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#1 by gabezhul
2009-10-17 at 20:25
First: This game was resting on in my desk for a long time. I was waiting for the translation, but I just couldn't take it anymore. So, I installed the not-so-complete patch. But truth to be told, I find it quite good.

But anyway, my biggest concern about this game, is the protag... And HAHA! This is the point where I re-write my first post, just as I promised... =P And so about our dear protagonist...

Sorry, I was wrong. Honestly, most of the time I'm quick to catch on these things, but I only realized it after finishing the game: He is awesome in a completely unbelievable way.
He has the greatest character-development I've seen this far (well, at least I cannot think of any better...). The reason is a little cheap, since he starts pretty low, so it's not that hard to develop him. But nevertheless, through the presentation of his internal struggles, I really became attached to him, and when he entered "badass-mode" at the end of Ch9... It was epic. =P
But I still had to turn his voice down because it was annoying... Well, they say there's no such thing as perfection...

Aside of the protag... The game itself was great. The script was good. Maybe a little over-complicated, but good.

I really loved the CG-s, but I didn't like the character design that much. But the swords were cool =D...

The music was average most of the time, not too good, not too bad.

But the best (and maybe worst) part of the game was the "delusion system"... At first I didn't even know what to do with those cardiac-line-whatewers on the upper corners. Even now, I don't now what impact they have on the plot, since I couldn't find a single english walkthrough for this game. Whatever...

In short: Awesome game, great protag, good art, average music, insane plot. I suppose I'll give it a solid 9, but first I try the B-route too... =PLast modified on 2009-10-18 at 22:45
#2 by vdz
2009-10-17 at 21:08
Worse people exist.

Takumi is one of the best protagonists ever.
#3 by gabezhul
2009-10-17 at 21:41
If you say so... This far, he annoys me as hell, but I'm only at the 5th chapter, so I might reconsider... =P

<EDIT> The first post was rewritten, this one is irrelevant... =)Last modified on 2009-10-18 at 22:41
#4 by unkind
2009-10-17 at 23:58
sets the tone imo, it wouldn't be as good if he wasn't such a lowly piece of shit :P
#5 by silereamer
2009-10-19 at 11:43
It seems the delusion system just for CG completion sake.
I never played the Noah one but maybe in Noah the system might affect whose route you're going to play.
#6 by loss
2009-10-19 at 14:00
Yes, noah system is a bit different.
#7 by wolfii
2009-10-23 at 14:39
As for the delusion system (cardiac lines), generally

The green ones get you delusion scene, usually tended somewhat to perverted/fetishistic stuff. The red ones go towards blood and guro. The neutral is mostly... normal.

And yes, they do have a meaning - you have to pick the right ones to get certain ends.
#8 by gabezhul
2009-10-25 at 10:13
After some thought, let me share my more critical opinions with you...

First of all, if I think about it, the concept of the game makes no sense. In detail:
-Why swords? I understand, that they are the catalysts, but why SWORDS? It makes no sense...

-Why did they give some characters (Namely Yua and Nanami.) swords when they do not use them. To be more exact, they designed blades that were shown for less than twice in the whole game... Makes no sense...

-The voice of the protag. I did a little search on the net, and it seems like I'm not the only one who is annoyed by it. I just don't understand why did they voice him in the first place. It makes no sense...

-The delusion system. Although, as @wolfii said, the delusional switches have meaning (by the way, @wolfii, if you want to explain the obvious game mechanics to us, at least DON'T put it in a spoiler-tag, like it was some top-secret information... Honestly I'm sure it wasn't your intention, but it feels like you think we are stupid... =P). But the game itself is still very linear, the delusions are just little side-tracks. They make no sense...

-And finally... The B-route... Honesty, this is a joke! You have to work hard, pick right choices, have certain delusions, trigger a dozen route-flags, and in the end... It's a bad ending... I'm not putting it in spoiler-tag, simply to warn everyone: Unless you are some strange creature who loves terrible endings, DON't play this route! And it really felt like a spit in the eye, since you had to actually follow a pattern, like it was a true ending or something! It makes no f-ing sense!!!!

Okay, that's all folks. As I said before, this is a great game, but it just feels like it was unfinished. I don't know about the Noah-version, but this game could have been a lot better...Last modified on 2009-10-25 at 19:39
#9 by sapphireprncss9
2009-10-29 at 23:21
Hmm well I agree that the game is pretty confusing/nonsensical in some aspects. I may have to play through it again to be able to go into more detail.

Personally, I liked his voice. I actually thought that was the best voice acting I've come across in a while....I really don't get why people hate it. It's like they were hoping for some boring and unemotional acting?...The most annoying voice was easily Kozu (or however you spell it) anyway.

I think the main point of the delusion system was to add replay value in case you don't feel like saving before each of them so that you can cheat and check out both delusions..But yeah, it is unfortunately too linear =/..wish it had at least one more route...

Oh, and Noah has more routes actually so it is probably like the final version of the game and makes more sense.Last modified on 2009-10-29 at 23:28
#10 by kidlat020
2010-06-04 at 17:29
I'd like to ask... can anyone give me hints that I am for certain going to the B route? right now I didn't get any yes/no questions when Takumi was on the top of building in chap 6, all the while Shogun is keeping Nanami hostage.
#11 by gabezhul
2010-06-04 at 18:09
Uhhh... I'm not even sure you can access the B route on your first playthrough. I don't know if you are using any walkthroughs, but even if you don't, you can't really miss the questions there... I'll look into it...Last modified on 2010-06-04 at 18:10
#12 by kidlat020
2010-06-04 at 19:23
the weird thing is that I am using a walkthrough AND YET I didn't come across the yes/no questions that should come at that point. and this is my first playtrough. I had actually played this last year finishing A/AA route.Last modified on 2010-06-04 at 19:25
#13 by appleaday
2010-08-27 at 23:05
finished it two nights ago.. and what can i say? nice game. definitely recommended

i only played the A and AA route and judging by how a lot of people were talking about B route i doubt i'll play it anytime soon.

so here are my thoughts:

story (8.5/10) so.. whoever thought of all those gruesome murders for this story is a freaking genius. and the overall storyline of course. i have this thing for ESP related stories so i definitely loved it however, i thought too much was thrown around at once and there was a lack of focus in the story until towards the end. personally, i thought it should have focused a lot more on the nozomi stuff and their plans than like the murder mysteries it's like they had too many good ideas to juggle with. i love the way that they chose to do the beginning and the end (by the end, obviously i mean AA/A ending)

I loved AA/A's endings -- but, the parts when they were going to go find Noah's arc and that bad guy could have been certainly longer.. i mean talk about anticlimatic.. when the antagonist was like well he has to pass all the obstacles i put in the way i thought he meant like major troubles after troubles and whatdoweget? we all know the answer.. yes i guess it is a big problem for him.. but couldn't they include something after that? like hallucination of his sister or like a bloodied shogun where he's blaming the protagonist for killing him. or doing a horrid job replacing him. or something that makes him double-take about his identity once more

character (8/10) mehhh.. is how i would describe most of the characters in this VN. at least definitely from the beginning.. i came to like the protagonist in the end but his personality annoyed me. a lot. i wanted to hunt him down and slap him to senses in the middle of reading. i almost gave up finishing because of him. but i did like the development of the protagonist its just that i wish his development came a lot faster because after he started to grow and become more confident, he was definitely more likeable and i would have liked to see more of his "badass" actions i think some of the characters had a development like that girl with the father for the researcher but most were underdeveloped.

music (8/10) one word: phantasm!!!! loved their music. downloaded it all afterwards. haha. "blood for the contract of our sins" love love! (my favorite character was ayase if you can't tell lol) for the other OSTs, i liked them as well. they were eerie, creepy and mysterious. perfect for a VN that was eerie, creepy and mysterious. got my adrenalines pumping for sure. just listen to the start up menu's music and you'll see what i mean. amazing music.

BUT GOD. the voice actress for that blonde "transfer" student was irritating like no other. i was cringing as i was listening to her voice. she was so chirpy, so... ugh. yes the voice actor for the protagonist did annoy me too (yay i'm not alone in this) but at least he was somewhat bearable. i had to take off my headphones for that girl because her voice was ringing in my head and giving me a migraine.

art (9/10) it was the first thing that caught my eye. even from the prologue the art is just gorgeous. i love how detailed it is from the ceilings & buildings to all the figurines he owns (did anyone see tsukihime and fate characters in there? i loled) and the di-swords!!!! they're exactly like how they are described in the narration. almost ethreal. delicate yet sharp. loved it. my only problem was the facial expression on the characters.. and the characters themselves.. some of them were just drawn a bit awkward (i think it improved (?) or maybe i got used to it as the VN progressed) and obviously, all the gore is amazing. haha. i'm not really a fan of gore itself, but the murders were drawn very nicely. especially the staking -- i loved how the crosses were reflecting light off. it made everything seem like a eerie dream

overall (8.3/10)Last modified on 2010-09-01 at 02:48
#14 by toyboytbfb
2010-11-29 at 00:57
All I ask is that one day someone please explain route B as I'm mind fucked. All spoilers included, or at least post a link with the spoilers. ;P
thanks!Last modified on 2010-11-29 at 00:57
#15 by dambuk1
2010-12-28 at 19:01
Well, i still haven't finished the game, but one thing is certain - protag is the most annoying person in this vn. I just can't stand schizophrenics/idiots/badasses/peoplewhomaketheworstpossibledecisionsallthetime or people who freak out if you just call out to them as protags :/
#16 by saberger
2010-12-28 at 19:46
protag is the most annoying person in this vn

How is he annoying? Nowadays, You see lots of determined/ambitious/genius/obstinate/resolute protags in the great amount of Vns. Once in a while, having a protag who represents a large percentage of population, a protag who has lots of characteristics make him resemble those of human could bring a new lease of life into the story. It makes the novel feel fresh and tackle your curiosity, make you want to dive into the story more. In my opinion, Takumi is even more real than a great numbers of protags/heroes/superman appear in visual novel.

I just can't stand schizophrenics/idiots/badasses/peoplewhomaketheworstpossibledecisionsallthetime or people who freak out if you just call out to them as protags :/

Er, life could not be life anymore if everybody has the same resolve as each others. There exist people who are weak, and people who are strong. Saying you can't stand them because their mind are weak so they can't make decisions in critical situations or being more stupid then they are normally when they faced unfamiliar position means that you can't stand at least 40% of man and woman in this Earth. Are you sure that you had that thought? In addition, the origin of schizophrenics come form mental disorder, it is not their choices to have that kind of emotional responsiveness. Beside when you finished the game, the situation of Takumi and his characteristics was explained. Heck, even i had the thought that The real Takumi created his clone that way to avoid contact with people, to minimise the risk of being exposed as he didn't have any "root" memories. Just think about the scenario when he invited friends to his house, will it not blow the his whole cover? . Moreover, are you sure that if you were in takumi's shoes, you could do better than him?

I stand firm against the opinion that Takumi was not worthwhile to be a main character/protag of Chaos:Head. You could ignore my rant if you disagree with me but i will not change my mind.Last modified on 2010-12-28 at 19:48
#17 by vheujge
2010-12-28 at 23:32
The only thing I really disliked about this visual novel was the ending. It was awful (the good ending, at least), had a way too abrupt change in perspective for Takumi, deus ex machina/most shallow/forgettable villain ever, etc. The very last scene left almost no impact on me. Nitroplus is amazing, but I hope their visual novels aside from Saya no Uta don't have such lame 'character development'...
#18 by saberger
2010-12-29 at 00:00
The ending sure come fast without time and place for Takumi to show his development. I with you on this. But the ting about the villain is incoherent. The whole story did not revolved around hero and anti-hero fight with each other to save/destroy/ ka-bum the world. This idea is just the background for the whole sets of characters to shine. Hence the whole shallow, forgettable villain can not be a reference to dictate one's feelings about the end of the novel.

And mind you, eventhough i agree with the fact that Nitroplus only give him a small area for expressing his change in characteristics, Takumi surely has shown progress in his development, at least could be described as " a lot" and 'suited". The only problem i have with this whole thing is " not enough", not "unfit" or " abrupt change". How he goes from some one who need only his own-selfish-self to comfort himself ( through the idea of the whole "otaku' and "hikimori" thing) to a person who clearly want to experience the warmth of others, who do not hesitate to admit that he could not live by himself, from a person who afraid to take a standing in life, literally " gone with the wind" to a person who stand firm with his ideology ( the whole thing with Rimi and Nanami), you could not say that the story did not show the change in Takumi's perspective clearly.

Again, it is not abrupt, it is described in that way to show the mind of Takumi for us- the readers to have a taste of it. Takumi is not your normal protag, he is not rational. He is irrational, and obscure is likely the most frequent emotions that he holds, hence, making all of his developments meet the same level as which of normal human is unwise. I think it is likely that this is the deliberation that the writer took in other to portray someone with the personal traits like Takumi.

edit: lol, i posted at 00"00. That is more difficult than getting 06:66. lol againLast modified on 2010-12-29 at 00:05
#19 by dambuk1
2010-12-30 at 11:12
Well, i said i can't stand the schizophrenics/etc. as protagz because when i play vn's i always unconciously feel like i am the protag so i often feel shame/anger/etc. when he does something clearly wrong(doubting everyone(at least the begining it's wrong, later it is understandable) for example). So when he said something like "hey person behind me your roleplaying really sucks so could you please reset me and make me cooler" i wanted to shout "it is not my freaking fault that you never want to change and that choices with which i can control you are so limited you moron!" -_- but he is a game character so i restrained myself XD
Also i never called him not worthwhile he just annoys me so much that i would make him a next New Gene victim if he was a real human (it is a sick joke of course, in reality i would just tell him to change something in his way of living/etc. if he wants to live better life)

PS sorry for bad english even if i just think that it is bad and actually it isn't :PLast modified on 2010-12-30 at 11:58
#20 by myfistus
2011-03-30 at 02:13
In my opinion, If you loved Saya no Uta, you'll probably find something to enjoy in Chaos head.

Honestly, I like the protagonist because he's sort of a coward and very unassertive. His passiveness isn't from having a "I-need-someone-else-to-make-all-my-decisions-because-I'm-too-lazy" personality, it's that he is genuinely afraid to take action because he's paranoid that it would attract unnecessary attention to himself.[spoiler/]
Last modified on 2011-03-30 at 02:16
#21 by beliar
2011-06-03 at 22:12
While I finished the game at least three months ago, I just now made a little review for it. Wasn't very impressed with the game, but I can't say it was bad either.
#22 by justinefremlouw
2011-06-20 at 14:43
can someone spoil the detail of B route (particularly, it's differences to A route)?

Too lazy to go through the game again, and quite frankly, I'm bad with guro stuff
#23 by beliar
2011-06-20 at 15:40
can someone spoil the detail of B route (particularly, it's differences to A route)?

Too lazy to go through the game again, and quite frankly, I'm bad with guro stuff

After the earthquake Sena reaches the underground tunel where she meets her father and Nozomi. Under the urgings of her father she strikes Nozomi down, but... appears it was an illusion and the man she killed was in fact her father, while Suwa was masquerading as her father. She loses her marbles and becomes catatonic.
Takumi arrives and prepares to battle Suwa, but he conjures the illusions of the New-Gen murders with Taku in the acting role. Takumi cannot withstand the onslaught of guro and also loses his marbles.
The action switches to the super weapon dome, where Takumi seemingly gets out of his catatonic state and attacks Nozomi, killing him as he prepares to launch his evil plans. Then the setting switches a few months later where taku is living a school harem comedy life with all the girls. Obviously it's all an illusion. Since the battle at the tunnel Taku has been living in his own little imaginary world with no chances of ever escaping it.

In other words - a nice and uplifting ending for the whole family :-)Last modified on 2011-06-20 at 15:41
#24 by justinefremlouw
2011-06-20 at 21:22
^lol thanks for that, now I don't have to bother with it again ^^
#25 by loctar87
2011-06-21 at 00:40
@23 It's been a while since I played it, but you omitted the ending. At the very end of B route We're back at that same scene again where Rimi comes across Taku flat on his back (trapped in the dream world), and this time she kills him and he disappears. Then she sadly stares up at the sky and asks the same question, Where did our blue sky go?
........Or at least that's how I vaguely remember it after a year or so.Last modified on 2011-06-21 at 00:43