Must follow routes in order to see all endings?

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#1 by remedy
2012-08-02 at 01:19
I'm reading guides and I'm confused by this. Take this one for example:

Why do I have to do the endings in that order to "see all endings?" It makes it sound like I'll be forbidden to see the other endings if I don't follow the guide. Plus, what's with the strict ordering of the routes anyways?

Can anyone elaborate? I'd like to just play the game myself the first time through, but I better not if I'm just going to end up restricting my completion %.Last modified on 2012-08-02 at 02:03
#2 by horseband
2012-08-02 at 03:59
Can't fully answer your question, but t2899 is a topic about route ordering and what not.

From what I see everywhere, this is not really a VN you are going to 100% without a walkthrough or come anywhere close. Personally I'd just use the walkthrough for it, especially considering it's set up in a specific way to go with the story (Mayuri -> Kurisu -> True order makes sense, if you do it a different way you'll miss certain plot points and be confused/spoiled early.

From what I gather the rest you can do however you want... Just make sure to do those 3 in that order.

I apologize if any of this is incorrect.Last modified on 2012-08-02 at 04:05
#3 by overmage
2012-08-02 at 04:16
The guide doesn't spoil anything either, so it's safe to follow it.

Also, doing this game without a guide is near impossible since some of the choices are completely counterintuitive.
#4 by ice
2012-08-02 at 09:48
Um, they're ordered like that because the structure of the game is linear with branches off each chapter from 6 on. You can do them in any order, or just not do them. There's no real point doing anything but the true end.
#5 by overmage
2012-08-02 at 11:01
Actually, I disagree - there is a point to doing Mayuri's route. That and the true end are the only two real routes worth doing (Mayuri route is *not* linear with true end, the choices you make leading you to Mayuri end lock you out of Kurisu/true)Last modified on 2012-08-02 at 11:01


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