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#1 by klutch
2012-08-29 at 01:58
< report >It's not quite an alternate dimension... but also not quite multiple personalities.

How would you describe this game?Last modified on 2012-08-29 at 01:59
#2 by horseband
2012-08-29 at 02:31
< report >Probably neither.

Based on the true end it's all just a coma dream so I don't think alternate dimension fits at all, unless I missed something. I'd say "dreams", and potentially daydreams (daydreams referring to the doctor scene.) Probably just dreams though.

Also, does being in a coma count as a terminal illness? I could see it going either way.


I derpped. I thought you were talking about the main horror story part. Okay, I'd say alternate dimensions for sure. She basically says that the kaleodoscope sees into different worlds, which you could just wrap up as dimensions.Last modified on 2012-08-29 at 02:40
#3 by klutch
2012-08-29 at 02:39
< report >Well, I don't think a coma is classified as an illness regardless.

and unfortunately, there's no coma tag.
#4 by horseband
2012-08-29 at 02:42
< report >I assume you were referring to the coma when you voted on that tag, right? If not, what are you referring to?

Also, check out my edit on my first post.
#5 by klutch
2012-08-29 at 02:43
< report >Yea, you have the right idea.
#6 by horseband
2012-08-29 at 02:46
< report >Okay, I voted for alternative dimensions. Also, if you are going to keep terminal illness I think it should be major spoiler.

I dislike tagging this as a nukige, but I guess it really is. It's got ridiculous amounts of sex scenes and the story is all in the back end so the sex is pretty much the focus.

On a side note, I'm in love with this art..Last modified on 2012-08-29 at 02:47
#7 by klutch
2012-08-29 at 02:49
< report >I think terminal illness applies to his apparent heart problems and the coma. It a toss-up for me. Feel free to change if you'd like.

yo man. its akby what do u expectLast modified on 2012-08-29 at 02:49
#8 by horseband
2012-08-29 at 02:54
< report >Nah, it makes sense now. Minor spoiler I think is best then instead of major.

I wonder how many more games they are going to do. There's pretty much no way they are going to be able to make a plot out of the "real world" part unless they dedicate a game to it, which is probably what they will end up doing.
#9 by klutch
2012-08-29 at 03:01
< report >I remember reading somewhere saying the series was supposed to be a trifecta. Based on that, definitely 1 more and perhaps an additional installment about the "real world".

Think of all the sexual tension between the writer and Lily (was her name?)

i want to see the writer fuck LilyLast modified on 2012-08-29 at 03:04
#10 by horseband
2012-08-29 at 03:11
< report >They better give her sex scenes or I'll be mad. She's pretty sexy.
#11 by bunny1ov3r
2015-03-10 at 22:26
< report >I want to see the writer fuck Lily +1


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