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#1 by horseband
2012-08-24 at 01:09
You can read the summary on the main page. Basically it's slice of life school VN with heavy focus on characters. There really isn't an overreaching plot or anything like that. The closest thing would be that the protagonist's back story gets bits and pieces revealed in each route. There are 8 routes total. Asahi's route is locked until you beat Miyu's and two others. Koto is unlocked after beating the other 7 and it's a short bonus route. One could consider Asahi the "true" route if they wanted to due to it being locked and certain differences it has compared to the others.

The novel starts with a common route and then it splits into one of three "summer routes". Each summer route is tied to 2-3 girls and you enter the summer route based on which girl you paid the most attention to in the common route. After the summer route you branch into a specific heroine's route.

It's... different. It's definitely something you are going to either love or hate. I'm guessing the art is going to turn a lot of people away from the game, which is really sad. The style grows on you and after playing the first two routes I started to appreciate the art a lot more. The art really shines in CGs and it makes you realize just how talented the artist really is.

At first glance many people are going to think the characters are all loli. I don't think that's really the case though. There are certainly some loli characters (Rin/Koto), but I'd say the style is more pettanko/fashion model. The characters all have the body type of an extremely skinny fashion model. Anyone who desires big boobs (or boobs in general) will be disappointed.

I don't feel that qualified to comment on this. It may be strange, but I've never been one to really focus on music in video games. Everyone always rants and raves about how the music in 'X' game is amazing, but I always end up being unable to remember any of it. The only music I really remember is from Mario and Zelda.

The one thing I can say is that I felt the BGM was used appropriately. The music fit the scenes perfectly and I never once felt like a song was out of place (which happened many times during "My girlfriend is the president"). Plus they utilized dramatic pauses and track switches quite often.

I think the GUI and config are great. The in-game config has all the typical options you'd need, and there is a detailed config outside the main one that allows you to tweak almost anything you could desire. My favorite part of the engine is that you can drag the screen and make it bigger while maintaining the image quality/ratio. I can enlarge it big enough to make windowed mode more enjoyable on my 1080p screen. I'm a big fan of the GUI's art and the layout of everything.

Mitsuki (Protagonist) - Smart/Proactive/Self Reflecting - One of my favorite VN protagonists. He's smart academically and has common sense. He's also really good at reading people and situations. He's the complete opposite of donkan, which is refreshing because it's annoying as hell to see a protag be completely clueless about the advances of girls. He's pretty proactive and reliable. I'd say he's a combination of Yoh from Hoshizora No Memoria and Tomoya from Clannad (Brains/sensibility of Yoh combined with the lazy/chronic skipping attitude of Tomoya).

Miyu - Shy/Timid Linchou - This is one of my least favorite types of characters, so I did her route first to get it over with. She's the typical shy outspoken linchou who for whatever reason has a crush on the "bad boy" chronic skipper protagonist. I must admit she gets pretty cute when she is flustered.

Rin - Twintail Tsundere - Tsundere are my favorite type of character, but for whatever reason Rin didn't catch my eye at first. I did her route second because she was extremely annoying in the common route. At first glance she appears to be similar to Mare from Hoshizora No Memoria, but in the end Mare is 500x better.

Yukina - Eccentric Student Council "President" - I initially thought she was going to be tsundere but she turned out completely different. I am big fan of more assertive heroines so I found her personality very appealing. She's very assertive and at some points tyrannical, but when it comes down to it she's well-meaning and kind. She's not the actual president but everyone views her as one because the real president is completely useless and missing 99% of the time. Did I mention she's really sexy?

Kohane - Timid/Accommodating (with wings<3) - She was born with wings, something that happens once every 2000 births or so. She tries to defuse arguments and has a problem where she basically lets anyone walk all over her. She is a bit too timid for my taste, but the wings are pretty sexy. To be honest I'm not a big fan of her voice, it reminds me of English dubbed hentai where the voice actor is making an unnaturally cartoony/young girly voice. (I'm guessing someone is going to come in here and call me stupid because her VA is super famous and amazing or something)

Tsuzumi - Odd Foreign Girl - She's is a transfer student from outside Japan. Her real name isn’t pronounceable in Japanese so she changed it to what it is now. On the surface she reminds me a bit of Haru from G Senjou No Maou. Before her first day at school the protagonist wakes up with her in his room and both of them are pretty much clueless as to why. She is completely clueless about seemingly normal things such as opening a plastic bag and social situations. She sometimes acts as comic relief due to her obliviousness over everything normal and her odd way of speaking. ( ---> link )

Aoi - Humourous Tomboy - I love her personality and she's one of my favorite characters in the novel. Her personality and short hair makes her attract romantic interest from other females in the school.

Asahi - Comically Abusive Childhood Friend - Here's your typical tsundere. She'll personally wake the protag up most mornings... violently. She treats the protag coldly but it's quite obvious she really values him. She has a tomboy feel just like Aoi but she's a lot more abrasive, especially to the protag.

Koto - Loli School Nurse - She's really small. She's so small that the protag thought she was a little kid who was playing dress up in the school nurse office. She's actually an adult with her nursing license and also Aoi's older sister. I think the screenshot of Koto on Period's VNDB page sums up her character pretty well. In pretty much every situation Koto acts like the younger sister between her and Aoi.

---My Scoring---
I'm going to do two separate values for each route. One is a basic score of 1-10 with 10 being basically perfect. The next value is "Fluff" which is just how serious the route and the "problem" were. 1 being "Hell on earth" and 10 being "Petting a unicorn while eating ice cream".

Miyu - It was a cute route without any really heavy drama. The initial route drama was a lot more serious/heavy than the actual relationship plot device at the end. If you enjoy the archetype then you will most likely like this route. Otherwise you'll probably find it average like I did. The one thing that bothered me was the initial drama of the route was basically dropped and never explained/truly resolved. [Rating 6/10 Fluff 7/10]

Rin - Her route is a lot heavier than Miyu's was. Rin was a lot more likeable after you actually enter her route. Oh yeah, a certain adult disgusted me in this route. [Rating 8/10 Fluff 3/10]

Yukina - Her route has a "supernatural" element too it, which the previous two didn't. I really enjoyed the route. The only issue I could see is that depending on the order you read the routes, you may be thoroughly confused at the end of her route. Luckily everything that went unexplained in this route is explained in the other routes. [Rating 8.5/10 Fluff 7/10]

Kohane - Her route wasn't bad. It was pretty frustrating seeing such a nice girl get shitted on by people for no reason other than her having wings. I'm starting to notice that the author left some plot threads open, granted it was a fairly minor one. I wished this route would delve into the existence of "angels" more but sadly it didn't. It gave no attempt to explain the sudden appearance of angels which disappointed me. [Rating 7.5/10 Fluff 7/10] (On a side note, WHYYY Aoi?!!?!)

Tsuzumi - First impression, dawwwww <3! She's so cute it's ridiculous. Her route focuses on her changing views and emotions’ stemming from the protagonist’s friendship. I thoroughly enjoyed her route. I could easily find 25+ funny quotes from her route. I was left wanting more detail at the end though. [Rating 9/10 Fluff 3.5/10]

Aoi - I can't say much without spoiling it, but I will say I can't recall a route in any VN that I've read with the same kind of dilemma facing Aoi and the protag. The route itself was fairly predictable and reminded me of a romance movie where you know exactly how shit is going to hit the fan. I really like Aoi though so I didn't mind the predictability of the whole thing. [Rating 8/10 Fluff 7/10]

Asahi - When the drama device was revealed I was not too happy as I'm not a fan of that type of drama usually. But as it played out I ended up really enjoying the route and I thought the last 45 minutes was done quite well. The route was on the more dramatic side and it also is the closest thing this game has to a true route. [Rating 8.5/10 Fluff 3/10]

Koto – It was a nice wrap up to the game. It was a short cute route with Koto as the heroine. I actually enjoyed this one more than I thought I would and Koto ended up being really cute. You get some background info on the librarian and Koto in this route. (Librarian gets a route in the fandisc, FYI). [Rating 7.5/10 Fluff 8/10]

Each heroine has one long scene. The scene is usually right near the end of each route. There's 3-5~ different positions/CG's for each girl. The scenes are surprisingly well done. I'd say they are longer than the average VN sex scene and they could've easily been broken up into two different scenes if the author really wanted to. Normally I skip through 90% of any given VN sex scene but I actually read through all of the scenes completely. It's all relatively tame stuff and I'd say the "craziest" thing was some light anal fingering. The art itself was very well done and I thought the unique art style really shined in the sex scenes. Like I said before, anyone who wants big boobs is going to be severely disappointed because these girls literally have no boobs.

I wasn't a big fan of Tsuzumi's kissing noises. It was overly wet sounding and honestly sounded kind of gross. Like it sounded like spit was just pouring out of her mouth by the gallon (Okay maybe that's an exaggeration but it still sounded gross, and this is coming from someone who likes some weird shit). This is probably just me being weird and I'm guessing most people will find it sexy.

---Final Ratings (out of 10)---
Art - 8 (The CGs are beautiful and the art in general is beautiful)
BGM - 8 (Great BGM music that really sets the mood)
System - 9 (Detailed configurations, beautiful GUI, nice image effects)
Characters- 9 (This novel has memorable characters, 3 of which have been added to my top 10 VNs characters)
Protagonist- 10 (Amazing guy and he’s the epitome of what a protagonist should be)
Fluff- 6 (Overall it’s a very lighthearted read but some routes have serious drama)
Hentai- 7 (There is one scene per route and it’s at the very end. They infused meaningful conversation and relationship development into them)
Overall- 8.3 (Great game overall and I would suggest it to anyone who enjoys slice of life novels with a few supernatural elements thrown in)

I loved this novel and I want to give thanks to Nekoyasha for translating it. I really appreciate you sticking through the project and finishing it. This novel diverted my attention away from reading Clannad, that's how much I liked it.Last modified on 2012-08-26 at 01:49
#2 by krafty
2012-08-24 at 02:42
Thanks for the review. Too bad I'll probably only have time to read this when Christmas comes around >_<.

Also, you don't need to apologize for the length of the post you took the effort to write: it's like disrespecting your own hard work. You share your insights and opinions and the community benefits from them. Anyone with a tl;dr mindset has no business here, because they certainly wouldn't have the patience to read through a visual novel in the first place.
#3 by horseband
2012-08-24 at 02:47
Thanks krafty :). I'll remove the tldr part and my apology at the end for being long. I sometimes forget this is a place dedicated to people who enjoy reading basically
#4 by gabezhul
2012-08-25 at 15:40
Mostly agreed. The only part where I would tear into your review would be the one about the routes, but since it's pretty subjective I'll just let it slide. :P

My scores, in real short:

-Graphics: 8/10 – It was hard to get used to it, but by now I consider myself a fan of Oyari's style. :P Still, the sprites are sometimes a wee bit too disproportionate, so I still have to deduct from the score.
-Audio: 9/10 – Very nice sound-design and good seiyuu's.
-Protagonist: 10/10 – The single most likable and relatable protagonist i have ever seen in a VN. I grant him 0.01 Takerunits, and that shall tell everything you need to know. :P
-Heroines: 10/10 – The VN does a sub-par job at introducing them, but they really shine in their routes and all of them are very likable.
-Sidecast: 8/10 – A surprisingly colorful and strong side-cast with plenty of memorable characters.
-Story: 9/10 – The common-route is somewhat rushed, failing to properly introduce all the heroines, but there is a lot more in this story that one would expect from a renai game of this kind and the routes are done exceptionally well.
-Fluffiness: 8/10 – The level of drama depends on the route, but even in the worst case scenarios, there is no doubt that the character would reach happiness, mostly through their own effort. A very cute and incredibly positive story.
-My favorite route: Asahi's. The drama was done just perfectly and it was a very well-written character-centric story.
-My favorite character: Kohane-chan. :3 I'm usually not into this whole "2D love" thing, but what the hell, I declare her my waifu! :3
-Final Score: 9 – I have said it numerous times: This VN is perfectly aware what it is and what it wants to achieve, and it does it with such a refined and elegant manner that I can only tip my hat in admiration. I would dare to say this is the best translated VN I have read this year. :)
#5 by horseband
2012-08-26 at 01:48
Glad to see you enjoyed it as much as I did.

@your route comment. Are you referring to
1. The fact I'm reviewing routes
2. My writing being crappy in that section (Which I agree with in general)
3. My opinions/scores/whatever on certain routes being quite different than yours?
4. #2 and #3?

I know I scored Kohane fairly low compared to the others, and I know you loved Kohane :P. Plus I really liked Yukina's while you didn't seem to find it as enjoyable as I did.

My scoring system, especially for the routes, doesn't mesh with the traditional "gaming review" score system of "Anything under 8 is terrible". I'd say that my 6.5 for Kohane would convert to an 8 if I was following the traditional "Gaming review" scoring system.

Looking back though, I think I scored them all 1 point too low. I am going to bump them all up a point across the board because 6.5 really seems like I'm shitting on her route when I enjoyed it quite a lot. I should've tried to make the scores more in line with what's expected when it comes to scoring video games.Last modified on 2012-08-26 at 01:51
#6 by PabloC
2012-10-24 at 20:43
I guess this thread is the most GD-ish, so I'll bump it a bit. Also, since Horseband said almost everything, I can keep it short. ~lazy~ :P

What I liked:
- Art. 10/10, no doubts about it, that was the only thing necessary to make me read this VN, I didn't even bother reading the summary or checking tags. :P
- Protagonist and characters, they were all really good.
- Kohane, she deserves a separate mention. The "saint" girls, that are just too kind for their own good, usually aren't my type. Actually, I tend to dislike them quite often. But that little angel is adorable beyond my imagination, just how can I not love her? ^^
- H-scenes. Obvious eye-candy value aside, I liked the fact that heroines were quite assertive and were simply interested in sex as well.

What I disliked:
The genre... -.-'
Pure slice of life tends to bore me to death. Here they did introduce some SF/Fantasy elements, but then they were pretty much thrown out of the window. That left quite a few things unexplained, or rather, completely ignored (almost everything concerning aliens and angels, but that aside, there's also the stalker issue and a few other details). In the end, I can't really say that I didn't like the story in general, even though I was bored quite a few times... :P
Also, I want some Yuri. Come on, there SHOULD be some Yuri here. :P

So, even though slice of life is not exactly my favorite genre (to say the least), I still rather enjoyed Period in the end. If it was focused on SF/Fantasy only a little bit more (hence less boring for me, like Kanon or Hoshimemo for example) and didn't leave so many interesting details unexplained, I'd heave considered placing it among my top 10 VNs. Hmm, maybe I'll give the fandisc a try someday?

EDIT: I have remembered one more complaint - the placement of Tsuzumi's H-scene. That definitely should have happened in the epilogue. Well, at least with Yukina they did everything right. :DLast modified on 2012-10-24 at 22:02
#7 by 5hadowxhawk
2012-12-03 at 08:44
Asahi route was the least related to her development as a tsundere. But the deeper story was quite moving just not what I expected.

Miyu and Aoi were more true to what I expected. Aoi's tomboyish personality conflicting with her maiden heart were well exploited in my opinion.

Rin's was a bit unexpected and a bit sad, but good none the less.


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