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#1 by banedoyle
2012-08-31 at 23:49
< report >link

The game has been added to Steam Greenlight and if it gets enough ratings and favorites it may be added into the library.

Personally I think KiraKira All Ages or Higurashi would have been a better choice than... this. But take what you can get I suppose. Looks like VNs on Steam is becoming a thing now.
#2 by nize55
2012-09-01 at 00:44
< report >Unlikely that they'll put it into the library due to these amounts of indie games out there. In my opinion it's possible but vns getting enough votes to get noticed by steam would be quite hard
#3 by atlantima
2012-09-01 at 01:13
< report >I tried to vote for it but it said "Your account does not have sufficient privileges to perform this action." wtf

also I laughed out loud at some of the comments, like "Is this one of those Japanese rape sims?" and "My first trip to japan: My hair fell out from all the radiation. "Last modified on 2012-09-01 at 01:16
#4 by warfoki
2012-09-01 at 03:21
< report >@atlantima: You have to have a Steam account with at least one game on it to be able to vote.
#5 by maou-jp
2012-09-01 at 16:01
< report >Already voted!
Spread the visual novels on steam.
#6 by atlantima
2012-09-01 at 16:50
< report >@4: So I have to have bought a game on Steam to be able to vote? I thought that might be it. I've just recently gotten on Steam and have only downloaded demos from it so far.
#7 by horseband
2012-09-02 at 01:22
< report >It's to stop troll votes and computer votes. And it's probably a slight money grab.
#8 by azusa-nakano
2012-12-12 at 05:08
< report >What was weird about this game from what I remember is:
1. He flies to Japan to visit these 2 people HOWEVER He thinks they both males So they never even knew the gender or seen picture of them before, yet he is going to fly and stay with them?

Some of these backrounds seem extremly familar...
EDIT: Ok by the music its obvious their recycling backrounds and music from KiraKira
(I played this wayyyy before KiraKira)
Replaying it now.

Is there only 2 ending's for this one?Last modified on 2012-12-12 at 14:37
#9 by pendelhaven
2012-12-12 at 16:46
< report >don't mind the endings. they're just there for fan service if nothing else.

and yes the bgm and background were recycled from kirakira and edelweiss.

It's to stop troll votes and computer votes. And it's probably a slight money grab.

This statement reeks of elitism on their part, but then again I completely understand their reasoning. You can't have the best of both worlds anyway.Last modified on 2012-12-12 at 16:54
#10 by azusa-nakano
2012-12-12 at 17:39
< report >Question about Makato's ending.
So they fall in love and you leave.
At the END after the credits you come to "visit" her but I noticed she said welcome Home, does that mean he moved to Japan? Am I looking to much into this or are you suppose to use your imagination at the end?

I really wish you were able to fuck her, it would be the perfect scenario for a fucking to he just confessed to her in his room and vice versa. And her tits were on another planet to. Well atleast you got to see some of her in to the shower.
It looks like in in her sweatshirt she squizes them together.Last modified on 2012-12-13 at 01:53
#11 by justinizhere
2012-12-13 at 06:12
< report >well I voted for it against my better judgement, I mean Id like for all ages VN's to be on steam and all...but it's a mediocre VN at best ;_;

not that it matters as it will never get enough votes to pass, but hey.

I really wish you were able to fuck her

eh, I don't.

I try to stick to the base not every VN needs sex.Last modified on 2012-12-13 at 06:14
#12 by azusa-nakano
2012-12-13 at 17:14
< report >Yeah I know but I ment I would love to see HER in a sex scene, I didn't care much for her sister anyway.
I wonder how many years apart they are, if she is a university student they mustn't be that far apart right? Sister looks like she is in High School though.

I wonder why they would make them SO big in a "all-ages" game and I quote it because it practicly shows them and the image Is flagged NSFW on here.Last modified on 2012-12-13 at 17:32
#13 by saxman-faust
2012-12-14 at 04:53
< report >Actually, I'm rather glad you can't fuck 'em. The Steam and Greenlight ToSA's have rather blunt statements in regard to inappropriate content: usually involving Gaben taking it down with extreme prejudice. And then banning your account. And then visiting your home and to pelt it with big, pink cookies made of money. The last thing the VN world needs in regards to Greenlight is an affirmation of public stereotype, anyway.

And Higurashi IS on Greenlight. Vote for it. If Umineko isn't added, I might shell out the money to pay the Greenlight submission fee and do it myself.


On a completely irrelevant side note, this is the little snippet I was rewarded with at the bottom of this page:
"Kazuna-san's left and right testicles.... I will move around and around until they changed places."

Damn. I've not been on VNDB in far too long.
#14 by warfoki
2014-03-02 at 18:12
< report >Necro time!

So, according to MangaGamer's Twitter (link), this sold 12 000 copies on its opening week on Steam, probably making this the best opening week for MG as far as the number of sold copies goes. As far as income goes, I don't know. During this time the game was on a sale and costed $5 (or Euros, depending on your location).

And what's at least this important imho, is the reaction of the Steam community. With 97 threads, I could say that the game sparked discussion and interest. Also, the comments showing positive reaction or just plain curiosity far outnumber the "wtf is this weeaboo shit" kind of comments, which quite honestly surprises me.

So what do you think?Last modified on 2014-03-02 at 19:00
#15 by cross
2014-03-02 at 18:46
< report >Actually I'm absolutely againts any mainstream recognition of VNs. The result will be Moenovel. Mangagamer could earn a lot more by publishing censored versions on Steam, gathering a ton of new fans. The losers of this process would be us, the veterans.

In an ideal world the publishers would bring appropriate all-ages titles to Steam and uncensored Eroge to their own sites, but I fear MG could just do the Moenovel and cut shit out of some Moeges -> casuals buy it, we are fucked...
#16 by warfoki
2014-03-02 at 19:07
< report >On the other hand, in the current system, we'll get one, or two worthwhile, non-pornfest English releases per year officially at best. And while high quality fan translations are awesome, they are few and far between and done by a very low number of individuals, meaning that the future of this system is fragile at best. So the current system is far from perfect either.
#17 by cross
2014-03-02 at 19:23
< report >The problem is America (like always^^). Their "special" views on sexuality in art prevents most VNs to be published in a way that preserves the content of the original version. When even references to sex lead to a "mature only" rating, how could you possible bring out anything at all without censorship? When even Steins Gate is rated as more harmful than hyperviolent shooters, you might as will give up.
Moenovel went to the dark side, MG sells nothing, Jast is comatose and fantranslators are dying.

And the future is casual mobile gaming anyway. In some years VNs are free to play with in-App paywalls to enter the routes. iOS and Android only, of course.Last modified on 2014-03-02 at 19:24
#18 by abyssaleros
2014-03-02 at 19:38
< report >Not a problem on the long run, just wait a few generations and the americans are all dead as they have forgotten how to fuck and therefore reproduce. ^^
#19 by alrd
2014-03-02 at 19:41
< report >.Last modified on 2014-08-03 at 13:39
#20 by madeking
2014-03-02 at 19:45
< report >i noticed this aswell when a youtuber i follow (Jesse Cox, video:link) released a series playing this. Very American and was just making fun of its portrayal of Japan the entire way through.
Even i found it funny, and as far as the comments go, it was pretty popular, though i dont think it was really making a good impression of VN's. i reckon this is the same kinda reason its getting quite a few sales.

though from my standpoint, any publicity is good publicity. i pretty much have the opposite opinion of Cross on this issue as i'm pretty sure he already knows :P

Anyways i dont see this changing much, at most we'll get a few people looking up VN's and getting interested, other than that i think its just a passing thing. though i have noticed more VN's on popular youtube channels lately. so who knows.Last modified on 2014-03-02 at 19:47
#21 by cross
2014-03-02 at 19:48
< report >The American society manages to be hypersexualized and prudish at the same time. Pop stars can wear skimpy clothes and dance like prostitutes, but as soon as a single EVIL NIPPLE is visible, your ass gets straight to jail. America has the largest porn industry world wide, but Valve, Apple, Google and Microsoft fight against pornographic content as if it was made by Hitler.

That doesn't really flow well with games like "Violent Semen Bukkake"....

On "Go Go Nippon": this is actually a really bad first impression, as it is exceptionally boring and cheap. The question is not why 15.000 people bought it on steam, the question is how many of those would buy another VN.

This also reminds me of the Final Fantasy XIII debacle. Square realized how much they sold in the west, so they dumbed FF down to be more western (everyone knows western gamers are stupid, can't read more than 3 lines of text and will just wildy smash the buttons if you can't destroy shit for more than 3 minutes). The result: now everybody hates FF, because it's neither Japanese nor western, just a badly mixed pile of shit. The same could happen when you expose VNs to a mainstream audience and JP publishers see an opportunity to make a quick Yen with "dummy US versions" of their games.Last modified on 2014-03-02 at 19:56
#22 by warfoki
2014-03-02 at 19:58
< report >Btw after seeing the sales on Steam, Overdrive wants to make a sequel (link) as far as I know. On one hand, that'd be an obvious cashgrab, on the other I don't mind it that much if it saves them from getting bankrupt.Last modified on 2014-03-02 at 19:59
#23 by pendelhaven
2014-03-02 at 20:01
< report >I remember a youtube vid saying that a VN is quite comparable to the harry potter saga and iirc it was FS/N alone, not counting HF and UBW. I pretty much lol'd at that one. That pretty much tells me the West selection of titles (noteworthy) is rather abyssal. The irony, really.

The west wants violence. GTA anybody?
#24 by cross
2014-03-02 at 20:08
< report >"I ask of you, are you my master?"
"stfu Hagrid", Dumbledore replied.


Hermine: "Harry, I'm out of magical energy!"
Harry: "There is another way to replenish your energy..." ~takes out his wand~

If you know what I mean...Last modified on 2014-03-02 at 20:09
#25 by overmage
2014-03-02 at 20:11
< report >
Hermine: "Harry, I'm out of magical energy!"
Harry: "There is another way to replenish your energy..." ~takes out his wand~

link (slightly nsfw)Last modified on 2014-03-02 at 20:11