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#1 by whitetragedy
2012-09-01 at 22:00
Anyone know how to unlock the cg on the "other" page, row 1, column 5?
#2 by horseband
2012-09-02 at 01:20
Had this problem myself and asked it on the other topic.

It's a bonus scene that only shows up when you finish the first seven girls and are going through for the eighth time. I guess it is kind of easy to miss, so if you want to know exactly:
A couple days into the game when you're looking for a place to ditch, pick the library (Take refuge in the library), and don't leave when Rin tells you to (Don't go). After that you can interact with Rin however you want, and when you leave there will be a new choice to investigate a mysterious sound.

The scene is pretty funny. I just saw it myself.Last modified on 2012-09-02 at 01:58
#3 by whitetragedy
2012-09-02 at 23:24
So all that's left is the untranslated extra story...
#4 by horseband
2012-09-03 at 04:24
The CG is in the game already... I'm not sure what you are asking. Yes, there is the untranslated extra bonus disc story thing..

There's also a fandisc.
#5 by souseiseki
2013-05-19 at 20:05
Yeah, I was thinking she deserved an arc for herself :PLast modified on 2013-05-19 at 20:05
#6 by ultimecea
2013-05-20 at 07:30
she actually have her own route in the fandisc~


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