Asahi Route Won't Open

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#1 by bleachd
2012-08-25 at 23:04
I've beaten all the other routes except for Asahi and Koto (because I can't unlock that yet without beating the Asahi route.) and the choice to start the Asahi route won't appear! Is there anyone else who's had this same problem. Any idea on how to fix it?
#2 by overkill373
2012-08-25 at 23:08
try starting from the start of the VN(not loading from a savepoint if thats what you were doing)

if that doesnt work i would suggest getin a 100% save and try the same
#3 by bleachd
2012-08-26 at 00:36
Starting it from the start finally made it work! Thanks for the help! First time I've had this problem with any VN.


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