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#26 by kiru
2017-04-14 at 09:28
You may not want to write anything about staples and stuff when you are only 20 minutes in. Really. This is as much of an infinity game as the other ones as well. The reason why this got so many 7 ratings is probably because most routes aren't that good. And it lacks the e17 finish. But I still completed this game, while R11 I tried to do that 3 times and dropped it every single time after a few ingame-days into the route. And e17 also needed a big break back then, because.. yeah. It's not bad at all, some routes at least.Last modified on 2017-04-14 at 09:29
#27 by any13th
2017-04-14 at 11:10
I don't think I have it in me to finish all the routes, so can you tell me some of the best/most vital ones. I'm down to do like 6 routes.(Any more would need a good reason)Last modified on 2017-04-14 at 11:14
#28 by any13th
2017-04-14 at 11:40
Actually, scratch that, I'm just gonna play them all.
#29 by any13th
2017-04-15 at 15:15
I want to ask 2 questions about the infinity series in general, and I decided that it'd be fitting to put it here.
First off, do all the games take place in the same universe and is there anything besides the design that shows this?
Secondly, 2 of the games, 12Riven and Code 18, are untranslated in English. I was just wondering, is it worth hoping for a translation? Also, if there's a chance that a translation will never arrive, what will I be missing out on?Last modified on 2017-04-15 at 15:15
#30 by loctar87
2017-04-15 at 23:37
@29 I know that at least Never7 and Ever17 are in the same universe. Besides spoilerish plot concerns, there's also the fact that Ever17's ending credits timeline actually includes the events of Never7.
#31 by magic9mushroom
2017-07-16 at 06:53
1) It would seem so. The Clone Law is a maintained conceit, there's a couple of offscreen characters in common between Never7 and Ever17, and Leiblich Pharmaceutical from Ever17 has a cameo in Remember11. There's also mentions in the manuals and timelines. All that said, the stories aren't particularly interconnected and any of them stands alone just fine (they're actually in reverse chronological order, as Never7's set in 2019, Ever17 in 2017, and Remember11 in 2011).

2) Never7, Ever17 and Remember11 are the only ones that are "canonically" part of the series. What happened is that the creators of the Infinity series went separate ways after Remember11, and several of them wrote further "Infinity"-ish works independently of one another. As I said above, though, the main trilogy are largely stand-alone stories set in a common universe rather than sequels/prequels (they don't even really spoil each other), so I don't think you'd be "missing" anything except the experience of playing the later additions.
#32 by kilicool64
2017-07-16 at 11:29
12Riven takes place in the Infinity universe, though it was meant to be the first part of a new series that never got finished.


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