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#1 by n0yh
2012-08-23 at 22:45
Just wondering, how do I start playing Yuka Cure? I've got all the other endings. If I click on the append story, It does nothing.
Help will be much appreciated :)
#2 by n0yh
2012-08-23 at 22:57
Ok, I've figured it out. There's a problem with the english patch. You have to copy the YukaCure scripts into the append folder, and rename the folder to "append-en"
#3 by gorgils
2012-08-31 at 16:40
I had the same problem and didn't find the OP's explanation very helpful. So, if anyone can't figure it, I'll throw the solution here:
There are some files in the Never7/manual-en folder called "c_yuka#.snr" (# is 0 to 7). Copy them. Go back to the main VN's folder and if there isn't already one, create a folder named "append-en". Afterwards, create another folder inside that one called "yuka_cure", and paste the "c_yuka#.snr" files in it. From now on, you should be able to click to the append story in VN's main menu.
#4 by klunk
2013-05-15 at 19:13
It's normal that you can't save in Yuka Cure? Or I'm just missing something?
#5 by gundamace
2013-05-16 at 00:29
Yeah, it's normal that you can't save in Yuka Cure.
#6 by klunk
2013-05-16 at 21:40
Shazbot! I use to read a little bit every day, but without a save I have to skip all the previous text every time. -_-
It's long like the Yuka Route?
#7 by gundamace
2013-05-16 at 23:08
Probably a bit longer than it, in fact. And it's got three different endings. Your best bet is to read it in one go. Sorry.


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