Who is gonna translate this?

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#1 by hiecchi
2012-07-31 at 20:39
under the release list is already a english patch entry, but who gonna translate this exactly?
#2 by horseband
2012-07-31 at 21:46
Original site/announcement was link . But that has been down for a bit. I'm not sure whats up with it. It may not even happen, or maybe JASt will get it way down the road considering it's Nitro+.

Sorry I don't know any more.
#3 by herki
2012-08-02 at 00:57
I doubt JAST would say no to licensing it. The problem is Nitro+ would just ignore them.

Also I doubt anyone is going to translate it before even reading it.
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#5 by chipp12
2012-11-03 at 17:38
#6 by then00bavenger
2012-11-03 at 17:54
So he can't start the translation because his computers are underpowered.

I guess it takes a lot of resources to open and edit text files
#7 by space-ranger
2012-11-03 at 18:22
I think it's more a question of being able to verify if the translated lines shows up correctly inside the VN. Being unable to put the lines back to the VN is a real showstopper and it really should be solved from the start or the time would be better spend translating a VN where it is possible.

Besides he mentions being busy with work as well.
#8 by undying12
2012-11-04 at 01:33
this game is unbelievably short.
#9 by zakobot
2014-10-04 at 09:05
For anyone interested in watching this translated please see the link.

#10 by horseband
2014-10-04 at 20:32
I'm actually impressed. Nice job. On a side note, damn that's super short.Last modified on 2014-10-04 at 20:32
#11 by insanityy
2014-10-05 at 19:15
I haven't watched it yet, but is this a full translation? If it is, then it's really short indeed.

I've added it to VNDB already. Feel free to edit it.
#12 by jao
2014-10-06 at 00:39
I don't think it's the full game since I don't remember seeing this CG link in these two videos.
Or maybe it's related to a choice that is not selected.Last modified on 2014-10-06 at 00:49
#13 by insanityy
2014-10-06 at 12:44
Alright, in that case I guess I'll change the entry to partial.
#14 by zakobot
2014-10-17 at 06:52
The translation is 100% complete now. Thanks for updating!
#15 by doujinshigamer
2014-10-17 at 09:43
Zakobot would you mind if i used your YouTube translation to translate the scripts for the game.
#16 by rokitoru
2015-02-07 at 04:43
As i understand the translation is completed ? so that means there is a full patch for this VN ?
#17 by surferdude
2015-02-07 at 04:58
Not a patch, the translation is YouTube based.


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