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#76 by space-ranger
2012-10-03 at 11:23
< report >
I think everyone should come to some kind of consensus before 10 different people keep telling poor hiromin to change this and that
Agreed. That would be a waste of time. Just do as I say and ignore everybody else :P

Seriously though. It looks like we need a plan to get this done without wasting hours. I vote for the following plan:

Step 1:
Brainstorm for what poses could be interesting.

Step 2:
Concensus for which ones could be interesting to continue working with and which ones to discard.

Step 3:
Rough draft of the results from step 2.

Step 4:
Concensus on which draft shows the right pose. Maybe more will be drawn here, like "try face from pic 1 on post in pic 3".

Step 5:
"The winner" is drawn and colours are added. No advanced colouring yet. Basically just the fill tool.

Step 6:
Concensus on colours.

Step 7:
Actual image is drawn.

Can we agree on this plan? or do anybody else have a better plan?

Should we split the drawing posts from the birthday posts and have a thread for each?

Is it too naive to think we can actually reach some sort of concensus?
#77 by hiromin
2012-10-03 at 13:31
< report >I totally agree with those steps ideas.
I think we should have a different thread for the drawing posts, I am starting to get very confused with all of those posts mixed up.
There is also a lot of other things to decide, the T-ruler or a regular ruler, the expressions, and so on. It would be easier to decide everything in a new thread and keep all of those informations in the first post.
So far, the only thing decided is not to use heterochromia. I think the character concept is ok, too?
#78 by maou-jp
2012-10-03 at 13:48
< report >Happy Birthday VNDB!!!

Ps. Now give me a piece of cakeLast modified on 2012-10-03 at 13:49
#79 by takata
2012-10-03 at 14:19
< report >Hm... Maybe we should also remember where the mascot is going to go and exactly what purpose she needs to serve.
Is she going to go somewhere on every page?
Yorhel has suggested a couple of pages he wanted the mascot to be on.

As for a new thread, you can have the honor of starting that hiromin. ^^
#80 by lexrod
2012-10-03 at 16:14
< report >ja! happy birthday, sure is old... but it's a great site!
#81 by pendelhaven
2012-10-03 at 16:53
< report >How can the site be old? I mean 5 years old = loli!!! I like lolies. But as novelsfan-sama said, lolicons are diseased!

edit: I am getting old though >_<Last modified on 2012-10-04 at 05:42
#82 by darkcobra
2012-10-04 at 21:22
< report >Happy 5year birthday to a epic site o.o
#83 by adhinferno
2012-10-08 at 05:27
< report >Happy birthday vndb~!
#84 by karharot
2012-10-11 at 23:11
< report >It seems I'm terribly late but still: happy birthday VNDB :)

And 2D girls are the best ;)
#85 by hibiki-kun
2012-10-15 at 01:45
< report >Happy belated birthday VNDB. :D
#86 by pendelhaven
2012-10-15 at 09:36
< report >vndb by itself isn't really a great site. I mean, no flashy backgrounds, no free ice cream upon registering... I guess what makes the site great is the community.
#87 by space-ranger
2012-10-15 at 14:51
< report >
I guess what makes the site great is the community.
The greatest part has to be the info you can get from the VN database. The community would be just another chat network without it.
#88 by warfoki
2012-10-15 at 14:54
< report >As for the site design, I actually like it more than 90% of the sites out there. I'm a simple and practical man in this regard: if there's no practical use to something, it shouldn't be there in the first place.
#89 by space-ranger
2012-10-15 at 15:08
< report >Agreed. The design is awesome. If I want to look up a VN, then I want the info in an easy to read design, not a bunch of lolies of whatever flashing all over the screen to distract me from the text I was searching for. In fact flashing girls should only appear in NSFW screenshots.
#90 by takata
2012-10-15 at 15:42
< report >I particularly like the layout of the site too. ^^
Stuff is nicely organised into boxes, tabs and tables. It might be partly because I'm used to the site, but I think the layout is much better than average. Good job yorhel + other vndb site designers. ^^
#91 by pendelhaven
2012-10-15 at 16:43
< report >Umm... in case no one noticed, half of my post was just for the lulz.
#92 by yorhel
2012-10-15 at 16:54
< report >Half? If you meant to say that only the "I guess what makes the site great is the community." wasn't for the lulz, then that makes it more like 70%. In my view, though, even that's a joke - the community is about the worst thing about VNDB. -.-;
#93 by space-ranger
2012-10-15 at 17:09
< report >
Umm... in case no one noticed, half of my post was just for the lulz.
Sorry, but it's hard to tell apart from your usual all serious posts :P

Good job yorhel + other vndb site designers. ^^
I think the credit for this should go to Yorhel alone. He made the interface and whatever other people added just applied to the layout, which was already there. The code is well organized meaning it might be even harder NOT to stick with the current layout than it is to stick to it, considering the boxes on the left are added automatically to all pages.Last modified on 2012-10-15 at 17:11
#94 by aaeru
2012-10-16 at 03:32
< report >happy bday!

i so late...

....next feature: user reviews??
#95 by pendelhaven
2012-10-16 at 07:25
< report >
the community is about the worst thing about VNDB. -.-;

Oh right... troll voters.
#96 by space-ranger
2012-10-16 at 16:00
< report >
....next feature: user reviews??
Code it yourself and you will get it :P

It worked when Yorhel said that to my feature request. Maybe it will work when I say it XD
#97 by rooh
2012-10-18 at 00:42
< report >Happy Birthday VNDB :3
#98 by tenmonef
2012-10-29 at 13:41
< report >Happy birthday VNDB!
#99 by marcoeescobar
2012-12-06 at 23:47
< report >Really really late but happy birthday!! This is one of my top 5 (including facebook and google) websites!
#100 by vehn
2012-12-10 at 18:53
< report >I apologize for the delay. It's really late, but happy birthday! :)