It's All About The Hardware

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#26 by usagi
2012-07-20 at 12:44
< report >
usagi, we did warn you, after all.
I know ) You was right then :)
#27 by zaykcore
2012-07-21 at 01:05
< report >Just wanted to say that, in OVH you can select this hardware too:

link (France)
link (In spanish)
link (english)

As you can see, It's OVH too... but cheaper.

Congratz for the website by the way.
#28 by oveneise
2012-07-26 at 09:58
< report >Nice upgrade! I'm seeing the difference already. Thanks for putting so much time and dedication to the site - really appreciate it!
#29 by sunclaudius
2012-07-26 at 14:15
< report >New Server~
Optimalizing vndb site~
Good job~


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