but somehow also awakened soul rotting powers like Kurame's and proceeded to kill everyone on Earth. A indefinite future after he meets a red alien energy ball; she was a goddess created in some other planet that eventually killed everyone on it and then went on traveling from planet to planet, finally reaching Earth. There she tries to kill Itsuki, but he resists with his powers, that were the same, and then gives her human form, that of his sister, and names her Kurame. But another power they had was that of time travel, jumping trough memories; I guess since Itsuki was alone could not use it, but Kurame jumped trough Itsuki's memories, and Itsuki chased her.
My theory here is that Itsuki at some point of his travel (maybe at the very beginning) somehow arrives to the frozen lake's shore, without memories, starting the main story of the game. He then meets Kurame, who has human form but yet not much feelings, who tries to make Itsuki awaken to his powers, and in the process rots the characters and with their soul as material gains more of a human personality. And so it happens the several loops of the game. By the end of Jun's loop Itsuki awakens and goes chasing Kurame through time; finally meets Akane, who tells him where to find Kurame, meets her, and cue the 3 endings.

Akane and 建昭 are actually Kurame and Itsuki, the whole game is a cause and effect of Kurame and Itsuki interaction with each other. In other words:
Kurame was born as Kurame, and died as Akane.
Itsuki was born as Itsuki, and died as 建昭
Very interesting theory; I don't know if I'll follow it much, though, if only because it's very sad for Itsuki and Kurame.
And related, a thing that thought required more explanation: why do Akane and Takeyaki go back to they town? Hadn't they fleed? They had no problem with Shigeharu (or however is romanized his name)?
#9 by rick12
2019-09-28 at 20:29
So, what happened in the ending?
#10 by rick12
2020-02-04 at 21:32
Anyone here?
#11 by overstrom
2020-02-14 at 16:48
The endings?

1,the hero and heroine keeps the tragic looping. #Not sure about this one, relive the painful past is maybe better than being bored?

2,they choose to end themselves after tired of endless looping. #Maybe the best ending, since all the experience they had are endless suffering.

3,they keep consuming the world. #Looking for meaning to exist.

The thing is they aren't really human, the morality and principle doesn't really apply to them.

This game really deserve to have a global release...


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