Chii's Adventure!

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#1 by joshua1207
2012-07-15 at 21:23
I had to make a game for my end of the year project in my AP Computer Science class and I decided to make a Visual Novel and this game is the result. It's a rather funny comedy game and fully voice acted by one person (a friend of mine). Everything was made ourselves. I recommend playing it :D
#2 by horseband
2012-07-15 at 23:17
I don't see a link to the novel itself or anything o_O

Edit: Actually I see it now. You should place a link on the release itself though

Double Edit: I did it for you.Last modified on 2012-07-15 at 23:20
#3 by joshua1207
2012-07-15 at 23:44
Oh, sorry. Thanks for fixing it for me. Be sure to give it a play too!
#4 by horseband
2012-07-16 at 00:34
Catherines voice is pretty hawt. Chii's voice is pretty badass too.

I definitely don't regret reading it, which is a good thing.
#5 by setzer
2012-07-16 at 00:50
It was ok for a small amateur VN. The visual part was bad, but the voices were interesting, specially the teacher and Chii (Chii voice kinda reminds me of the protagonist of GTA4).
The comedy parts were nice, but it was over way to fast.
#6 by joshua1207
2013-03-22 at 02:50
More people have got to try out this masterpiece
#7 by joshua1207
2014-01-03 at 04:45
anyone else play this?
#8 by gerardlonewolf
2014-01-03 at 06:04
I have. It was decent, and as horseband and setzer noted, the voices were interesting.
#9 by joshua1207
2014-01-03 at 18:40
voice acting was all done by one person too. Very versatile
#10 by magic9mushroom
2014-01-12 at 22:46
@#6: I would suggest avoiding the term "masterpiece" for your own work. It sounds immensely conceited.
#11 by mdc321
2014-01-13 at 08:51
And I would advise you not to take things seriously
#12 by overmage
2014-01-13 at 14:18
@10 I would advise you to remove a long hard object from your ass
#13 by vehn
2014-01-13 at 19:13
Calm down Overmage, no need to be offensive. :P

Joking is not really your forte, huh?
#14 by magic9mushroom
2014-01-13 at 21:49
@#12: Unfortunately, my sex life isn't that interesting.

@#13: No. I don't see the relevance, though.
#15 by vehn
2014-01-13 at 22:37
Got it. Well, I highly doubt that he wanted to sound conceited, arrogant or something like that. He was probably joking.
#16 by [deleted]
2014-01-13 at 22:39
Joke or not, there's no need to necro a thread just to bug people to play your VN.
#17 by magic9mushroom
2014-01-13 at 23:52
@#15 I have seen too many conceited teenage creators on the internet to assume he's joking. His entire posting history is in this thread, and none of them sound jocular.
#18 by gerardlonewolf
2014-01-14 at 06:45
You guys are such an ass.
#19 by yorhel
2014-01-14 at 07:49
@magic9mushroom: Can you *PLEASE* refrain from making any comments on someone else's behaviour. It feels like that's all you've been posting lately, and it's thoroughly annoying.
#20 by overmage
2014-01-14 at 08:12
@19: you cannot believe how thankful I am for you posting this
#21 by joshua1207
2014-01-16 at 03:08
I dunno magic9, have you seen the art? doesn't it just scream /masterpiece/ to you?
#22 by aquaticidealist
2014-01-17 at 03:35
@21: Oh definitely! It's such a wonderful VN! Oh wait it's not opposite day today?

Sorry, this user wasn't amused.

(Maybe someone should lock this before more potential flamebait appears?)Last modified on 2014-01-17 at 10:37
#23 by gerardlonewolf
2014-01-17 at 04:30
(Maybe we should lock this?)

Are you admin or mod? No? Thank goodness.Last modified on 2014-01-17 at 04:31
#24 by aquaticidealist
2014-01-17 at 08:34

I guess you're reacting in this fashion because it seems like we're ganging up on him for advertising his own work?

Sure, he has every right to do so, but jokes get old after a while. And 'sides, you should have confidence, joshua! A creator shouldn't be bummed just because not enough people are reading your work. If you truly believe that your work is great, readers will eventually come. Yes, some writers like Rowling had great publicity and people to advertise her work, but look at Tolkien: the books practically sold themselves.
#25 by gerardlonewolf
2014-01-17 at 08:58
I guess you're reacting in this fashion because it seems like we're ganging up on him for advertising his own work?

No, I'm saying that you are not a mod, so using "we" is weird. Plus, for what reason this thread should be locked, aside from it failing to amuse you? (And no, that edit is cheating) :P The admin was here too and didn't lock anything (yet) so... (okay, I'll end the off-topic on my side here. If this got lock because of it... oh the irony. Hazukashii!!)Last modified on 2014-01-17 at 11:47


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