Is this a visual novel?

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#1 by darkmind35
2012-08-25 at 01:15
I played this a long time ago and decided to fire it up again and started to wonder if this game really deserves to be a part of the database.

This storytelling needs to be uninterrupted* for a significant length and employing one of the known Visual Novel presentation methods such as ADV, NVL and their variations.
*Uninterrupted by gameplay sequences, not by choices or simple map movement.

I know it's supposed to be a spin off / sequel to Kiss' long running Custom Reido series, but this game doesn't really have much "visual novel elements" to speak off.
I don't actually know how much text the Custom Reido games have (I've got CR4, but haven't gotten around to playing it yet), but compared to Kiss' Kanotsuku 2 (another "design your own heroine" game) CM3D doesn't have any story or dialogue to speak off.

There is only a short prologue before you make your maid, you can have (completely optional) 1-2 min discussions with her between every H encounter (H scenes themselves don't have any text apart from the interface), rare 30sec pre-H dialogue and one maybe a minute long scene when you "finish" the game. Then there are one or two written lines for different actions (maid exam, asking her to perform on stage etc.)

tl;dr not a VN, doesn't really belong hereLast modified on 2012-08-25 at 01:33
#2 by overmage
2012-08-25 at 02:59
I agree for what it's worth, it's basically a fap fap fap game. Not very different from many Illusion games in terms of how much 'story' there is.
#3 by sakura
2012-08-25 at 11:53
You have titles like Ar Tonelico on vndb while titles like Persona aren't accepted. There really is no consistency. I'd like if vndb was just VNs...
#4 by warfoki
2012-08-25 at 12:25
You have titles like Ar Tonelico on vndb while titles like Persona aren't accepted.
Please no.Last modified on 2012-08-25 at 12:25
#5 by surferdude
2012-08-25 at 12:27
Not again...
#6 by overmage
2012-08-25 at 17:10
Please keep that out of this thread. Talk about Custom Maid 3D or gtfo!
#7 by overkill373
2012-08-25 at 17:44
my opinion but I would never call a game like this a VN
#8 by warfoki
2012-08-25 at 18:40
True enough, at least based on the screenshots I found of this game. At this rate, the Slave Maker series could be here...Last modified on 2012-08-25 at 18:40
#9 by overmage
2012-08-25 at 20:21
Seems like most here are agreed to it not belonging
#10 by yimw
2012-08-26 at 01:56
I think it's an acceptable exception. But I'm not attached enough to it to spend any effort defending it.
#11 by yorhel
2012-08-26 at 07:57
Deleted based on darkmind's description and the lack of any objections.
#12 by 5hadowxhawk
2012-08-28 at 21:06
Its from Japan, requires reading, choices, and is basically a eroge. What part of this doesnt belong on VNDB? Just put it back.
#13 by gabezhul
2012-08-28 at 21:09
Oh my oh me oh my... It's been a while since I have seen such insane dumbassitude in a post!
Congratulations, you just proved that you don't understand jack shit about VNs -or- this database. Please shoot yerself in thy nether regions in celebration, bullet's on the house. >:|
#14 by alexdc
2012-08-30 at 01:57
Border between VN and fap-fap game can be very blurred.
Oh, I forgot. About a half of eroge is mostly fap-fap games. Other quarter is 50/50% story/sex. But we not complain ^_^. Let's it be all there.
Basic principle of VN/eroge is very close character relations, from that point of view Ar Tonelico is VN and Persona is not. About subject...not sure, but there are really cute maids!
So I'm vote "pro".Last modified on 2012-08-30 at 02:14
#15 by gabezhul
2012-08-30 at 08:32
Yay, another person who doesn't know better. Joy. -.-
Okay, breakdown:
-It's from Japan: Not an argument, this is not the "Japanese things" database but the "Visual Novel Database".
-Requires reading: Not an argument, so does the phone-book and it's still not a VN.
-Choices: Not an argument, there are tons of linear VNs without choices.
-Basically an eroge: Not an argument. This is not the "eroge database" either, and there is no correlation between being an eroge and being a VN.
-"Fap-fap game": We call those nukiges, and there is still a HUGE difference between a nukige with a token-plot and a customizable sex-minigame-simulator like this.
-"Other quarter is 50/50% story/sex": This is just plain not true and a pretty dang dumb statement. Every single VN in this database that has even token H-scenes is technically an eroge, and you can bet your ass that FSN, Hishimemo, Demonbane, SNK, Period, G-senjou, MLA and hundreds of others are NOT having 50/50% plot/porn ratio.
-"Basic principle of VN/eroge is very close character relations": No, just no. The "definition" of VNs is about the format, not about the content. Case in point, d6#1.
-"About subject...not sure, but there are really cute maids!": ... You. are. an. idiot.

So, again, I would like to ask everyone to shut the hell up if they have no idea what they are talking about so that we can avoid these kinds of conversations. Thank you in advance. >:|


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