VNDB 2.8: Building Relations

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#1 by yorhel
2009-10-24 at 13:31
Here's the promised update featuring the developer/publisher differentiation and producer relations, various other things have changed as well along the way:

- Producer roles for releases
This is the "Differentiate between publisher and developer" part of the update. All current producers are marked as "Publisher", and pretty much every release entry will need to be updated to add or indicate the developer. This will take time, obviously.

- Producer relations
Relation graphs for producers, yay!

- All relation graphs have been converted to SVG, and are sent within the XHTML of the page.
This simply means that the graphs now use the colors of your selected skin (and are finally readable in light skins), and that the text in the relation graphs is translated. This trick only works in standards-compliant browsers, so if you're still using Internet Explorer (any version, as it doesn't look like Microsoft will add proper SVG support anytime soon), you won't be able to see the graphs anymore.

- New translations: Czech & Hungarian.
- Most of the previously untranslated interface text is now translated as well.
- The "My Messages" in your user menu now displays the number of unread posts. Posts are automatically marked as read when you open the thread.
- Complete rewrite of the Javascript code (...won't I never learn to just leave working things as they are?)
- Some internal database cleanups and performance improvements
- Various bugfixes

Translators for other languages are still very much welcome, please see t276 for details.
#2 by echomateria
2009-10-24 at 14:44
This update actually has many many more improvements, bonus points to those who can figure them out.
#3 by rasqual
2009-10-24 at 18:02
Months are no longer in full length.
#4 by fresh
2009-10-24 at 22:02
Wouldn't it make sense to have a "localizer" role as well?
#5 by haku
2009-10-25 at 04:32
some strange thing - when i try edit release, i see that date field is empty, media set as blu-ray, even if its all was filled, when i try to set date, (when i add developer), this change does not appear. This is bug or anything else?
#6 by yorhel
2009-10-25 at 06:47
Wouldn't it make sense to have a "localizer" role as well?
Those are publishers. And while may look a bit strange for fan translation projects, I'm planning to separate that from the release system in the future.

Can't reproduce. On which releases does it happen and what browser do you use? Tried doing a full refresh on the page?
#7 by haku
2009-10-25 at 07:47
It has happened when I had been editing kogado stuff. But when I have tried firefox 3.5 instead of opera portable 9.24, everything worked as it should.


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