Funniest moment in game?

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#1 by remedy
2012-08-09 at 23:31
Definitely has to be the part where Okabe stumbles upon the foreign-looking peddler with the blue eyes, then Okabe says to him in bad English, "HEY MASTER. I AM MAD SCIENTIST. SO COOooL. SONUVABITCH!"

Now I intend to use it as my ring-tone. Fuahahaha!
#2 by ipohmari
2012-08-10 at 18:19
I only watched the anime but yes, that scene was GOLD. He does it again in the OVA with a slightly different outcome.Last modified on 2012-08-10 at 18:26
#3 by remedy
2012-08-10 at 20:53
Oh man, he does it in the anime too!? Now I have to watch it!Last modified on 2012-08-10 at 20:53
#4 by surferdude
2012-08-11 at 14:58
^ IMO, that scene is even funnier in the anime, so yeah, watch it. :)
#5 by overmage
2012-08-11 at 15:51
I found it funnier in the VN, actually.
#6 by horseband
2012-08-11 at 16:56
I'm guessing whichever medium you saw it first you are probably going to find it funnier.

Either that or comedy is subjective :P.
#7 by ipohmari
2012-08-11 at 23:57
Check out the OVA as well. It's the most awesome gift ever for us fans.
#8 by requiem13
2012-08-18 at 22:21's off topic....
#9 by merkwurdigliebe
2013-02-27 at 15:12
My favourite part...

#10 by girlplayer
2013-02-27 at 22:34
^if i recall correctly, there is a similar scene in E17, but S;G's banana is way funnier
#11 by aevumus
2013-03-01 at 00:46
I was actually disappointed that Okabe's phone wasn't nearly as annoying in the anime.

I decided to keep Village as my text-tone in game, and while it first annoyed me I quickly grew to love it.
It then became my actual ringtone for months.
#12 by aevumus
2013-03-01 at 00:47
In general, though, I grinned like an idiot every time Kurisu let slip a meme or went into Tsun mode.
#13 by girlplayer
2013-03-01 at 03:12
^yeah, Village is real catchy, it's actually my actual ringtone
#14 by deathfire
2013-03-01 at 19:26
Over the Sky is my personal favorite
#15 by shotarokun
2013-10-19 at 00:32
The Banana scene for sure ;3
#16 by bruxae
2015-02-12 at 21:10
But.. He's a guy.
#17 by mrbill
2015-02-27 at 04:59
"but hes a guy" in the VN made me start laughing out loud so hard I went into a coughing fit. People at work were giving me concerned looks since I rarely ever laugh that hard at my pc.


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