Other works by Minakami Tomohiro

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#1 by sidvanhalen
2012-09-15 at 13:40
Hey everyone,

Anyone having any idea about other works of Minakami Tomohiro?Crescendo was good but Amorous Professor Cherry disappointed me. Going thru Sensei 3 using agth. I heard he got into light novels and hack writing.

If I can somehow get a link to his webpage or blog I would be grateful
#2 by mazyrian
2012-09-15 at 14:27
According to EGS
#3 by horseband
2012-09-16 at 03:44
From what I've seen Crescendo was pretty much the only decent one. I can't comment on v7537 though.Last modified on 2012-09-16 at 03:45
#4 by sidvanhalen
2012-09-16 at 10:54
@ #2 and 3

As per EGS Sensei 3 is also good... some have even called it a masterpiece :O.

No personal blog or web page?
#5 by mazyrian
2012-09-16 at 13:33
No link in his EGS page
#6 by immlff
2012-09-16 at 22:31
Not sure if this is still needed/useful, but here is the link to his ErogameScape page.
From what I can see, Crescendo is considered to be his best work.
#7 by sidvanhalen
2012-09-30 at 06:24
# 4 and 5.

Thanks :). lost track of this thread a bit.

If I fid something I'll post for others.

Hard to believe AMC and Crescendo were written by the same person... guess gotta work on what you get.
#8 by sidvanhalen
2013-02-28 at 04:42
In case anyone cares.. following is the twitter profile:



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